How to supplement nutrition during pregnancy?What should I do if I have edema?Director of the obstetrics department of Zhejiang University of Women’s and Academy

Many pregnant mothers are particularly nervous when they are pregnant. This dare not eat that or dare to touch. She is afraid that she accidentally does something wrong, causing the child to have a miscarriage or premature birth.So the whole pregnancy was resting to "keep the fetus", for fear that the children would drop the road.

So, do you keep your fetus = lying down?Which exercises are suitable for pregnant women?How can you eat "meat" to your baby?What should I do?

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Nutrition during pregnancy does not rely on more, emphasizes equilibrium and appropriate amount, and is full of eight or nine points.Take three meals a day for normal meals and add some small snacks in the middle of the two meals.

What foods should I eat during pregnancy and how much is the appropriate amount?The following 5 small suggestions for diet during pregnancy will be given to you:

1. Sugar: To ensure the daily staple food of 450 ~ 500g, you can ensure the intake of sugar.

2. Protein: 60 ~ 100g of protein is required every day.Foods with rich protein include lean meat, chicken, fish, beans, etc.

3. Fat: Add 20 ~ 30g of fat every day. Foods rich in fat include fat, nuts, edible oil, etc.

4. Mineral substance: Three months before pregnancy and early pregnancy, it is recommended to take 0.4 mg folic acid every day.Eat 200 ~ 400g of fruits a day. It is recommended to eat more vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

5. Vitamin: Calcium, iron, iodine, zinc, etc. need to be supplemented in an appropriate amount during pregnancy.For example, calcium intake is at least 1g of not less than 2.5g.You can eat more milk products, fish, walnuts, tofu, etc.

▲ Reference materials Source: China Nutrition Society

The fetal protection refers to the relaxation spirit, and do some exercise or reduced sexual life that reduces too much physical consumption, rather than lying on the bed completely.Only in the case of these situations can we rest in bed:

After the critical moment of the fetal protection passes, you can still do some simple housework or exercise. This is prepared for childbirth.So how should you exercise?

The answer is: according to your own tolerance, do your best.

If it was originally a person with a large amount of exercise for a long time, then it was slightly controlled on the basis of pregnancy after pregnancy, and it was fine to reduce it.If you do n’t exercise too much before pregnancy, you should start exercise step by step after pregnancy, so that it is better every week than last week.

It is also a good exercise to do some simple household chores and normal work. For example, washing things and organizing rooms can help pregnant mothers move their bones and consume some energy.

The increase in estrogen levels in the body, increasing uterine, and increased blood capacity can cause edema.

How to effectively relieve edema during pregnancy:

1. Sit down or lie down as much as possible to raise your feet, which is conducive to blood flow.

2. You can do self -massage before going to bed. It is best to take a side position when you sleep. It is better to use the left side.

3. Eat less foods containing more salt. The total daily intake of salt does not exceed 6 grams.

4. During pregnancy, it should be active during pregnancy, such as gymnastics or walks of mild movements, which is conducive to blood circulation. Be careful not to stand for a long time.

In general, if you have a little edema at the ankle, and the rest of the day after the next day is better, the problem is not big.If the edema has not improved for a day, I feel that my hands are not pinched, or I feel that the abdomen will rise. At this time, be careful, and you need to go to the hospital to deal with it.

Seeing this, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the above -mentioned minor knowledge. Whether you are preparing for pregnancy, or in pregnancy, you can join our pregnant mothers group, exchange pregnancy and pregnancy experience, and learn together ~

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