I am 3 months pregnant in my sophomore year, my boyfriend asked, my parents don’t let it, what should I do?

A few days ago, I saw a help post on the Internet. The girl said that she was in my sophomore this year and was pregnant for 3 months.At the beginning, when I knew that I was pregnant, I was going to be killed, and the inspection was done.

But because I was afraid, I was reluctant to wait.And after her boyfriend knows, she has always advised her to leave the child and promise that she will be responsible and will definitely take care of her and her children.She also said that as long as she is willing, she can get a certificate of marriage now.

After the girl’s parents knew, she persuaded her to kill it.

On the one hand, it is her life and the advice of her parents.

In fact, there are many girls with such problems.According to data, in 2018, there are 9.74 million people in my country, excluding some small workshops.Among them, the proportion of unmarried and low age is higher, and the number of repetitions is large.

Therefore, this is not a small problem, but there are only two ways to go in front of these girls.

Choose to be born

Choosing to be born is obviously a way to be responsible for life.But I also hope that girls can understand that "giving birth" is never the three words of light fluttering.

First, if you are still in college, then you have to face three aspects of pressure.One is the colored glasses between classmates. The second neighbors, relatives and friends, and even the parents’ pointers.Third, how should I continue my studies?After giving birth, do you have the courage to return to the campus?

Second, body deformation and economic pressure.During pregnancy, in order to supplement the fetal nutrition, pregnant mothers will eat a lot, and the body changes, which may change from the previous willow’s waist to a bucket waist.

More realistic is economic pressure. If breast milk, you cannot go to school.If you eat milk powder, a can of milk powder is 300, it takes 4 cans a month, 1200 yuan.If the urine is not wet, even 500.

There are some other miscellaneous things, which are quite expensive.At this time, how do you and your boyfriend solve economic pressure?

Third, is the boyfriend and boyfriend’s family reliable.If they have eaten you after the child is born, what should you do to you regard you regardless of asking or cold violence at this time?

Choose not to give birth

Choosing not to give birth is a responsible approach to yourself.And this approach is not without disadvantages.

First, mood lost.Even if he did not choose to be born, he had real existence, so the mood loss and regret would inevitably exist.

Second, physical damage.The flow of people’s physical damage to women is still quite great, just like some girls often have backache and back pain and menstrual disorders after abortion, and it is even more difficult to get pregnant or infertile in the future.

Third, the academic continues, the life continues, or the boyfriend or the peace.It will not affect the general direction of life, but some things cannot be made up.

Born and not born, choose cautiously

The above two cases are the two options that girls are facing after pregnancy.Of course, this is only a small part of them. It is really more complicated to personal, and it will be more difficult.

In this case, no matter whether it is born or not, it will cause harm.The focus of girls is that how to minimize the harm to do?How to do the smallest impact on yourself?

There is no right or wrong.Everyone is an adult, and the corresponding consequences for their choices.Which consequence is that you can bear it, you choose which one.

Finally, I would like to tell you that the choice afterwards is always the backdoor gun.You can understand the restlessness of youth, but you must take good protection measures.

Rather than regret it afterwards, it is better to think about how to prevent this accident.

Netizens, how do you think of this situation?Do girls give birth to a child?

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