How to exclude the secretion of HCG in ectopic pregnancy in 6 weeks of pregnancy is very low.

I often read reports, saying that ectopic pregnancy bleeding is scary.Pregnancy is a very hard thing. For the health and safety of the baby, the baby must check carefully during pregnancy.How can I exclude ectopic pregnancy in 6 weeks of pregnancy? How is ectopic pregnancy caused? The following editor of Wed114 Wedding Network will bring you detailed content.

How to exclude ectopic pregnancy in 6 weeks of pregnancy

How to exclude ectopic pregnancy in 6 weeks of pregnancy 1: B -ultrasound examination

The most effective way to exclude ectopic pregnancy at 6 weeks of pregnancy is that the B -ultrasound is checked. If the B -ultrasound is found in the uterus, it is normal pregnancy, and it is ectopic pregnancy.

Methods to exclude ectopic pregnancy at 6 weeks of pregnancy 2: Blood HCG examination

Pregnant women at 6 weeks of pregnancy can also judge ectopic pregnancy through blood HCG examinations.If the amount of HCG value of pregnant women increases more than 66%every two days, it can be diagnosed as intrauterine pregnancy; if the HCG secretion of pregnant women is very low, the appreciation is less daily, and the 48 -hour increase of less than 50%, it is ectopic pregnancy.

Methods to exclude ectopic pregnancy at 6 weeks of pregnancy: progesterone examination

Pregnant women at 6 weeks of pregnancy can also be eliminated by progesterone detection. Generally speaking, if pregnant women are less than 20NG/ml, it may be ectopic pregnancy, but B -ultrasound can be verified by B -ultrasound.

What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

1. Abdominal pain

Patients with ectopic pregnancy falling abdomen or drama pain, a sense of defecation, and often cold sweat.When the ectopic pregnancy is ruptured, the patient will have a sudden pain on one side of the lower abdomen, and will also be accompanied by the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

2. vaginal bleeding

Ectopic pregnancy generally has symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage, but usually irregular vaginal bleeding occurs after embryo death, dark brown in color, small amount, and generally does not exceed menstrual flow.It may also be excreted with molten tube type or molten fragments.

3. Flying or shock

When ectopic pregnancy is ruptured, many patients may cause blood capacity or severe abdominal pain due to acute bleeding in the abdominal cavity. Subcutidity may occur, and severe cases may have shock and life -threatening.

Method: Women with ectopic pregnancy should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible, terminate pregnancy, and strive to minimize the damage.In order to avoid the rupture of ectopic pregnancy with the development of the fetus, women at this time will be particularly dangerous.”P”副”E”

How to cause ectopic pregnancy

Chronic fallopian tubeitis

Women with chronic fallopian tubeitis have adhesion of the wrinkles of the mucosa inner mucosa in the tube wall to narrow the lumen. At the same time, due to inflammation and lesions, it also causes the fosterial cilia of the fallopian tube.difficulty.

Dysplasia or deformity of fallopian tube

Disar or malformed fallopian tubes will reduce the function of the fallopian tube to transport eggs, and it is not easy to make the fertilized eggs reach the uterine cavity smoothly.

Common are: tubal bending, spiral, double tubal mouth, etc.

Fertilized egg travel

After the sperm and eggs are perfected by the fallopian tube on one side, due to the influence of a certain factor, the fertilized eggs do not move in the direction of the uterine cavity. It enters the opposite egg tube from the abdominal cavity from the abdominal cavity. Due to long -distance operation, it should be used asBefore it reached the uterine cavity, the fertilized eggs had developed to the stage of the implant, so it grew in the opposite tubal.

Pelvic inflammatory disease or pelvic cavity with mass

Women with pelvic inflammatory disease or pelvic cavity, because of the squeezing and traction of the tubal, the position of the uterus or fallopian tube moves, the morphology changes, and even the structure is abnormal. These changes sometimes affect the normal pregnancy of the pregnant eggs.

Has been performed by tubal surgery

Women who have undergone fallopian tube ligation surgery are prone to fallopian tube pregnancy.This is because the tubal tubes are not as smooth as before, and the passage is often relatively narrow, and the pregnancy eggs are easily kept in the tubal stenosis.

Repeated flow

Women’s multiple abortion can cause endometrial trauma. The embryo is not easy to bed in the uterine cavity, and it will be transferred to bed elsewhere, and there is an abnormal pregnancy.

Improper contraceptive

Contraceptives can affect the level of female and progesterone in women’s plasma, and then affect the peristalsis of the fallopian tube wall, cilia motion, and the secretion of epithelial cells.If hormonal disorders, it will affect the transport of fertilized eggs and fallopian tube pregnancy.Some women lack awareness of self -protection and have no long -term contraceptive measures. The abuse of contraceptives will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Bad habits

Women who often smoke and alcohol are prone to ectopic pregnancy.Because nicotine in tobacco can change the cilia of the fallopian tube, alcoholicism can easily narrow the fluorescent luteal lumen, which leads to low cilia swing function. The peristalsis of the fallopian tube wall is not conducive to the fertilized eggs to bed.

History of out -of -palace pregnancy

Women who have had a history of ectopic pregnancy before are more likely to suffer from ectopic pregnancy, because the cause of ectopic pregnancy may not have recovery, and some inflammation or adhesion after surgery will increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy.Therefore, women with a history of extraterreals must take contraceptive measures in the short term. It is best not to get pregnant within one year.

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