How strange is the taste of a woman after pregnancy?Netizen: Do not eat rapeseed oil, smell it smell bad

There are all strange things. I have nothing to eat when I get pregnant. I feel that the peppers I usually like to eat only chili, and the meat is particularly unpalatable.

When I was pregnant, I like to smell gasoline, but it is fragrant!Standing on the edge of the road and smelling, looking forward to the vehicle in the past …

My sister especially loves to eat beef jerky. She didn’t eat beef jerky before, because she thought she was meat.Fresh beef does not work, it must be beef jerky.But I’m afraid that there are too many jerky beef jerky agents, or it is pretending to take other meats.I happened to be married to Inner Mongolia, and directly asked her to send it back there.

I ca n’t eat anything. I only like to eat sugar cane. The doctor told me that I did n’t go to the hospital and hanged nutritional water. I could eat everything in the last month., But after a while, the hair is not so dark.

The taste of a woman when I was pregnant is really strange. When I was pregnant, I wanted to eat sugar gourds. I was riding on the street to find it. I finally bought it but did not want to eat the sweetness of the above. I just ate the hawthorn inside.I hate it in the morning when I see snow cakes, how far my husband is thrown!

I want to eat fried pig’s large intestine during pregnancy, drink beer (never eating before, never drinking, dripping wine). After giving birth, I do n’t eat pig large intestine. Beer occasionally drink.

When I was a kid, tofu was eaten, so I did n’t eat tofu. Suddenly I wanted to eat it. I was not addicted to eating a lot. After two days, I found that I was pregnant!Do not eat cooking eggs, feel the taste of chemical fertilizer in the eggs.

There is no special change, that is, when I was pregnant for four or five months, I suddenly didn’t like to eat meat so much. I ate green vegetable noodles every day and ate 3 forty days of green vegetable noodles. AnywayEssence

When you do n’t smell the fishy things, you ca n’t see the fishy things. When you are a girl, you especially like to smell the smell of the old towel just was washed and dried. You must smell every day, and you must eat jujube every day.

I like to smell the kind of new rubber shoes and new water pipes when I am pregnant. In fact, I like it when I do n’t get pregnant, but it does n’t matter if I do n’t smell it. When I am pregnant, the desire to hear it is particularly strong.I want to find those things all day long.

I do n’t eat rapeseed oil, and my family cannot eat it. It smells stinky. I can only eat lard. Once I did n’t eat at home at noon, they used vegetable oil to stir -fry.A few days.

When my wife was pregnant, a person who never had fatty meat drew fat every day, and it was normal to have a child.

At first I had no appetite, I didn’t want to eat anything, and I couldn’t smell the aroma. For example, the taste of perfume and cosmetics could not smell the taste of rice. Later, after 5 months, I returned to the appetite before pregnancy, but I just ate more.Essence

I eat and vomit when I get pregnant. Only the soup of drinking the eggs does not vomit. There is only soup. The egg flowers below can not eat it. Before the third March of pregnancy, I ca n’t feel hungry, so I feel uncomfortable.

When I was pregnant, I liked the smell of the storage room. After smelling it, I felt so comfortable. Every time I went out, I went out to the storage room and smelled it for a while before going home.

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