Husband’s naked disgusting makes his wife collapse!The alarm was unsuccessful 8 times, and finally killed his wife for 6 years

In 2009, she died of violence by her husband, and she was poor Dong Shanshan.What is even more angry is that the violent husband’s death of his wife was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months.Is a life worth 6 years and 6 months for the murderer?The most unacceptable thing was that the man was released from prison in advance.Less than a year after marrying her husband, he was treated like this.What did Dong Shanshan go through?And why is the police no?

In 2008, Dong Shanshan was still a naive little girl. She was very longing for love. That year she met Wang Guangyu.The man satisfied all her fantasies about love. He was considerate and cared for Dong Shanshan.It made Dong Shanshan unable to extricate himself in the vortex of love, and wanted to marry this man.The two did not get along with each other. Dong Shanshan didn’t know much about Wang Guangyu’s heart. She was confused by the atmosphere of love created by Wang Guangyu.

The two people entered the palace of marriage only for a few months, and after getting married, Wang Guangyu’s attitude was normal.Dong Shanshan did not expect that this kind of honest husband was so vicious.

Once a person gets something, he forgets his eyes in the window.Wang Guangyu’s first violence against Dong Shanshan was after drinking, and Wang Guangyu drank with his colleagues until he returned very late. Because he was in a bad mood, when he saw that his sleeping wife went forward to fight a poison.

Dong Shanshan hasn’t seen Wang Guangyu like this. She is very shocked and scared, and dare not return.After the fight, Wang Guangyu recovered his mind. He saw his shaking wife on the bed, and his eyes were full of distress.

He quickly apologized to his wife, saying that he was not intentional.It is said that there is absolutely no next time. This time, I just did not control my temper, because the pressure at work is too great, and he promises that he will never make such a mistake in the future.

After listening to Wang Guangyu’s swearing, Dong Shanshan’s heart was soft.She decided to give her husband a chance. After all, the love of her once appeared in her eyes. She believed that her husband was definitely not a violent person.

However, this time the softness encouraged Wang Guangyu’s violence.Dong Shanshan did not expect her husband to extend the magic claw again to herself.

The heart softness is sick, and the soft heart to others is the injustice to yourself.Dong Shanshan thought that her kindness would make Wang Guangyu feel heartbroken and let him regret all this he did, but she was wrong.After the crazy man experienced the first family violence, Wang Guangyu’s approach became more and more presumptuous.Every time he was in a bad mood, he beaten Dong Shanshan. Afterwards, he begged his wife to forgive himself, and sold a miserable saying how the pressure was.

Over time, Dong Shanshan was also brainwashed.Dong Shanshan is nominally Wang Guangyu’s wife. In fact, Wang Guangyu is just a tool for venting his emotions.Dong Shanshan was beaten by her husband more and more times, and she had many problems with her body, and her legs were bruised.Later, Dong Shanshan slowly woke up. She was going to fight back. She couldn’t stand the domestic violence and couldn’t stand this crazy husband.

Wang Guangyu’s behavior is getting more and more qualified, not only torture Dong Shanshan in his body, but not even let her go in spirit. He let Dong Shanshan lie nakedly on the window.If you do n’t listen, he will beat her, and things do n’t be controlled in the direction of control. Wang Guangyu often has a half -bed.

After the beating, I fell asleep when I found it, and Dong Shanshan, who was weak and helpless, lay in the corner and cried.Wang Guangyu enjoys the process of beating his wife. He regards his wife as a plaything and is a toy in his palm. He does not allow his wife to resist. Once he still usher in his hand, he is more violently beaten.

Dong Shanshan couldn’t stand such a husband and wanted to escape all of this, so she ran back to her mother’s house while her husband didn’t pay attention.Her parents saw that her daughter was tortured, and her heart was full of distress.So he reported the police and wanted the police to preside over justice and save his daughter.But the result of the alarm was not satisfactory.

Dong Shanshan wanted to seize the life -saving straw but failed. After listening to Dong Shanshan’s story, the police said that this was a matter of the family.Dong Shanshan needs to discuss and negotiate with her husband.Seeing that the police station could not help herself, Dong Shanshan didn’t know what was good. She could no longer live in the same room with her husband.If you go into that hell again, then you will not have a back.

Wang Guangyu directly found his mother -in -law’s house and threatened to take Dong Shanshan away, saying that this was his wife who had to take his wife home.

So he violently pulled Dong Shanshan into the car. The police faced the violence and was indifferent. Dong Shanshan once again entered the marriage that made her horrible.Dong Shanshan filed a divorce lawsuit to the court and wanted to help herself through the law.

When Wang Guangyu knew his wife’s lawsuit against the court, he suddenly fainted and fainted, and he beat Dong Shanshan.He strictly banned Dong Shanshan from contacting her parents and forced her to revoke her divorce lawsuit with violence.

Dong Shanshan was caught in endless despair. She was very urgent to contact her parents. She hoped that her parents could save him. One day in May 2009, Dong Shanshan used all methods to contact her parents.When their parents arrived here, they saw that the daughter who was paralyzed on the ground was even more distressed.

However, Wang Guangyu banned Dong Shanshan’s parents from taking Dong Shanshan. The unbearable father Dong picked up the fruit knife directly and pierced Wang Guangyu.Wang Guangyu could only block his hands, and immediately Wang Guangyu’s blood flowed in his hands.

In the face of this chaos, Dong’s father and Dong took his daughter away and returned to the house.At this time, Dong Shanshan had completely changed like a person, could not talk to outsiders at all, and did not dare to contact outsiders. He was dazed at home all day, and he was all wounds.At this time, Dong Shanshan’s mental state has reached a completely uncontrollable level and suffered from severe depression.

But three months later, Dong Shanshan did something surprising.In August 2009, Dong Shanshan left a letter to the parents in the family. She said that she wanted to rent a house outside and live.

From the letter to Wang Guangyu, he has threatened him many times. If she does not go home, she will find her mother’s house. If he is caught by him, she will never be able to spare her parents.The elderly father and mother want to take on all this alone.

Her last way is to escape, leave her husband, leave her parents.Dong Shanshan has no hope of hoping at the police station and the law. She knows that all this is futile.During Dong Shanshan’s domestic violence, he had repeatedly sought help from the police but did not get a response, but was confused to adjust himself.Dong Shanshan was completely desperate. She did not have any hope for the world, and even the police station she most recognized failed to help her rescue from the abyss.

A few days after she escaped, Wang Guangyu was caught again.Facing his wife’s absence, Wang Guangyu became crazy. He couldn’t control his temper, beat his wife, tried to kill her.He imprisoned Dong Shanshan into a small mountain village in Hebei, and beat her day and night without leaving.

At this time, Dong Shanshan couldn’t bear such a beating. She had no strength to shout for life and could only withstand it.However, Wang Guangyu’s beatings have not stopped, and he shifted Dong Shanshan to a residence in Beijing and began to beat her again.

Wang Guangyu stopped until Dong Shanshan couldn’t move at all.In the face of Dong Shanshan, he did not have any compassion and did not send her to the hospital. Instead, he turned his head and left. After waking up, Dong Shanshan returned to the house with his last strength.

At this time, the parents in the family kept crying silently in the face of this miserable image. Seeing that her daughter’s belly was swollen, she thought that her daughter was pregnant again, but she saw that the expression on her daughter’s face was painful.I only heard Dong Shanshan shouting with a weak voice: "It hurts."Dong Shanshan’s parents felt that the matter was inappropriate, and it was likely that it was caused by beating, and her stomach was enlarged, so she quickly brought her into the hospital.

After the doctor’s diagnosis, the doctor said that Dong Shanshan could not be saved.Because of being beaten, the liver explosion, blood flowed into the whole body, and multiple organs of the whole body were infected.On October 19, 2009, Dong Shanshan died of liver failure due to a variety of complications.

Dong Shanshan’s death made her away from the torture of domestic violence, which may be her liberation.Wang Guangyu was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months in prison for domestic violence.The court’s verdict was surprising. This was obviously intentional injury to cause the victim to die. How could it only be worth more than 6 years?

The court’s judgment was really angry, and the local procuratorate just felt that this was a family dispute, and it did not constitute intentional harm.In the end, Wang Guangyu was sentenced to abuse. The most irritating thing was that Wang Guangyu was released from prison in advance because he performed well in prison. He only served three and a half years.

Three and a half years later, he has not changed the habit of domestic violence, and was sued again after getting married.A man with a family of domestic violence actually married him?The most ridiculous is that she killed her ex -wife, but did not repent at all. After getting married again, she actually beat her current with the same means.

How terrible this man’s heart is, his violent genes have been engraved in his bones deeply, no matter who you marry.Such human reason should be severely punished by law, so that he understands the consequences of domestic violence.

Dong Shanshan entered the marriage at the time of his youth, but experienced such a tragic family violence.What a sad story like a flower season at the age of 27, but it is always sleeping.If Dong Shanshan can polish her eyes before marriage and see Wang Guangyu’s inferiority, then she will not step into such a failed marriage at all, and she will shine alone in her world.

Wang Guangyu pretended to be a good man before marriage, and he did not cover his true face after marriage.Such people have no heart, only himself in his eyes.Has he forgot his sweetness when he beat his wife?Can his wife only be his accessories?

Women must observe each other’s character more when they are in love. The most important thing in love is nature.If this man has a tendency to violence, he must stay away as soon as possible, otherwise it will be endless sorrow and pain after marriage.Plastering your eyes to find a husband, pick up legal weapons when necessary to protect yourself.Don’t just tolerate in marriage, tolerance will bring the impulse to the other party.Women must be independent, not to be men’s accessories.

And in daily life, women need to work more and learn more skills to protect themselves.Although the power of women is too small in the face of absolute male power, some protective tricks must be learned, and when necessary, they can save themselves.

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