How to correctly scrape and what are the effects after scraping?

Scraping is one of the traditional natural therapies. It is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine skin. It is dipped in a certain medium through special scraping appliances and corresponding methods.Red millet grains, or dark red bleeding points such as "out" changes, so as to achieve the role of promoting blood circulation.

How to scrape it correctly?What are the benefits of scraping?

Scraping tools: horns scraping board, scraping oil.

Scraping order: According to the body’s part, it is the head, neck, chest, hands, hands, abdomen and legs.

Scraping power: When scraping, the force should be uniform and moderate. The force should be gradually weighing. Do not fall lightly. At the same time, it is limited to the tolerance force. The area of the scraping can be pulled as long as possible.

Scraping direction: It should be a unilateral force, and the return journey should not be scratched.

The angle of scraping: The angle between the scraping appliance and the skin is suitable for 45 degrees. It is not possible to push and cut the momentum.Essence

Scraping frequency: Scraping frequency and treatment courses are different according to the nature of the disease and the physical condition of the patient.The scraping time is suitable for 20 to 30 minutes.The first scraping time should not be too long, and the method should not be too heavy. The time of using scraping therapy for the second time should be separated by 1 to 2 weeks.

The benefits of scraping are as follows:

1. Analure dredging: Scraping is a good way for headache, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, rheumatic pain, neuralgia and other diseases.

2. Activating blood circulation and removing stasis: Scraping can regulate the contraction and diastolic of the muscles, so that the pressure between the tissue can be adjusted to promote the blood circulation around the tissue, and play the role of "promoting blood circulation and removing stasis" and "new stasis".

3. Adjusting yin and yang: Scraping has a significant role in adjusting the balance of yin and yang. For example, those who use intestinal peristalsis, using scraping methods in the abdomen and back can cause hyperthyroiders to restore and return to normal.Conversely, those who have reduced bowel movements can promote its peristalsis to normal.

4. Exclusion toxin: Scraping can cause local tissue to form a high degree of congestion. The blood vessel nerves are stimulated to expand the blood vessels, the blood flow and lymphatic fluid increased quickly, the phagocytosis and the movement force are strengthened, so that the waste and toxin internal waste and toxin are eliminated.As a result, the blood can be purified, increasing systemic resistance, can reduce the disease and promote rehabilitation.

Finally, it should be noted: Women’s pregnancy, pediatric mortuary, skin infection, ulcer, scar or tumor site, liver cirrhosis, leukemia, etc. are cautious.

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