I always feel weak during pregnancy and want to make myself feel good. These relief measures should be learned

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Pregnancy is a happy event, but there are many challenges.

The various discomforts and risks of the body are not mentioned. The lack of trapped problems in the early and third trimester of pregnancy is very big.

After pregnancy, the mother always feels weak and sleepy, has no strength, poor energy, and the quality of sleep has also decreased.These are caused by the change of the body for a while, which causes the energy level to decrease, which is normal.

Most pregnant mothers will be better in the early stages of pregnancy, but they will feel tired in the third trimester.

If you want to recover your body, in addition to resting, you must also achieve scientific prenatal care and healthy diet, and learn some scientific and effective relief measures to make you more comfortable during pregnancy ~

Failure to sleep is likely to be the first sign of pregnancy. Even if daily life has not changed much, work is not busy, and there are not many trivial matters, but they are still tired. I always feel that I do n’t sleep enough and inexplicably fatigue.

This is actually a baby who just arirty is sending a warning signal to his mother, and he wants to rest.At this moment, the most thing to do is to relax yourself and keep fatigue away.

The specific manifestations of early pregnancy are not spiritual, always feel tired. I always want to sleep or lean on the sofa. I will be dizzy for a while, and I will be helpless.

Once the night owl, I wanted to sleep without even eight o’clock.

The choricular gonad hormone increases, making the body tired and difficult.

At the same time, the luteal hormones secreted by the body after pregnancy will not only make the uterine muscles softer and make the fetus more comfortable, but also increase the burden of basic metabolism, resulting in rapid calorie consumption.It becomes slow.

Although sleepy in the third trimester, although it is less than that in the early pregnancy, it is also quite popular.

In addition, because of nausea, uncomfortable vomiting, or compressing the bladder in the uterus, frequent goes to the toilet at night will affect the quality of sleep.

If you can’t sleep well at night, you will be trapped during the day, and the result will become a vicious circle.

There are also psychological factors, anxiety, nervousness and other factors, which will make each day as tired as just running the marathon game.

I want to fall asleep most of my time every day, which will affect the daily life of pregnant women. If you feel a little bit better, the following relief measures should be learned.

1. Follow the needs more rest

You can go to bed early every night, and develop the habit of taking a nap at noon.

High -quality sleep at least eight hours a day can relieve the problem of trapped trapped to a certain extent.Many young people have the habit of staying up late. They do n’t like to sleep in the morning at night, and they are particularly easy to sleep in the early pregnancy.

This kind of work and rest habits must be changed, not only hurting the body, but not good for the baby’s development.

2. Adjust the schedule less and tired

Re -adjust the schedule, unnecessary social activities are canceled, and the housework will let her husband take a drimation. Try not to fight too much at work. If you work less, go home early and go home early.

3. Healthy diet and balanced nutrition

A large amount of nutrients need to be consumed during pregnancy, and at least the calories in 300 calories are guaranteed per day.

Unhealthy snack candy quit, eat more fruits, vegetables, eat more meat, as well as eggs, milk, fish, shrimp, etc., drink less coffee and strong tea, and drink plenty of boiling water to supplement the water in the body.

Hypoglycemia during pregnancy is very common, which can make people sleepy and sleepy.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat less meals, and prepare some healthy snacks for themselves every day, fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. to supplement blood sugar in the body in time.

4. Persist in exercise

Don’t exercise because your body is tired. It is easy to sleep in the room for a long time.

For example, a short distance walk, breathing fresh air, and rest when you are tired, which will make you more easily spend your pregnancy.

5. Keep a happy mood

The fatigue of the body is temporary, and the energy will be restored in the second trimester. At that time, you can continue to be happy in the past. Just pay attention to do not do too much.

Mainly don’t stay up late, don’t be too tired, relax, and wait for the baby to be so casual when you give birth.

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