How to relieve the backache of confinement in confinement

"Postpartum back pain" is listed as the head of "confinement disease". After giving birth, the new mothers are weak, and they are prone to symptoms of back pain after a little carelessness. Most of the women will have back pain.Early treatment, the root cause can be dropped in the later period. What about the back pain of confinement? How to relieve back pain in confinement? Today, the editor of Wed114 Wedding Network will bring you detailed content to teach you how to adjust postpartum back pain.

What’s wrong with confinement back pain

1. Women’s endocrine systems of the human body will change in the late pregnancy and during childbirth to relax the ligament connected to the pelvis. After delivery, due to the adjustment of this endocrine change, the pelvis is still relaxed, the abdominal muscles after delivery, the abdominal muscles after deliveryIt also becomes relatively relaxed, so the burden of lumbar spine is the main reason to guide the mother itself.

2. Confinement is a very important period. Many women have lost a lot of problems because they have no experience because they do n’t pay attention to small details. They will always be accompanied by mothers in the future.EssenceBack pain in confinement is the troubles that many new mothers often encounter, and there are many reasons for the formation of this situation.For example, the pelvic ligament and relaxation of the body spine during pregnancy and the changes in hormones during pregnancy and the relaxation of the abdominal muscles may also be due to the loss of calcium due to a large number of children, coupled with the physiological calcium deficiency caused by breastfeeding, causing pain in the waist

3. Low back pain caused by physiological changes: After childbirth, the endocrine system of mothers will not quickly return to pre -pregnancy state, pelvic ligaments are still relaxing for a period of time, abdominal muscles become weak and weak, and the uterus fails to be very good.Full completely reset, it is easy to cause back pain.

4. Details of life Tibetan hidden dangers: Family work: New mothers should take care of their babies during the confinement, such as bathing, dressing, changing diapers, often holding the baby from the cradle, and so on.Early heavy household chores can easily cause low back pain.

5. Improper breastfeeding posture: often take improper or non -relaxing postures to feed the baby, so that the waist muscles are always in a state of not relaxing, and the waist muscles are damaged.

6. During the confinement period, "depending on the bed" is serious: new mothers have less activity after giving birth, and always lie or sit in bed to recuperate. Such a "bed" behavior can easily cause back pain.

7. Wet and cold invasion: Some mothers usually have poor physical fitness, lack of Qi and blood postpartum, weak constitution, poor physical resistance, accidentally attacked wet and cold, and obstruct the meridians to cause back pain.

8. Qi and blood are not connected: the nerve and vascular dysfunction in the pelvis, or the discharge of the lochia, the uterine recovery is poor, hindering the circulation of qi and blood, the pain in these parts reflected to the waist will cause back pain.

How to relieve back pain in confinement

Prevent low back pain should be early

1. Chinese doctors believe that "postpartum sweating" can not only lead to vibration, move systemic organs, improve mental activity and promote physical strength, but also regulate the function of the plant nerves, so that the internal evil is excreted with evaporation.By taking the sweat soup in the internal and intraday, using medium temperature sweating technology, and cooperating with the foot medicine bath to make the mother’s body easily sweat, to achieve deep detoxification, dehumidifying wind and dehumidification, beauty and beauty, at the same time, it has warm palace and cold, detoxifying the muscles and clearing musclesThe effect can promote postpartum body recovery, improve sub -health, and achieve the purpose of preventing confinement.

2. Improve waist discomfort and need to be combined with labor and rest: Do not bed in the confinement all day, often move the waist to make gymnastics to stretch the waist muscles;You can take a walk or backward. When you are activity, you must pay attention to the combination of work and rest. While resting the bed in bed, it is supplemented with the exercise methods above, promoting blood circulation, and improving waist discomfort.

3. Let the heart of love be temporarily slow: the new mother should not wear high heels prematurely, so as not to increase the spine pressure. It is better to wear flat shoes. The soles should be soft. Pay attention to wrap the heels.Pay attention to the warmth of the waist, and add clothes in time to avoid cold wind blowing onto the waist, because the waist is cold and will add the pain of the mother’s waist.

4. Pay attention to postpartum postpartum: Maintain adequate sleep after childbirth, often change the bedside posture, avoid often bending down and standing for a long time, avoid too much force, do not run prematurely, go far awayBack pain.

5. Proper calcium supplementation during the perinaida: drink more milk such as milk, eat more sesame and other calcium -rich foods, bask in the sun, and promote the absorption of calcium.While preventing low back pain, it also provides sufficient calcium for fetal babies.

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