How to replenish qi and blood during pregnancy?

It is said that the qi and blood are fixed, and the fetus is solid. Pregnant women are high -incidence people with insufficient qi and blood. The main reason is that one person’s nutrition must provide two people.Insufficient qi and blood in pregnant women are related to diet, anemia, irregular work and rest, and weak physical weakness. In daily life, you need to pay attention to some matters in life and effectively perform health care, so as to help physical and mental health, so as not to lead to more more.At the same time, we must also pay attention to some health problems and comprehensively condition.

What is "qi and blood"

The so -called "qi" is the driving force for human organs to exert function, and it has the functions of maintaining vitality, warmth, and defense."Qi" is like the "gasoline" of the human body. It promotes the operation of the five internal organs, keeps the body surface of normal temperature, and defensive various virus invasion.

The "blood" mentioned in Chinese medicine has two layers of meaning. One is the "blood" of the flow of Western medicine in the vibra, which has the physiological function of nutrition and nourishing the whole body;There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine called "Qi is the handsome of blood, and blood is the mother of qi".

If the human body is compared to the growing plant, the gas is the sun, and the blood is the rain dew.This is not only for the whole body, but also for every internal organs.Qi and blood can be found in some details of the human body. As long as these small details are distinguished, you can recognize the operating status of qi and blood in various organs, which will help predict the disease and maintain health.

Qi deficiency: poor internal organs and dysfunction.Qi deficiency is cold, cold limbs, self -sweating, dizziness and tinnitus, mental sluggish, fatigue, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, and slow development.

Blood deficiency: no glamorous complexion, dry skin, withered hair, dry nails, faint vision, numbness of hands and feet, insomnia, dreaming, forgetfulness and palpitations, and mental stuns.Qi and blood sources have two aspects.First, he suffers from the innate essence.That is, parents’ innate essence (essence of reproduction), second, is the essence of the day after tomorrow, only through the essence of the water valley and natural essence of the spleen and stomach.Qi can promote blood operation. Learning can carry gas, qi and blood breed each other.

In the process of pregnancy, the two most basic things that cannot be damaged are father essence and mother blood.Father depends on the quality of his sperm. The mother depends on her blood content. If the blood is insufficient, it will have a great impact on the child’s development.Since qi and blood are so important, how to replenish qi and blood?

The people believe that Ejiao is very bloody.In fact, Ejiao cannot directly replenish blood, but temporarily gather blood through the convergence function of donkey skin, and concentrates in one place to play a role, so that the state of the human body will be temporarily improved.Ejiao is a sticky thing, and it is difficult for the human body to transport it.Eating Ejiao must be steamed in a bowl. After steaming, you have to stir it out to drink.Imagine that even the steaming things can not be steamed, how much vitality does the human body need to mobilize to crack? How much is its convergence power? Therefore, excessive taking Ejiao is also harmful to the body.

Food enters the stomach, and the essence of qi and blood is used for all organs of the human body.If there is no grain support, what does blood gas come? So, eating grain is the best method for qi and blood. It can be said that you do n’t need to eat qi and blood without eating supplements. You can eat qi and blood.In the food, red dates, longan, cherries, black dates, and sugarcane are all good products for nourishing blood and qi. Porta is the best to nourish women’s qi and blood, and you can eat some often.

Everyone needs to pay attention to the method of qi and blood supplement after women’s pregnancy. If the blood is insufficient, it will also affect the nutrition of the fetus. Usually you need to pay attention to reasonable health care, and you should pay attention to some dietary methods in daily life. Usually, everyone needs to pay attention to reasonable reasonableness.Insufficient qi and blood, you should use the method of nourishing qi and blood to regulate, and pay attention to a reasonable diet.

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