I accidentally conceived the second child, and the boss actually asked me to kill it?

Since the liberalization of the second child policy last year, various qualified families have eager to try their fists, and to this day, after repeated hesitation and careful consideration, many families with careful pregnancy are about to begin to usher in the second child. For men, the second child is for men.Just work hard to make more money, and for women, it is more serious "workplace invisible gender discrimination" …

Invisible gender discrimination in the workplace refers to employment discrimination encountered during the job search due to physiological characteristics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or family role.In China, the "invisible gender discrimination in the workplace" has always existed, and this phenomenon has intensified.

Yesterday, Pharaoh received a friend crying and asked Pharaoh to help him withdraw. This lady was nearly 30 this year. The eldest son was already in kindergarten. The career was in a period of steady rising.Born, but he was very guilty. The company’s business was busy and said to the boss that he had been tangled for a long time.The boss is a middle -aged woman who finally has the courage to tell her about her pregnancy, but her boss even suggested that she go for surgery, and said that you will not really give birth.At the age of ten, he said a lot …

Some time ago, I talked with the boss of a startup company about this topic, and the boss bluntly said: I will not tend to recruit female employees of childbearing age.Now they enjoy two maternity leave, and during pregnancy, after childbirth, their working status will definitely be affected, and they may leave more time and energy to the family, not work.

Well, although Pharaoh wanted to say something about his remarks, he could not refute a while.His idea is actually the idea of many business owners.

Last year, everyone was preparing for the second child for this new policy. In the workplace this year, various issues came, and even a lot of remarks to be "promoted" or "born", to work, or a second child.

Some surveys have shown that in the current workplace of China, women’s employment rates are as high as 80%.Essence

In the advent of the second child, the biggest impact of Pharaoh discovered that the road to job hunting for women would be even more severe, and the "invisible gender discrimination" in the workplace will also be even more obvious.

Thinking for Chinese companies, if the economy is so sluggish, if a employee is pregnant, it means that she is no longer suitable for overtime, business trips, carrying performance, and bringing teams.For a woman who is in a rising period, it is likely to mean the end of career.

So as a highly educated, for women who have climbed their own set of themselves in the workplace, what kind of mentality to face the second child, what should I do if I encounter the second child workplace discrimination?

First of all, the Pharaoh feels that although raising children is very difficult and difficult, not only must you pay huge time, energy and money, but also continue to work hard to improve.A great test of life.But the blessing and happiness of children and daughter will still come completely and very violently, in short, you deserve it.

Secondly, do not want children or only one child to enjoy while being young, this is understandable, but Pharaoh once went to some high -end nursing homes as volunteers. Many elderly people have high pensions and live a very high quality of life, but every timeWhen I saw other children and children came to see, everyone else was looking at …

The most important thing is that you ever thought that if there is only one child, after your death, the child will stand in this world and do it alone.Go to share and share.

So what should women who give birth to the second child be handled after encountering workplace discrimination:

Pharaoh saw many cases of unemployment of children in their lives. In fact, in addition to the overall atmosphere of the enterprise and the national level, the most important thing is the degree of effort of women itself.Being able to actively participate in work, then even if the long -term maternity leave is more than a long time, the company can find ways to overcome it in the long run.

For some companies with poor moral standards, we must know how to use the law to protect themselves. Pharaoh consulted the relevant laws and summarized as follows: If the person in charge of the personnel department of the unit notified you verbally, you do n’t need to go to work at the end of the month or at the end of the month. Then, you do n’t have to panic.You can make the following considerations according to your own situation:

(1) If you don’t want to continue your work anymore, then you can reply to the person in charge: I can dismiss me, please give me economic compensation in accordance with the provisions of the labor contract law.If the unit does not agree to pay compensation, then you do not agree with the termination of the contract, go to work as usual, receive salary as usual, continue to compete with the company, and keep it. The unit cannot dismiss you casually.

(2) If you do not agree to dismiss or leave, you can reply to the person in charge: Please give me a written firing notice. If the unit is issued, you can hold the dismissal notice to hire a lawyer to apply for arbitration and ask the companyDouble compensation and wages caused by illegal lifting; if the unit does not issue a written firing notice, you do not agree with the dismissal.

(3) If the unit directly issues the <Notice of Following the Following Employment>, you must preserve the evidence. You can consider hiring the lawyer to go directly to the Arbitration Commission to raise arbitration and ask for compensation.

In the end, what Pharaoh wants to say is that what women need to recognize more than these legal means are: the awakening of professional women’s self -awareness, and needs to find a balance point in work and living.In the eyes of Pharaoh, what is more troublesome than external discrimination is that at the beginning, women naturally believed that they needed to compromise and sacrifice their careers.

In the headhunter circle with a very high work intensity, many excellent female headhunters are the mothers of two children, and Jiang Shujie, who also has a mother -in -law in the entrepreneurial circle, Zeng Wanqing, who is at home, Liu Nan of the Honey Baby Baby, and these lives., Case of creating value in career.

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