How to know if you are pregnant, self -examination and auxiliary testing

If you want to know if you are pregnant, your body sometimes tells you that you need to observe.

Testing method: The first symptom of pregnancy is to delay menstruation, but delayed menstruation is not necessarily signs of pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to assist other symptoms for discrimination.Such as dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, decreased appetite, picky food, disgusting greasy things, nausea and nausea.However, all symptoms can only be used as speculating for pregnancy, and cannot be directly concluded.

Detection accuracy: 60%

2. Early pregnancy test paper

Detection principle: It mainly determines whether the HCG value that can be marked with pregnancy can be obtained by determining whether the urine is contained in the test strip.

Testing method: After two weeks of menstruation delay, the user is best for morning urine, immersed in the test strip, and the results show that the results will be produced within five minutes.If the test strip controlled area and the test area are displayed in the obvious band, it is a positive result, which can generally be confirmed that the pregnancy is pregnant; if there is only a ribbon in the control area, it means that it is not pregnant.

Detection accuracy: 50%-85%

Detection principle: It mainly determines whether the HCG value that can be marked with pregnancy can be obtained by determining whether the urine is contained in the test strip.

1. Pregnancy test stick testing method

Detection principle: determine whether to be pregnant by measuring the HCG value in women.After the fertilized eggs, in the fetal development, the placental nourishing layer cells produced a large amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), and was excreted into the urine through the blood circulation of the pregnant woman.

Testing method: Going to a regular pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick for regular brands, it is best to choose to urinate for the first time in the morning and operate in strict accordance with the instructions.

Detection accuracy: 90%

3. Pregnancy urine test method

Detection principle: Check the HCG containing a specific value in the urine, generally negative means that there is no pregnancy, and positive is a sign of conception.Urine testing also requires the HCG in urine to reach a certain level, so the urine test is required at least one week after menstruation delayed.In fact, the family pregnancy test stick and early pregnancy test strip are performed according to the principle of urine tests.

Testing method: After going to the hospital, the urine extraction is performed according to the doctor’s instructions, and the HCG content is detected.

Detection accuracy: about 85%.

4. Through blood testing

Detection principle: Check the concentration of HCG in the blood.Compared with urine tests, detection is more sensitive, and it directly pays attention to the HCG concentration in the blood rather than the content value.The concentration of human velvet hormone in the blood in mothers after pregnancy has increased. Blood HCG early pregnancy check can be measured from 9-11 days of fertilization.If it is negative or not obvious, it will take 7 days to review it again.

Testing method: The hospital was extracted from blood, and after professional equipment, the HCG concentration in women’s blood was detected.

The accuracy of blood testing: more than 99%.

5. Ovulation test strip

Detection principle: First of all, the ovulation test strip itself is used to test whether ovulation is used. The principle is to test the content of LH (luteal formation) in urine.However, HCG hormones in urine related to pregnancy include α and β chains. The structure of the α chain is basically similar to LH and FSH, which is prone to cross -reaction. Therefore, ovulation test strips also have a certain response to early pregnancy.It is generally measured on the 10th and 11th days after ovulation, but it should be noted that this cross -reaction is not necessarily inevitable, so the accuracy of ovulation testing is relatively low.

Testing method: On the 10th and 11th day after ovulation, the ovulation test strip is used, and urine testing is performed according to the instructions. If it is positive, it may be pregnant. If the negative, it may not be successful.

Detection accuracy: 50%-60%.

6. B ultrasound

Detection principle: B -ultrasound is more intuitive and accurate compared to HCG hormone detection by detecting whether the gestational sac is generated in the uterus.B -ultrasound is high according to the diagnostic standards for early pregnancy and is not subject to time limit. It can be used as an effective means of clinical diagnosis of early pregnancy.

Testing method: After a week of menstruation, the B -ultrasound can be performed. The longer the menopause time, the better the inspection effect.B-ultrasound can now have a circular aura in the uterus, also known as the pregnancy ring. The dark regions in the ring are amniotic fluid. The average diameter of the dark area is about 0.5-1.5cm.Strong echo, sometimes the bud -shaped light group of the germ.At the same time, B -ultrasound can make corresponding judgments to the development of the fetus, the position of the placenta, the amount of amniotic fluid, and whether the development of the amniotic fluid.

The accuracy of testing: more than 99.9%.

7. Basic body temperature measurement

Detection principle: Detecting the body temperature changes before and after ovulation. Generally speaking, the body temperature before ovulation is below 36.5 degrees, and the progesterone is elevated after ovulation, which acts on the body temperature center and increases the body temperature by 0.3-0.5 degrees.If the egg fails to fertilize, the progesterone decreases after about a week, and the body temperature will return to normal; if the pregnancy is already pregnant, the progesterone remains a high level and keeps the temperature of the body.The high temperature curve phenomenon in the basal body temperature lasts for more than 18 days, and early pregnancy can be affirmed.

Testing method: The body temperature is measured in bed after waking up every morning. At this time, the body temperature is called the basic body temperature, and the temperature changes in the body temperature for a long time.

Detection accuracy: 50%

Pregnancy is more happy or worried for some people. If you want to know if you are pregnant, the simple method is the pregnancy test stick or early pregnancy test strip. It may cause detection errors due to operational methods or special circumstances.Go to a regular hospital for examination.

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