How to easily judge whether the ewe is pregnant?

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There are indeed many people who support ewes. Fans who often have sheep raising houses in the past few days ask the editor, how can I judge whether the ewalogy is pregnant?Intersection

In fact, if we are pregnant, we can rest assured. In this section of the column, you should add nutrition and nutrition, but if you do n’t do n’t conceive, do n’t think you are pregnant.The following editors have a few ways to judge whether the ewe is pregnant. You can learn it!If the article is good, give a "good -looking"!

(1) Observation method:

Generally, after about 20 days of breeding, they will not be estrused after about 20 days, and the secretions will not flow out of the pussy. If there is no disease in the uterus, it means that it has been pregnant and extended with time.The abdomen is also increased.

(2) Gongyang Trial Method:

After pregnancy, the next estrus, no more estrus, no more estrus, no sexual desire performance, and not accepting the climbing of rams.

(3) External observation method:

After pregnancy, she was brightened by hairy, her movement was slow, her appetite was strong, she fell in love with her temperament, and her temperament was docile.

(4) Observe the vaginal mucosa method:

After the stir’s pregnancy, the vaginal mucous membrane changes from the pale pink of the empty arms to pale, after opening the vagina with a cavity, in a short period of time, that is, from white to pink, and the vaginal mucosa of the empty ewa is always pinkEssence

(5) Check the vaginal mucus method:

The vaginal mucus of the pregnancy stir is transparent, with a small amount and sticky, and the hand can be used as a line.

After 1.5-2 months of pregnancy, the vulva began to edema and the breast became fulfilling. For 2–3 months of pregnancy, the fetus can be felt in the abdomen of the breast (whether there is anything hard to bone at the bottom right of the breast, that is,In the direction of the head of the sheep, your left hand is the left and right on the right, the bottom right of the belly, and slowly find the feeling.Gentle, do not excessively force, so as not to cause mechanical miscarriage. After pregnancy, there are symptoms of false estrus, that is, shake the tail, crawl across other ewes, and tweet.

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