I am pregnant by accident?Do you know these precautions about people?

The abortion is generally divided into drug abortion and abortion of artificial surgery.

If the pregnancy time does not exceed 7 weeks, everything is good, suitable for drug abortion.

If the pregnancy time is more than 7 weeks, then the abortion of manual operation is needed. Generally, the secretional blood test is checked before surgery. The B -ultrasound confirms whether it is intrauterine pregnancy.treat.

Note: Drugs may have incomplete abortion and more bleeding after abortion.If the drug flow is incomplete, it needs to be cleared, which is equivalent to the second damage to the body.

Therefore, after discovering accidental pregnancy, do not try the drug abortion by yourself. Be sure to go to the hospital for examination first. According to the situation of pregnancy time, the size of the gestational sac, etc., choose the appropriate way of abortion according to the doctor’s advice.Essence

1. Pay attention to the appropriate rest after surgery. It is best to stay in bed for the first three days. Generally, you should avoid participating in heavy physical labor and physical exercise within half a month.

2. Don’t be greedy, try to avoid using air conditioners for a long time, and avoid the intake of cold irritating foods in your diet. You can open the window and ventilate properly. Do not take a cold bath. Even in summer, you should avoid cold.

3. After the placenta is stripped during the placenta during pregnancy surgery, there may be a small amount of bleeding left on the wall of the uterine wall. With the contraction of the uterus and wound repair, the vaginal bleeding gradually stops at 3-5 days.10-15 days.If the vaginal bleeding exceeds the amount of menstrual blood, the duration is too long, and it is even accompanied by abnormal manifestations such as lower abdominal pain, fever, leucorrhea and odor, and other abnormal manifestations, you should consider infection or residues in the uterus.

4. Persist in contraception.Most of the ovarian ovulation will be resumed after an accidental pregnancy surgery, and then menstruation will be tide.Therefore, if there is no fertility plan, contraceptive measures need to be strengthened when restoring sex. Under the guidance of a doctor, the appropriate contraceptive method is used to prevent re -pregnancy.

5. After accidental pregnancy, the body’s resistance decreases, and personal hygiene should be paid more.Due to the remaining wound of the uterine wall, the vaginal secretion increases, making it a hotbed for bacterial infections and breeding.Therefore, pay special attention to the cleanliness of the vulva, shower the vulva in a timely manner, and choose a sanitary napkin or sanitary pad produced by regular manufacturers and replace it in time; avoid pots in half a month, and change the underwear. These are important measures to prevent gynecological diseases.

5. A absolute prohibition of sexual life within one month after unexpected pregnancy surgery to prevent bacterial infections brought into the penis.

The diet should be light after surgery: Do not blindly supplement, diet is light and easy to digest as the main principle, and the nutritional is appropriate. Do not consume too much high -fat, high sugar, and high salt foods, which can help the body to speed up recovery.

After artificial abortion, most women will have negative emotions to alleviate and restore self -confidence.Vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin C, potassium, iron, and calcium in diet, while chocolate, cheese, apple, banana, golden needle, hard fruit (peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, etc.), milk products, etc.food.

The flow of people is the most commonly used solution for accidental pregnancy. Although the flow of people can quickly solve the problem of accidental pregnancy, it brings a lot of harm to women’s body.

From pregnancy to birth, various systems in women are undergoing subtle changes. October will be pregnant, and the body has long been prepared for this.The suspension of pregnancy will lead to a sharp decline in endocrine levels in the body. There is no slow adaptation process. This is a potential impact against the human body.If you repeatedly fight repeatedly, the double blows suffered by the body will gradually slow down the functions of all aspects, premature aging, endocrine disorders and other symptoms!

Girls, don’t think that the disease is far away from yourself. The flow of people can solve the problem of the moment, but it causes permanent damage to the body. The best way to protect it is to take contraception measures to avoid accidental pregnancy.Knowing that protecting yourself, knowing how to refuse hurt, remember that men who really love you are unwilling to hurt you.

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