How to judge "going to be born" in the late pregnancy?Three methods keep in mind, don’t give birth to your child at home

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

I just saw such a topic: When you are pregnant and are about to produce, do n’t you know that you are going to give birth?I am, at that time, my husband and I were at home. When I was born, my stomach hurts. Both of us thought it was (the fetus) was turning over. After two days of pain, I couldn’t stand it. I drove to the hospital.Without an hour, my daughter was born.

There should be a lot of "same pregnant mothers" in life ~

Below there is a message saying: Now that there is a child, the doctor will also calculate the expected date of due date.We have never been checked before. I probably know which month I was born, and my second child was born at home.

There is also a dad who shared his son’s birth experience: When my son was born, my wife and I did not know what day of the due date. It is also coincidental. My wife and I also feel about going to the hospital.It ’s really a clever problem that I ca n’t understand whether it’ s the problem of the hospital.

Indeed, many pregnant mothers think that the birth check is too frequent, and the results are normal every time, and they feel that they can not be done; even some pregnant women do not go to the hospital for examination."Let’s.

Most of the pregnant mothers know about pregnancy, regardless of the discovered sooner or later, but they will always find that after all, the stomach cannot be hidden.

However, "birth" is not easy to judge. Especially for the first time of pregnancy, pregnant women who have had children have no common sense and experience. It is easy to give birth to the baby’s home.

Next, the Beijing mothers teach pregnant mothers to "judge whether the baby is going to give birth".

Method 1: Look at the due date

Doctors calculate: If you go to check after pregnancy, the doctor will ask the pregnant woman’s last menstrual period, how many days of menstruation, and whether regular menstruation, etc., and calculate a due date.Generally, as long as the menstrual rules are usually accurate, the calculation is relatively accurate.

Of course, pregnant women with irregular menstruation may only come once in a few months. This kind of cannot be based on the last menstrual period. The doctor will arrange for the B -ultrasound to calculate the due date according to the size of the fetus.

Counting itself: Of course, pregnant women can also calculate the due date according to the last menstrual period. There is an estimated formula: the month plus 9 or minus 3, the day plus 7.

Based on the last menstrual period, the doctor is also calculated according to this formula.

For example, the last menstrual period is November 1, +9 or -3 in that month, which is August next year, the day is +7 is 8, so the due date is August 8th next year, is it very simple?

Jingma reminds: Of course, the method of due date is not necessarily accurate. First of all, there may be bias when the due date may be calculated.

Therefore, we must start paying attention 1-2 weeks before the pregnancy period. Prepare the baby in advance, and be ready to welcome the baby’s birth at any time.

Watch’s stomach in the pregnant woman

Method 2: Look at the pre -delivery performance and the sign of the birth of the property

When the baby is about to be born, the pregnant mother himself has "different feeling".

For example, when pregnant mothers have these performances, it means that the baby is "going to give birth."

The frequent urination increased significantly, affecting life during the day, and sleeping at night, indicating that the fetus has entered the pot;

The appetite has never improved, the belly is getting bigger and bigger, I can’t feel hungry and have no appetite. Suddenly I want to eat, or it may be moved down into the basin;

The belly moved down and changed from "watermelon shape" to "grapefruit shape", which also indicates that the fetus enters the pot and is about to give birth;

The edema increased, swollen into large pork trotters and elephant legs. Pre -delivery pregnant mothers would feel that the whole person was swollen;

Insomnia is worsened, not only can’t sleep, but also can’t sleep well, and can’t sleep. Although this is the normal state of the third trimester, as the belly increases, this situation will be more serious before giving birth;

Pubic pain, back pain, and back pain, and the days before giving birth, not only bulky like penguins, lying down and sitting up, sitting up and not wanting to lie down, but also the pain of the pubic bone worse, the stomach always feels swelling.gave birth;

There are not so much fetal movement. Before giving birth, the fetus almost supports the uterus, and the activity will become less, which means that the baby is about to be born.

However, these are all performances for a period of time. If these performances, they must be prepared at any time, but they do not have to go to the hospital.

When "really wants to give birth", there are three signs of production: water breaking, red, and regular contractions (pain).

These three performances, no matter which one appears, must go to the hospital in time, indicating that the fetus has been launched, and even the palace is already open.Born at home.

Method 3: Make a checkup

At the third trimester of pregnancy, the birth check is very frequent. At this stage, the fetus is prone to hypoxia or premature birth. Frequent production examination is to monitor the condition of the fetus and ensure safety, such as fetal heart monitoring examinations every time.

In addition, in the last month of the birth check, doctors will also measure the palace high, do B -ultrasound, check whether they enter the basin, etc., see the development indicators of the fetus, and determine whether the fetus is about to be born.

Therefore, the birth check in the third trimester cannot be cared for, and it is necessary to do it on time to avoid danger of the fetus, and it is also convenient for the condition of the fetus and pregnant mothers.

The above are the three major methods to judge "whether the baby is born". Do you have a birth check on time during pregnancy? How did the baby discover it when giving birth? Come and share your experience and experience with other pregnant mothers.

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