Humor jokes: During the days ago, a girlfriend was pregnant, no money at hand, and borrowed money for me


A woman accidentally lost the pig. Her man scolded: If you do n’t find the pig back today, the labor and capital will kill you tonight!One by one man is critical, he asked the woman: For so long, what day is the happiest thing you make you happier?Women said: On the day of throwing pigs …


During the days ago, a girlfriend was pregnant and had no money at hand. I asked me to borrow money. I told him: I dreamed that a child asked me to save him. I didn’t understand it at the time. Now I understand it.I persuaded him not to hurt the child. No, Fengzi was married. Nine months later, he gave birth to a big fat boy. The family thanked Dade thanked me.EssenceEssenceCan I say that my dream was blindly compiled.EssenceEssence


Recently, I raised a pair of little rabbits. My mother was disliked, so let me put a small cage in the corridor. I am afraid that it will eat things given by others, so I wrote a note "Please do not throw it into the cage.The food "As a result, I found that the rabbit was gone the next day, so there was a note left, which said" Okay. I took it home and fed it "

4. 4..

Today, I teased the cashiers in the supermarket: "Husband, dad, mother, brother, sister, which one has no blood relationship with you?" "Husband" cashiers answered without thinking.I laughed at Mimi: "Hey, good, wife."Then I was spent by my boyfriend’s face.Haha, I lie to you, in fact, the legs have been interrupted


The aunt who cooks at home has something to ask for leave today, and then there are guests at home today. I put on apron in my father and mother’s earnest eyes.After a while, the guests came, and my parents went to say hello to the guests. When I went to the restaurant to go to the restaurant, a guest said, "Well, when to change the aunt at home." Because of this sentence, my dad dare not let me go to the table for dinner.

Then, then


Today, there are no seats on the bus … A goddess stands, and there is a silk behind, all kinds of twisted!Finally, the goddess couldn’t help but get out of the car. After a while, a aunt told the silk, the young man, your wallet was stolen by the girl!Then … there is no more, a car with a laughed!


Today, I was scolded by the manager inexplicably. Because I was really angry, I argued with the manager. I did not expect that it was a big deal. The old Dong knew it, so I was called to talk about the old Dong Dong’s office.Later, the old Dong asked me to come out. When I went out of the office door, I wiped my nose and tears. I threw the paper in front of the office of the old Dong’s office. I happened to see it.Just now, our manager came to apologize to me …

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