I am pregnant, and the increase in secretions is really troublesome.

When I am pregnant, all kinds of secretions are really annoying.I remember that when the second child was in the second child, the pants were wet every day.There are many friends who complain about the secretions during pregnancy.

"Every day in the third trimester of pregnancy, the bottom pants are yellow and yellow, but the body is not uncomfortable."

"There are too many pregnancy secretions.

"Me too, now five months, panties are yellow every day, but there is nothing uncomfortable."

"Yellow, the underwear is not cleaned. There is also a particularly pungent odor"

"There are yellow secretions and taste. I take a shower every other day, but I don’t feel it. Washing every day is too tired. I have no discomfort in my body."

Have you encountered these situations?Complaining to complain, you still have to face it correctly!

After pregnancy, estrogen increases, progesterone increases, blood supply in the uterus and pelvis increases, tissue in cervix and vagina also changes, the cervical tubular glandular body increases, vaginal vein expansion is expanded. The series of factors of this series are all factors.Causes the increase in secretions, so it is a normal physiological phenomenon.

But not everyone is like this, one child is the same.There are not many secretions when I have the first child, and there are many second -child.It is normal for pregnancy to discharge secretions. Observe the state. As long as it is transparent, sticky, and without odor, there is no problem.If yellow, brown, red, and odor, you should consult a doctor in time.

Generally speaking, normal secretions are sticky, transparent, thin, like egg white, without odor.Some will be orange, pale yellow or light brown.

The effects of rising levels of progesterics and estrogen levels are possible.If it is only changing color, no odor, no itching, and no symptoms such as dysuria, urinary pain, and hotness. These are normal and do not worry about it.

1. If the color is deepened, and it is accompanied by symptoms such as unpleasant smell, redness, swelling, itching and unbearable, you must go to the doctor. At this time, there may be inflammation.Generally, doctors will make a urine routine and conduct gynecological examinations. The examination is relatively simple. As long as the doctor needs to take medicine, it is common clinically.

2. Increased secretions will bring a lot of discomfort to pregnant women.These secretions are rich in nutrition and are hotbeds for bacteria. Therefore, they need to take a bath once a day and change their underwear to keep them clean and dry to prevent breeding bacteria and infections.Replace clean panties every day and wash the vulva with warm water to prevent bacteria from breeding.If you feel a little itchy or painful, you can put a little salt water to kill sterilization.Usually prepare a special small pot and towel. Dry it in time after the towels are used. It is the best to put it under the sun.The material of the underwear should be chosen, the underwear should be loose, and the underwear is also placed under the sun, which is good for sterilization.

3. Pay attention to drink plenty of water to prevent urinary tract infections, which can also avoid the occurrence of inflammation.

The above is my experience, I hope to help friends.If you have any questions, please leave a message for discussion.

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