How to eat crab to eat a new "fresh" feeling?

Speaking of crabs, this kind of magical creature that covers the whole body is over 2,000 years of food. They have not only witnessed the cultural elegance of the literati "alcoholic crabs" of literati, but also the "unbearable" of old diners’ hearts."Food in the world".

Delicious C position is not just hairy crabs

Counting crab varieties, a total of 6,000 different varieties of crabs in the world, together depict a vivid and delicious global crab map.

In China, the most famous crab is the hairy crab.Hairy crabs are a type of river crab. "Autumn wind rises, crab feet itchy". By September, hairy crabs are yellow like gold mud, smooth and rich, with extravagant oil fragrance, and crab meat is rich in protein, fat, vitamin AThe nutrients and trace elements also include five essential amino acids for the human body, which have been loved by diners since ancient times.

In the river, in the vast ocean, Qixintian Bogle crab is very different from the appearance of hairy crabs, but it also exists with it.Bogle Crab "means a very powerful crab. It comes from agricultural countries in the Indian ocean waters. There is no industrial pollution. It is a real natural wild sea crab. It is fuller than ordinary crabs.Crystal, full of meat, low cholesterol content of Bogle crab, and high mineral content for blood pressure and bones, so it is also very suitable for "three highs" people and diners who need calcium supplement and weight loss.The advantages of crabs and river crabs are one.

Qixintian Pogli Crab

The beautiful "crab" in the field

Looking through the history of Chinese civilization, the Chinese are mostly the most favorite nation in the world. The deliciousness of crabs has been deeply imprinted, and each Chinese diet memory.

Crab, clear and fat, although the taste is thick, but does not stimulate the taste buds. When the crab with the "golden mean" crab encounters a hot pot with smooth boiling, the two elements of the seemingly contradictory, but the seemingly contradictory splashesUnexpected chemical reactions.

With the shift of time, the diners’ demand and innovation of crab’s eating methods have never stopped.

Seafood hot pot produced by "National Invention Patent Form"

For example, Qixintian Seafood Hot Pot created a "one pot and two" method in pioneering, and used the secret sauce that won the "national invention patent" to stir -fry the Bigri crab to bring together the east of the four major cuisines.The advantages of sour, west spicy, south, and northern salty are covered with each inch of plump and delicate Pogy crab crab meat.

First, the umbilicus sweeps the greasy and fat -sized Pigley crab beef meat, and then removes the thigh clamps in turn, bite its huge crab leg tongs hidden in the strands of fresh crab meat, thick, thick, fresh, sweet and blendedThe taste blooms in the mouth at the same time, and it can be described as a soul.Three times and five divide on the two, a whole pot of fried Bigley crabs was "divided into melon". After a little rest, the "second half" of the very beautiful taste is about to start.

Qixintian "one pot and two eats" seafood hot pot

Vegetables, meat, soy products and other ingredients are slowly incorporated into the pot, blending with fresh fragrant crab flavors lingering in the pot.The bottom of the pot is neither overwhelming, but it also enhances the umami flavor of each ingredient. The boiling hot pot is also comfortable."One pot and two eaten", for diners, it is a cost -effective innovative diet, and it is also a dual "crab".

How can crabs stand the test of new "fresh" sense?

Eating crabs, of course, is "fresh". If you want to keep the crabs "live" before processing, the core of the problem is the technical strength and supply chain capacity of food companies, and of course attitude.

For example, the seafood restaurant Qixintian mentioned earlier, in order to allow the crabs to "fresh" from the source to the dine dining table, Qixintian has set up a set of strict high standards at all aspects of procurement, transportation, and processing.

Taking the Bogle crab of Qixintian’s signature as an example, the crab grows in the area without polluting the sea. The water quality is clear and the oxygen content is high.Of course, a good environment is just a prerequisite. Before Qixintian purchased and transported, he would be too small, broken feet and weak crabs. After arriving at the store, he would also perform secondary sorting and drawn inspection of crabs.The Bogle crabs that can only be on the dining table are "top flow" in crabs, only the freshness explodes the table, and it is made according to the requirements of the current point, current fishing, and killing.

Fresh "ashore" at the scene of raw seafood

In addition to strictly controlling the quality of crabs, Qixin Tian also repaired the supply chain capacity to ensure the quality in all aspects.Qixintian created a set of seamlessly connected supply chain management systems that put the restaurant and strategic position, the central factory and the upstream procurement team, which controls the transportation time from pickup to the restaurant.The monitoring and temperature control facilities of the dead angles ensure that the best temperature and humidity standards are maintained during transportation. In addition, Qixintian’s self -developed low temperature preservation and other technologies can make the loss rate of live crabs in the transportation from warehouses to restaurants lower than5%, less than 10%less than 10%of the industry.

High standard kitchen lets the safety see "food"

In general, living fresh transportation and storage require both standards and unified standards, but also need to be very careful and careful. It is a job that requires high cost and refined operation.Food safety and sincere awe.

Speaking of the end, summer -the best time of this year’s party has arrived, and the Qixintian seafood hot pot, which is eaten in one pot, let the happiness of the party be a long standby, and it is not fast to "arrange" with three or two good friends!

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