How to relieve breast tenderness in pregnant women?

Many expectant mothers will encounter breast tenderness during pregnancy. Breast pain is a kind of early pregnancy reaction.Due to the significant increase in the level of estrogen progesterone during pregnancy, each pregnant woman will have such an early pregnancy reaction. Some people will be nauseous and vomit, some people are sleepy, and some are frequent urine or cold.Pain, it hurts when you touch it. These symptoms usually start from 6 weeks after menopause, and continue the entire early pregnancy. Some expectant mothers have a long reaction time for early pregnancy.During the pregnancy, the blood flow in the breasts increases and the breast tissue changes, so expectant mothers will have breast swelling, soreness, and sensitivity to touches.The feeling of breast tenderness during pregnancy is very similar to the breast tenderness in the early menstrual period, but it is more intense.>>> Extended reading: Three major changes that are inevitable for breasts during pregnancy

How to relieve breast tenderness

First, you need to buy and wear good texture that can support your chest.

In order to avoid skin scratching, the bras with soft texture and no stitching of stitching near the nipples should be selected.Cotton bras are more comfortable than artificial fiber and have better breathability.Try not to wear hard steel brake bra.In order to give your breast better, you can try breastfeeding bra.Especially in the third trimester, you can buy the kind of breastfeeding bra from the previous one.It can also be used when breastfeeding after delivery.

When choosing a bra, consider relaxing the size appropriately, because as the breast increases and the abdomen bulge, your bras may increase by 1 to 2 sizes (cups and bust size will increase).When you try on the bra, you buckle the buttons in the most tight gear so that if your breasts increase, you can deduct the second and third gear.

Second, you can try breast massage to effectively relieve breast pain.

(1) Breast massage:

Use a warm towel to compress the entire breast.

1. One hand is placed on the other breast horizontally, and the other hand is pressed on the hand, and the hands overlap and press the breast massage to the center of the chest.

2. Put your hands and fingers together under the breasts, vibrate the entire breast from the root of the breast, and then press the breast to massage the breasts with both hands.

3. Start up with the breast from the bottom and press the breast up with both hands.

TIPS: When the above massage, both hands must hold the entire breast. The action amplitude is as large as feeling that the mammary cluster disappears from the pectoral muscles, but it is strictly forbidden to knead to avoid the breast injury.

(2) Nipple massage

1. Wash your hands and wash the nipples outside the nipples with a ring method to the base of the breast (at the collarbone), and clean the left and right breasts, respectively.The nipple should be washed with soap, so as not to wash off the protective oil of the outer layer. At the same time, pay attention to cleaning the skin.

2. After cleaning, hold the breast with your hand, and massage the nipples at the base and index finger at the base of the lower breasts of the inflicuction, and knead the nipples with the thumb and index finger to increase the nipple toughness.

3. During the massage, the thumb and index finger are massaged from the root of the breast to the nipple, twice a day for 20 times each time.

TIPS: It can be gently sorted out to the nipples from the root of the breast with a blunt teeth, which can also make the breast duct smooth, which is conducive to postpartum breastfeeding.

(3) Hot compress massage

Dip some warm water with a clean towel, wipe it into a ring in the direction of the areola from the center of the nipple, take turns hot compresses on both sides, 15 minutes on each side, and the following massage method:

1. Circle massage: Place your hands on the up and down of the breast, massage the entire breast in a ring -shaped direction.

2. Spiral massage: hold the breast with one hand, and massage the other index finger and middle finger in the direction of the nipple.

3. Finger pressure massage: Poster the two hands on both sides of the breast, squeeze from the breast to the nipple.

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