How to alleviate Kim Jira cats?

Kim Jira cat looks sweet and is also a popular cat.However, most Kim Jira’s stomach is relatively fragile, so it is prone to symptoms of dilute dilution.Then the pet owner can adopt the following ways to relieve it ~


Price: 2500 ~ 5000

Average life expectancy: about 10 ~ 13 years

Personality: understanding, quiet, love to people close, love clean, clean, strong self -esteem

Advantages: good temper, meek to the owner, will not take the initiative to attack people, get close to people

Disadvantages: hair is difficult to take care of, hair loss, easy to dirt, easy to gain weight, fragile gastrointestinal

When Jinjira has the symptoms of diluted diluted, the pet owner must first fast the Jinjira cat to observe the situation to prevent the cat from having diarrhea and dehydration.

If Kim Jira cats have not been relieved after fasting, or the dilute symptoms are still not eased, or there is a continuous dilute, then the cat should take the cat to a regular pet hospital for medical treatment in time.

If the Jinji Cat is infected with parasites, gastrointestinal diseases, cat plague, etc., they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

If there are no regular pet hospitals nearby, you can feed cats to feed some drugs to relieve dilute medicines after being banned for Jinjira, such as anti -inflammatory drugs or monsters, and then observing whether the symptoms of Jinjirara are relieved.

If the Golden Cat is usually fragile, it is normal for the symptoms of diluted dilutes. It is recommended to feed some pet probiotics for Jinjira cats to regulate the stomach and effectively alleviate the symptoms of cats.

Kim Jica cats have symptoms of dilute, maybe because the cat food feed to the cat is not appropriate, or when the cat food is replaced with the cat food, there is no transition period.So when the pet owner changes cat food for Jinjira, it must follow the "7 -day change of food" and change to a cat food suitable for Kim Jira. It is best to choose a cat food with probe element.

If you want to choose a cat food with probe elements, you can also click on the article below to learn about it

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Conclusion: Do you like Kim Jira cat?

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