Huaicai is like pregnancy?

When I was very young, I heard such a sentence, "Huai is like a pregnancy, and it is slowly seen after a long time." Then this sentence was regarded as a high -end chicken soup by many young people who had frustrated travelers and continuedFalling in a comfortable state of self -appreciation.But is the metaphor of Huai Cai and pregnancy appropriate?I don’t think so.

If a person really has talents, it is easy to be seen by others, unless it is intentionally hidden.But talent is not inherent.After all, "genius" is not naturally talented.Just like Edison said, genius is one percent of his talent, plus 99 % sweat.So in order to make up for the shortcomings, I make up through the following methods.I also hope to bring you usefulness.

01 Stand

We are no stranger to the word "learning".The ancients said that "live to learn to be old", "learn like a boat against the water, and retreat if you do not enter."But for me, after entering the university, I almost insulated with "learning". Finally, I finally found that I had so many study time when I got my graduation certificate, and I was still worried until now.So after entering the society, I wanted to regain "learning", study at work, study in life, and study in sleep. Although it is difficult, it still has a little results.This is why I insist on writing the motivation.

Therefore, only when you have always maintained the habit of learning can your talents slowly accumulate until others can see it.

02 Study with interest

When I was in school before, I was "dead reading", and I didn’t find any way, so at the high school stage, the results continued to decline.Many people should also have a deep understanding.But after work, I found that work is like studying, you need to use a certain method to do more with less.When I work, I know how correct "interest is the best teacher".

Starting from elementary school, my composition has been very bad, so I have been afraid of writing.But to this day, I slowly fall in love with writing. As long as you focus on doing one thing, you will find that it will continue to attract you.It may be slowly interested in it in the process of your focus.So you can complete it, and you can continue to learn from it.

Therefore, when you are learning something, you must cultivate interest first.

03 Learning from external force

Learning requires not only your subjective consciousness and spontaneous behavior

You also need to know how to use external forces

Like company training

Various lectures

All are the external forces that can help learning

Maybe many people think it is idle

But as long as you go to the scene to see the following, you will know

The speaker’s speech and thinking have some references

Be careful not to be brainwashed

About how to learn from external forces

What I am talking about currently may be a bit unparalleled

But I still want to tell everyone that learning is the most unable to let go of a person’s life


Because there is a problem with the computer today

So it is not ideal

I will definitely find a chance to make up for everyone next time

thanks for your support

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