How to break the burning feeling of heart burning during pregnancy?

Many pregnant moms have a sense of heart burning, that is, I feel that the stomach acid is in turn and feels a burning sensation. This phenomenon is more common in the third trimester. The main reason is that the hormone changes during pregnancy have caused gastric acid reflux, which has our own place.The described feeling of heart burning, wanting to avoid this uncomfortable feeling, the following methods can be used for reference for pregnant mummy.

First, do not eat too much every meal

When such gastrointestinal pantothenic acid occurs, try to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal and alleviate the symptoms of discomfort. Pregnant moms are best to eat less and reduce the intake of high fat or greasy foods, because such foods are not easy to digest for digestionThe gastrointestinal function of pregnant mothers has weakened, and long -term consumption can easily cause symptoms such as accumulation and constipation.

Second, drink plenty of water during pregnancy

Drinking plenty of water can dilute the gastric juice and relieve physical discomfort. At the same time, pregnant mommy will have a higher physical temperature during pregnancy, the body’s metabolic rate will increase, and the body needs to increaseThe feeling of panic acid, at this time, you can drink a glass of light saline water pressure, and the effect is relatively significant.

Third, eat some weak alkaline foods

The neutral acid and alkali can effectively weaken the symptoms of pantothenic acid in the stomach, such as soda biscuits, soda water, etc. If the morning vomiting phenomenon is serious in the early stages of pregnancy, you can also eat some weak alkaline foods, but it should be noted that after pantothenic acid, you must be after pantothenic acid.Brush your teeth in a timely manner to avoid stomach acid residues and erode the enamel layer on your teeth.

Fourth, chewing gum

Chewing gum can help stimulate saliva secretion, thereby improving panic acid, but it should be noted that pregnant mummy is best to choose the gum of lignol formula to reduce the intake of sugar.

Summary: Mommy with a heart -burning situation may wish to try the above suggestions, which helps improve the discomfort during pregnancy. Pregnant moms should not be too panic.It is important to be able to improve and maintain a positive attitude.


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