Husband and wife have pain in urinary pain after life, but it turned out to be inflammation here

It is said that Xiao Bie is a new wedding, her husband returns to a business trip, and when he sees his wife Xiao Ya for one month, the two are even sweeter than the wedding.So the result was not that Xiao Ya won the bid, but that she had increased urination times and the amount of urine was only a little bit. She also had pain in urination. Xiaoya had to go to the hospital for treatment.

After physical examination and laboratory examination, the doctor told her that she had acute bacterial cystitis and needed oral antibiotics.

"Doctor, my husband and I have a frequent life recently. Why is he sick?" Xiao Ya asked curiously.

Men and women are very different.Because women’s urethra is short and straight, there are often a large amount of bacteria in the perineum. As long as there are infection infection, such as husband and wife life, urine conductivity, personal hygiene, and reduction of bacterial resistance to the individual can cause upward infection.Therefore, women with acute bacterial cystitis are more common, especially women aged 20 to 40.Doctor’s patience answers.

"However, doctors. My uncomfortable performance suddenly appeared, and the symptoms were still heavy. Why didn’t you even have an excessive?" Xiao Ya was really easy to learn.

Just like the disease is like a mountain!The onset of acute bacterial bladitis is relatively sudden. The classic manifestation is urinary pain, frequent urination, and urgency.After emptying, there is still a feeling of urination.Patients often complain about the burning sensation of the urethra during urination, and even dare not urinate.

"Doctor, how do you judge that I have no other inflammation such as vaginitis?" Xiao Ya continued to ask.

Different from acute bacterial cystitis, vaginitis has symptoms of urination stimulation with the symptoms of vaginal stimulation, often with vaginal discharge and stench; and urethritis has frequent urination and urgency, but it is not as obvious as cystitis.Heat, with urethral purulent secretions.

While the doctor instructed Xiaoyuo to drink water, orally orally sodium bicarbonateized urine, reducing the irritation of the urinary tract, and using hot compresses in the bladder area and hot water to relieve the bladder spasm.

The application of antibacterial drugs can be used for compound sulfona metharomodolzol, cephalosporin, and penoloone.For women with non -compliance with simplicity cystitis, sensitive antibacterial drugs can be selected.

How to prevent it?

1. Drink more water

Patients with urinary tract infection should drink water per day to 2000 mL, increasing urine volume, so that urine continues to rinse the urinary tract, discharge bacteria and toxins as soon as possible, and keep the urinary tract clean. Do not reduce drinking water and eating because of fear of urination.

2. Keep the vulva clean

Wash the vulva once a day with water. It is not recommended to use disinfection solution to disable bath and vaginal irrigation. If you sit in the bathtub to take a bath, the sewage is easy to immerse in the urethra, causing infection.Avoid wearing tight pants, changing panties frequently, wipe the anus after the stool, from the front to the back, avoid bringing the anus dirt to the urethral opening.

3. Pay attention to the hygiene of menstruation

Menstrual hygiene, especially menstrual products, cleaning and disinfection, is an important part of reducing bacterial intrusion.Use the sanitary napkin of a qualified manufacturer during menstruation and replace it in time to avoid menstrual popping.

4. Pay attention to the life of husband and wife

Poor sexual hygiene habits are more common causes of urinary infection. The germs of the vulva or genital tract of men and women are very easy to pass to each other, and it is also easy to infection.Therefore, men should clean the external genitals before sex.Before and after, both husband and wife should urinate once.In sexual life, you can adopt a condom, not only contraception, but also to prevent disease;

5. Prevent urination

When there is urination, urinating in time, do not urinate, and empty the bladder before going to bed every night.The elderly must develop the habit of secondary urination, that is, urinating again after urination; and slight abdominal pressure during urination, so as not to "residual urine".

Small masters who are more than 5 months pregnant should be lying on the left and right side when they sleep, so as not to compress the ureter, causing poor urine.

6. Combination of labor and rest

Strengthening physical exercise and enhancing physical fitness is an important aspect of preventing urinary infections.Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and choose a sports activity that suits you after work to enhance physical fitness.

7. Stay away from spicy food

The patient’s diet should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less greasy and irritating foods, such as pepper, ginger, green onion, garlic and coffee.

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