I always like to drink water after pregnancy. What causes this?Take you to understand

Many pregnant mothers like to eat a lot before pregnancy, such as hot pot, barbecue, chocolate, etc. The sweetness is also necessary to eat every day, but since the pregnancy, it seems that the taste will gradually change. Maybe I love spicy food before. After pregnancyI do n’t like it. Instead, I eat sour. This is the old -fashioned sour man.Some pregnant moms like to drink water after pregnancy. Do you know what is the reason?

After Xiao Liu was pregnant, the symptoms of pregnancy were not obvious. Everyone was very envious of her and did not have to bear the pain of pregnancy.Xiao Liu also thought that he could always be so stable that the day of production, but after Xiao Liu entered 5 months of pregnancy, Xiao Liu would not know how to get thirst, even if it was cold on the rainy day, she would feel very very very very very feeld.Thirsty.I take a heat insulation cup to drink water every day. This makes Xiao Liu very worried. Is there any problem with the baby?Xiao Liu hurried to the hospital for examination. After the examination, the doctor told her that the baby was healthy, and it was normal to drink more water. This is because the baby is getting bigger and bigger, and swallowing amniotic fluid will frequently cause her to slowly lead her to her.I prefer to drink water.

After pregnancy, amniotic fluid is the main growth environment of the baby. Babies need to absorb oxygen through amniotic fluid. If the lack of amniotic fluid will cause the baby to be hypoxic. This is why the amniotic fluid will be viewed after the birth check in the third trimester.It can help the fetus passing smoothly from the birth canal.In addition, pregnant moms like to drink water or because of fast metabolism. After pregnancy, the pregnant mummy’s progesterone is secreted too much, so it is necessary to accelerate the body’s metabolism by drinking water.

After pregnancy, women’s temperature is higher than normal people, so pregnant mommy is prone to fire, so when pregnant moms find that they suddenly love to drink water, you can see if it is caused by the fire.for treatment.These reasons can be natural, and there is another reason, but what needs to be noticed by pregnant moms is the hypertension of pregnancy.The manifestation of pregnant mummy with pregnancy hypertension is that it suddenly drinks more water and accompanies the problem of frequent urination.Therefore, if pregnant moms find this symptom, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to check the blood sugar is more secure.

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother drinks water as much as possible to quantity as much as possible. Drinking water should not drink too much. Drinking too much water will cause too much amniotic fluid, and the increase in amniotic fluid will cause fetal malformation. ThereforeMost of them are good things.

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