How to get rid of bad breath to get rid of bad breath?Several of ways to help you eliminate it

Many expectant mothers will encounter such a situation after pregnancy: the mouth is often inexplicable and strange.This kind of distress caused many expectant mothers to be disturbed. Some expectant mothers chose to eat sugar to relieve, while others chose to eat fruits.So, what are the effective methods of relief?

1 Clean the tongue coating.When the mouth appears strange, you can clean the tongue coating by the way after brushing, and completely remove the food remaining on the tongue.Eat the food taste heavier.

2 I often rinse and drink water.Specific mothers can often rinse their mouths and remove the bad odor in their mouths. They can also prepare some fire drinks, or tea, juice, etc. to remove the odor in the mouth, and pay attention to oral hygiene before and after diet.

3 Avoid eating spicy and cold food.In order to take care of the taste and hobbies of expectant mothers, all kinds of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy foods can be consumed during pregnancy, but they should avoid eating too spicy foods to avoid causing stomach and stomach.

4 Change ingredients and cooking methods.Specific mothers can try to choose beautiful and delicious foods to promote appetite.Try to marinate a variety of meat foods with delicious seasonings, or exclude more greasy pigs and beef, change to eat chicken, eggs or fish to reduce nausea reactions; change the patterns of food from time to time, change the color, fragrance and taste and fragrance, andThe form of food is to improve the interest of diet; mix with the right amount of tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander, etc. in food to increase the taste of the food and avoid the taste of bitterness and strengthen the sour or sweetness.

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