How strange is human chest?Nature is unique, and an important symbol of an ape evolutionary adult

When we appreciate character paintings, we will find a characteristic. The female image created by the artists has a graceful posture and a beautiful chest.Almost among countries around the world, full breasts seem to be the standard of "charm".

At about 11 years old, human women began to enter adolescence.At this stage, fats will be continuously stacked around the breast, and breasts will be formed, and this organ will not degenerate with age.

This is unique in more than 5,000 kinds of mammals around the world.Even chimpanzees with more than 90%of human genes are more than 90%, their breasts will only bulge only during pregnancy and lactation.After breastfeeding, the breasts of the female orangutan will become a "airport" again until the next breastfeeding.And our common A cat and dog, in fact, is the same.

It can be seen that women’s characteristics are extremely abnormal evolution.However, some people believe that breasts do not degenerate are a major symbol of an ape evolutionary adults.So, how much secret is human chest hidden?

As we all know, the biggest role of mammals’ breasts is to nurture new life, which is also the origin of mammals.During pregnancy and lactation, under the stimulation of prolactin hormones in the body and the stimulation of newborns sucking, breasts will continue to produce and emit milk to feed newborns.

However, the problem is also here. Since the breasts only have the function of nurturing, why do humans do not like other mammals like other mammals, only the breasts are raised into a "breast" during breastfeeding?

You know, in ancient times, women not only need to give birth to children, but also have to go out to eat and hunt.Therefore, non -degraded breasts are "cumbersome" most of the time, which will make women’s actions very inconvenient.In this case, why does humans evolve like this?In this regard, some biologists believe that this may be the result of natural selection caused by gene mutations.

In ancient human society, women’s breasts are the same as other mammals. Only during the nurturing, it will become larger and secrete milk.But there was a mutation of a woman’s gene, allowing them to have bulging breasts after the end of breastfeeding.

But somehow, men in ancient times regarded the "non -degraded" breasts as a new signal, which has more favor for such women.This behavior is the result of the natural choice as the female cat raised the hips, as well as the male peacock opening the screen to release the signal.

It is not clear when men have a new criterion for judgment on this "peculiar" breasts.However, it is certain that after a long -term natural selection, the part of the part of the part of the "non -degraded breast" was finally retained.Compared with other ancient women, they are obviously more attractive.

Earlier, relevant US agencies had done a study.They found that in the aesthetics of modern Westerners, most men are more popular with breasts, and the thin waist "S" women.So, is this favors related to gene selection?

In response to this, the research institution solicited 120 healthy women, and judged whether the woman was a surrogacy by studying the relationship between the proportion of waist and hip, the degree of bulge of breasts, and the level of progesterone, and estrogen levels.

It was found that the level of progesterone and estrogen in women with a "S" body was higher, which shows that they have a higher probability than other women’s conception.

For men’s aesthetic standards for heterosexual body, it is different from person to person, and it is a relatively comprehensive factor.It is determined by factors such as culture, society and living habits in different regions.For example, the old beauty now favors women with full lips and larger hips. The open culture of the United States determines people’s aesthetic bias.

As we all know, from the evolution of apes to man, human brain is also evolving.As the brain capacity increases, the energy it needs will continue to increase.

The weight of the human brain is only 2%of the body weight, but it consumes about 20%of the calories (rest status) of the whole body, and the child’s brain is even more exaggerated. The brain of a four or five -year -old child can consume more than 60%of the calories.

Compared with men, women’s brain loss is more energy. Their brain can perform several tasks at the same time, and the female brain recovers longer.

In addition, only if the amount of fat in young women is more than 22%, the body’s development will become plump, so that menstruation can stabilize; fat in the body exceeds 23%, can they give birth normally.If the fat in the body is less than 22%, infertility may occur.Therefore, in order to maintain the stability of the body’s operation, women need an organ that stores fat.

At this time, the "degraded" breasts came in handy.From the perspective of evolution, it is obviously easier to ban and transform an old organ than re -generating a new organs. Storage of fat into the breast just meets this rule.At the same time, it can attract the stinky man.

In the ancient period when the food was scarce, it was precisely because of more fat in women that could meet the high energy consumption of the brain and maintain the metabolism of the body.

All in all, the appearance of "permanent" breasts is an important symbol of human evolution and the result of natural choices.Human beings can constantly adapt to the living environment and evolve new physical characteristics, which also proves that humans are the unique species on the earth.

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