How to calculate the pregnancy cycle after pregnancy?These methods and techniques must be known

After pregnant women are pregnant, understanding that their pregnancy cycle is essential for predicting delivery date and determining the development of the fetus.How does pregnant women count the pregnancy cycle?The following are some methods and techniques, which can help pregnant women correctly calculate their pregnancy cycle.

1. What is pregnancy cycle

The pregnancy cycle is the number of days before childbirth since the first day of menstruation.The pregnancy cycle is usually calculated in the weekly unit, which is about 7 days a week, but in fact, not all pregnant women’s pregnancy periods are the same.Some pregnant women’s pregnancy periods may be longer or shorter, depending on their menstrual cycle, ovulation time, and surrogacy date.

How to calculate the pregnancy cycle

Calculation based on the first day of the last menstrual period is the most common and simple method.

Pregnant women can recall the first day of the last menstruation, and then mark the date on the calendar.Then, pregnant women can calculate how many days have passed since the date and divide the number in 7 to get the number of gestational weeks.For example, if the first day of the last menstrual period is January 1, today is March 14, then the pregnancy period of pregnant women is 10 weeks.

Calculate with B -ultrasound results

B -ultrasound is a medical method for checking pregnant women and fetal conditions. It can also be used to calculate the pregnancy period of pregnant women.Pregnant women can mark the first B -ultrasound date on the calendar and calculate the pregnancy cycle from that day with the help of a doctor.

Third, precautions

The pregnancy cycle of pregnant women will change over time.In the early pregnancy, the pregnancy cycle is usually shorter than the third trimester, because the fetal development rate is slower in the early pregnancy, and the development rate is faster in the third trimester.

If the menstrual cycle of pregnant women is relatively long or short, her pregnancy cycle will increase or decrease accordingly.If the B -ultrasound date of pregnant women is inconsistent with the first day of the last menstruation, doctors usually determine the number of pregnancy weeks based on the B -ultrasound results.In the third trimester, doctors usually determine the pregnancy cycle based on the physical examination results of the pregnant woman and the development of the fetus.

The calculation method of the menstrual and ovulation period of pregnant women

The menstrual and ovulation period of pregnant women is an important reference for calculating the pregnancy cycle, so you need to understand how to accurately calculate these dates.

The menstrual period refers to the time period between the menstruation of each menstruation until the start of the next menstruation, and the ovulation period refers to the starting period from the menstrual period to 14 days before the next menstrual period.In calculating the pregnancy period, menstrual and ovulation periods are key factor, because conception usually occurs in the ovulation period.

For pregnant women, the following methods can be used to calculate the menstrual period and ovulation period:

Calendar method: Mark the date of the menstruation in recent months on the calendar, and calculate the average length of menstruation.Then start from the latest date of menstruation, and the length of menstruation can get the date of the next menstrual beginning.From this date to push forward for 14 days, the date of ovulation can be obtained.

Basic body temperature method: I can measure the body temperature after waking up every morning, and record the data on the table.Before the ovulation period, the body temperature will decrease slightly, and then rise after ovulation.This rising change is the instructions of the ovulation period.By measuring the basal body temperature, the ovulation period can be roughly determined.

Ovulation test paper: Use ovulation test strips to detect the ovulation period.The ovulation test strip can measure the content of lutein in the body, thereby predicting the ovulation period.The ovulation test strip needs to be tested daily within the specified time until the detection of the luteum is detected to determine the ovulation period.


The pregnancy cycle of pregnant women is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period, and the end of the birth of the fetus.Accurately calculate the gestational cycle to help understand the development of the fetus and predict the date of delivery.Pregnant women can calculate the menstrual and ovulation periods through a variety of methods such as calendar method, basic body temperature method, and ovulation test paper, thereby determining the pregnancy cycle.

At the same time, pregnant women need to pay attention to diet and health during pregnancy to avoid affecting the health and growth of the fetus.

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