I am 40 years old. My husband is out of the little girl furnace of the 20 -year -old …

I am a 40 -year -old husband who is 20 -year -old this year.

There is someone outside my husband, and there is a home outside the family. This object is 20 years younger than me. Why do I not divorce? This must be for a reason.I just have 40 years old this year as a traditional housewife. My husband has a real estate business in Guangdong. He is a relatively large local developer here.I was his wife, and he suffered suffering with him at the age of 18. When he first married him, his family was four walls.

At that time, we did the most basic business at the construction site, that is, to collect rotten, what scrap and scrap iron.Because of my son’s son, my cousin is the technical director of the construction site and has greatly promoted my husband.I watched my husband from scratch, and I didn’t know how much he was in today’s value.After he entered the real estate career so far, I was very different from his life.He is in the company every day and go home at two or three o’clock every morning. Every day he sees that he is drunk, and I am quite worried about his body.

I bring three children at home, two daughters and one son. I have not worked for more than ten years. The expenses are provided by my husband.Recently, I found that my husband has a problem. As long as I see me, he has a tense expression, his mobile phone will unconsciously deduct, and his mobile phone password has changed.Notice.

After three months, I knew that he was derailed. A 20 -year -old girl who was younger also arranged for him outside. The living expenses for him every month exceeded the sum of our family.Just a few days ago, the girl came to find me. I obviously could see that she was pregnant. She held a big belly to ask me to let me give her a way.She is only 20 years old. At such a good age, why did he destroy other people’s families?

This incident made our whole family. The whole company knew all the company. My husband was going to divorce me and went to raise their children with this woman.

I thought at the time that my husband and my husband started in scratch, and the man supported by my mother’s family, thinking about whether he was too stupid.He came back every night and I was distressed by his body and gave him his feet with his feet. I also waited for him day and night.I do an old ox at home.

Unexpectedly, after I entered the group, I knew that there were too many idiots like me. I have learned that I have learned now that I understand that the world is cruel, fair, and weak.I can’t complain about anyone and see the rules of survival clearly. Everything is transparent. The nest people have more resources.

I can only drink the northwest wind like me. The teacher said that there is nothing wrong with it. At the age of 40 or fifty years old, I take a baby and baby at home every day.A woman like me is a burden.

After three months of studying in the group, I was awake. I also know what I should do next. Now I won’t fight for more property, because I have no wisdom and chips, and I can’t fight. The only way outIt just looks like you can stay.My husband wants to do whatever he wants, dragging me until he died.I want to raise my child, and the dragon and phoenixes are in the people. At least I can also get my mother.At the same time, I want to give me two daughters in the way the woman I learned in the group, how to protect the property in the wedding, so that they do not want to take my old way.

I want the strong culture I learned in the group. I want to give it to my son and let him manage his company well.As for my husband and that woman, it is not something I want to worry about. I am studying desperately now. I want to let me stand up. I will be defeated by him without standing.For my mother, I have to stand up from this moment.

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