How to identify and prevent and control the top ten diseases that cause sows to abortion and death?

Sow is the core of pig farm production, and the height of the number of sows is the key to the good or bad operation of the pig farm.The sows have breeding disorders, which are mainly manifested in the estrus of the relics of the pork; the estrus interval is prolonged and not estrus after weaning;Hair, mummy, or dead fetus.Common diseases that cause sows’ breeding disorders include swine fever, pseudo -rabies, pig breeding and respiratory syndrome, pig fine virus disease, pig -type encephalitis, pig attached red blood cell disease, pig bow body disease, pig Brucetis disease, Ten types of pork jackets, ten types of pork hook side spiral diseases.Their identification diagnosis and prevention are as follows:

1. Difference diagnosis of Top Ten Diseases

The above top ten diseases have similarities in the breeding obstacles such as miscarriage and death of sows, and there are many differences. It can be different from the three aspects of the disease, symptoms and lesions. For details, please refer to the table below.

2. Prevention and control plan

The above top ten diseases seriously affect sows’ production sub -performance. Scientific prevention and control can effectively reduce the incidence, increase the number of childbirth, and increase the production results of pig farms.For viral diseases, the primaries are mainly used for vaccine immunity. For antibiotics such as bacterial and parasitic diseases, the specific schemes are as follows:

(1) Swine fever immune scheme:

The producer of sows and tires are immune, immune to once before breeding, 1 head each time; the reserve sow is divided into 2 months before the breeding, each time.

(2) Pseudo -rabies immune scheme:

Sowing sow is exempted, immune to 3-4 times a year, each time; the reserve sow is divided into 2 months before breeding, each time.

(3) Blue ear disease immune scheme:

Immune as appropriate according to the situation of the pig farm.In general, general exemption: 3 times a year, muscle injection 1 head/time. If it is the first immunization, it needs to be strengthened once after the first immunity, 1 head/head/head; reserve pig: before breeding before breeding, before breeding5-6 weeks and 1-2 weeks each immune once, 1 head/time.

(4) Small virus immune scheme:

The reserve sow is immune to 1 head before the sow is immune to swine fever, and 1 head is exempted from 4 weeks; producing sows can inevitably.

(5) Immune -type immune scheme:

The reserve sow is immune to the immunization of 1 head, and the exemption is exempted by 4 weeks; the producer is immunized 1-2 times in March each year, and it is exempted once in September according to the situation.

(6) Gow -shaped prevention and control plan:

Sulfa drugs are mainly treated, and only the drug has special effects.Sulfa pills have synergistic effects with tritethydraomine (TMP) or ethylamine pyrine.The detailed scheme refer to the following three:

Option 1: Sulfinirazine is taken in an internal weight of 70 mg per kilogram of body weight, or sodium sodium sodium sodium injection of sulfurioline, 20 mg of muscle injection per kilogram of weight, 1 to 2 times a day, 2 to 3 days in a row.

Option 2: 20mg of muscles per kilogram of metharocytes of sulfa, 1 to 2 times a day, 2 to 3 days in a row.

Option 3: Sulfa -pyrine piopyrazine is taken in the internal weight of 50 to 100 mg per kilogram, and is 3 to 5 days in a row; or a sulfa -hydraoxin injection, 50 mg of weight per kilogram, 1 to 2 times a day, 2 to 3 days in a row.

It should be noted that the dose is doubled during the first injection, and the muscle injection of sodium bicarbonate injection can be matched at the same time.

(7) Attach red blood cell body:

The detailed scheme refer to the following three:

Option 1: Use antibiotics.Antibiotic drugs can take oral administration or muscle injection of tetracycline, 霉omycin, osseamocin and so on.Dosage: Duoxin, weighing 300-400 mg/kg, mixed with feeding.Alternatively, weighing 150-200 mg/kg, mixed water citations, continued for 4-5 days until the symptoms were slightly alleviated.Beast long-acting cubicillin injection, muscle injection, weighing 15 mg/kg, continuous for 3-4 days in a row, the rehabilitation effect is also very good.

Option 2: Use Xinya Fannan Ming.Before treating the treatment, use physiological saline to mix into a 10%solution, and slowly intravenous injection.Alternatively, use 5%glucose injection, mix after mixing, slowly intravenous injection.The specific amount is 15-45 mg/kg in accordance with the weight of the pig.In most cases, within 2-24 hours after medication, the pathogen in the blood gradually disappears, and symptoms can be relieved within 3 days.

Option 3: Use bloodworm net, Benier (three nitrogen 脒).Common powder injections, sterilized physiological saline during treatment, mixed into 5%-7%injection, the dosage is 5-7 mg/kg of pigs, deep muscle injections, each interval 48 hours, repeated injection once.This method is used in the early stages of popularity, and healing is better.

(8) Clothing chlamydia

The chlamydia is sensitive to tetracycline, Tylazanin, powerful, erythromycin, and spiptomycin. Tetracycline is the preferred drug for treatment. The specific scheme is as follows:

Public and sow breeding 1-2 weeks before and 2-3 weeks before the sow giving feed given tetracycline preparations, mixed with a ratio of 0.02%-0.04% in the feed, and 1-2 weeks.It can also be injected with slow delays preparations, which can increase the rate of fetal receiving, increase the number of lives, and reduce the mortality of new piglets.

Inject 1%omotillin for the muscle of the new piglets, 1ml/kg, use 5D in a row, once a day.From the age of 10, he was taken to take tetracycline drugs with the feed, and 1g/10kg was weighed until the weight reached 25kg.When the piglet is weaned or sick, 5%cubicillin solution containing 5%glucose, IML/5kg, 5D continuously.

(9) Disease

This disease belongs to severe infectious diseases of human and animals and has no treatment value. Once positive, it should be isolated and eliminated immediately.

(10) Hook end spiral body

There are many ways to treat the disease, but Western Medicine is the fastest and most obvious, and it is a must -have measure for emergency control.Here are several effective treatment methods for reference.

Option 1: Treatment of sulfa drugs for pork muscle.Sulfa-5-metharine 0.07g/kg, twice a day for 1 week.For those who have severe condition, vitamins and glucose can be treated with infusion.

Method 2: Tethells also has a certain effect on the treatment of this disease.For sick pigs, you can noted tetracycline 20-50mg/kg, vitamin 2-6ml, 10%sodium camphor sodium sulfonate 2ml ~ 6ml, 300-500ml of sugar-containing saline, once a day in the morning and evening, twice a day, 3 days in a row.

Method 3: Treatment of this disease can also inject Pulukinanillin and plus dexamethasone injections. The amount of 2,000 to 30,000 units per kg once is used once a day for 2-3 days in a row.Plant boars and sows can take intravenous injection.Glucose+VC supplement body fluid.If there is an allergic phenomenon, adrenaline can be injected urgently.

The above is a differentiation diagnosis and prevention of the ten major causes of reproductive diseases such as sows’ abortion and dead tires.

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