How to treat calves at low temperature?How is the low temperature caused by calves?These points are very common

The newborn calf body temperature is too low and does not eat. I believe that many of the cattle raised people have encountered problems. There are many reasons for the low temperature of calf body temperature. Many times, the cattle raised people do not know which aspect should be solved.So let’s talk about today, when the calf is low temperature, how should we treat it and which aspects we should prevent us from time to time. Friends who raise cattle must finish watching.

1. Low temperature cause and prevention

1. Faced constitution.The newborn calf has low temperature, and it is likely that the physique is poor and the resistance is weak. In the final analysis, the cow does not replenish nutrition in time during pregnancy, leading to a weak tire. After birth, the calf will accompany a variety of diseases.Therefore, during the pregnancy of cows, we must strengthen the management of cows, and can be used for cows: Mother An Taibao+Multi -Victorians, supplement the cows to supplement nutrition, improve the survival rate of calves and enhance their physique.

2. Not fed colostrum in time.Cow colostrum is very important for new calves. After birth, calves need to get colostrum milk to obtain nutrition and immunity. If cows do not have milk, the calf fails to eat colostrum in time, it will cause triggeringVarious diseases.In this regard, we feed the cows 3 days before the cows give birth: Wang milk is too guaranteed to promote cows to secrete milk, improve the quality of milk, and ensure that the calves can drink colostrum milk in time after birth.

3. Poor environment for the circle.Because farmers are usually busy, they may be neglected to manage the environment of the circle, and they cannot clean up and clean in time. As a result, the environment of the circle is humid and the disinfection is not in place.disease.Therefore, we must do a good job of managing the circle, clean up and disinfected in time, and can be used: smoke too much, and disinfect the circle with smoke in traditional Chinese medicine. Because it is smoked, we can also remove certain moisture and keep it.dry.

4. The amniotic fluid is not dry in time.Newborn calves have low temperature diseases. We also need to consider whether they have not been able to wipe the amniotic fluid on the calf in time, especially in winter, the weather is cold. If the calf fails to dry the amniotic fluid in time, it will cause the calf to suffer from cold temperatures.Essence

2. Treatment method

Step 1: After discovering low temperature symptoms of calves, we must quickly transfer calves to places with higher indoor temperatures and keep the calves for insulation.

Step 2: Inject the camphor or 5-10 ml of Annan coffee to the calf muscle, promote the blood circulation of calfs and increase body temperature.

Step 3: Give the calf vein 200 ml of 5%glucose and 10 ml 10%glucoc atmotate injection. After the two are mixed, it is slowly dripped. If dehydrated symptoms occur, add 500 ml of compound salt water.This way of dripping methods once a day, 2-3 days in a row, can generally cure low temperature disease of calves.

The above is the cause and treatment method of low temperature of calves. In the usual breeding process, we still need to take preventive measures to prevent calves from physical problems.Follow me, and share scientific breeding knowledge every day!

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