How to judge your fertility?If you meet these self -test, pregnancy is not difficult

What is a prospective novice mother? The first time I want to be a mother, I have a plan to want a child, but they are not pregnant. They usually care about their fertility. How long can I get pregnant?If you don’t go to the hospital for a series of examinations, you can simply judge it yourself. If you meet the following points, you don’t need to worry too much.

Is it in line with the best fertility age?

Under normal circumstances, in the best age of conception, the physical fitness of couples is the best, which means that the quality of sperm and eggs is the best. If the pregnancy is successful, the probability of difficulty will be very small.It is 24-29 years old. The best age of men is 25-35 years. The couple of this age are also the most relaxed, and the success rate of conception is very high.

Are there any bad habits?

Good living habits include the laws of daily life and diet, and the diet with vegetarian and vegetarian and vegetarian and vegetarian food. Normal husband and wife should do these points without smoking, no drinking, no bad emotions. Having good physical fitness is the basis for successful pregnancy. Both husbands and wives must haveDo it.

Women’s menstrual cycle

Women with disorders of menstrual cycle become more difficult to conceive. A friend I know did not conceive for two years. After asking, she knew that she came seven or eight times a year.This is very difficult to conceive, because I do n’t know when she ovulates, and the chance of hitting will be very small. Usually, the menstrual cycle is 28-35 days.When conceived, it is easy to conceive a baby.

History of contraceptive

Friends who have watched "House Gate" may know that Xiangxiu became the mother of Bai Jingqi, and did not give birth to a half -daughter. Later, she went to the clinic of Belle Lili for treatment.A strong side effect.Adhesion, or fallopian tube blockage and adhesion, causing sequelae that is not easy to get pregnant.

Body chill

If the body is cold, it will not be easy to get pregnant by the symptoms of the palace cold.The growth of fertilized eggs requires a warm environment in the uterus. The cold of the palace cold will affect conception, and it will also cause qi and blood stasis, which will cause irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.In this way, you can get pregnant.

Is there a history of disease

If women have chronic medical history or some immune diseases or chromosomal diseases, they will cause abnormal ovulation, and the disease itself will cause reproductive hormonal disorders. If this is the case, seek medical treatment as soon as possible to exclude the cause.In addition, in a poor environment for a long time, such as electromagnetic waves and radiation rays, the fetus will also cause abnormal abortion, which must be considered.

If you want to have a healthy baby as soon as possible, these self -tests of women are indispensable. On this basis, pay attention to supplement folic acid, control weight, and try to contact pets as little as possible.Details are recorded on the small book to calculate the ovulation period. May and June of the year is the most suitable day for pregnancy. This season is sufficient and rich in diet, which is also conducive to the growth and development of the baby.

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