I am pregnant, don’t do these 9 stupid things!

We know that the first three months of pregnancy are the high incidence of miscarriage, because the baby’s foundation is not very strong, and many factors may cause TA to die.Some careless mothers may not know that they have lost a baby, and they think that the menstruation has been postponed for a few days.

So in order to take root in the mother’s belly smoothly, don’t do some confused things in the early pregnancy.

More than half of abortion is a problem with embryo chromosome

We know that there are many uncontrollable factors that cause pregnant mothers to abortion naturally, including: embryo chromosome abnormalities, endocrine disorders of pregnant mothers, abnormal genital tract or infection, maternal and child blood types to produce antibodies.More than half of the natural abortion is caused by abnormal embryo chromosomes, which is a process of survival of the fittest.

Why are healthy couples who have abnormal embryo chromosomes?Do you have done the following stupid things in your life?

Have you done these stupid things?

I only want the baby after 135 years old, the eggs are old

Women in the workplace are generally late. If you wait until the age of 35, you will be prepared for your baby. At this time, your eggs have begun to aging, and chromosomal is prone to separation of chromosomes, causing embryo chromosomal abnormalities.

2 You don’t care if you do n’t care about your husband’s habit, sperm is deforms

smokes!drink wine!Hot head!Stay up late to play games!If your husband is a bad habit, then be careful that his semen may be abnormal, and many strange sperm grows. If these sperm successfully "win the championship", the chance of miscarriage is very high.(For more content, please see "7 things that sperm are most afraid of"))

3 Pregnant mothers are infected with viruses, and they are sick and take medicine

Early pregnancy is an important period for the development of the baby’s central nervous system. Virus infections and medication may affect the TA.Therefore, pregnant mothers should maintain healthy living habits, uniform nutrition, take a walk every day, do yoga to enhance their physique, go to places where the crowd is dense and not ventilated, wash their hands frequently, and reduce the possibility of virus infection.

If you are still sick, it is best to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor to see if there is a word for pregnant women to take/ban on the instructions.(For more content, please see "I found pregnancy after taking the medicine, can children still ask?")

4 Stinking during pregnancy, dyeing hair, applying nails

For the health of the baby, the mother has to sacrifice a lot of things, including beauty.What such things such as dyeing heads, hot heads, and nail polish will be used in chemicals, which may contain heavy metal substances such as: mercury, lead, etc. These may become a ring that causes embryo chromosomal abnormalities.

5 The new house is just installed, and I can’t wait to live

For newly decorated houses, the concentration of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc., will naturally not like the baby.It is recommended to keep the interior ventilation after renovation, and stay in for at least 3 months. If possible, please ask professionals to measure the formaldehyde content in the home.

6 Bring your baby steamed sauna and soak hot spring

Steaming sauna and soaking in hot springs are very enjoyable, but it is not for pregnant mothers.Pregnancy has reduced the immunity of pregnant mothers. In addition, hot springs may cause vaginal bacteria or microbacteria infections, which may be unfavorable to the baby.

The high temperature of sauna and sweat steaming the heart rate of pregnant mothers has accelerated, and her blood pressure rises. The baby in the belly is more sensitive to thermal radiation, which will increase the risk of teratings.So this kind of enjoyment of pregnant mothers will give up temporarily, soak at home to increase the blood circulation of the feet.

7 Just pregnancy still wants a husband and wife life

Doctors have repeatedly emphasized that the life of husband and wife should be avoided in the first three months.Because the baby has not stabilized in the uterus during this period, mechanical stimulation can cause pelvic congestion and uterine contraction and induce abortion.So the husband who knows the pain must restrain himself.

In the same way, early pregnancy should be avoided, such as high jump, long jump, rope, ball movement, long -distance running, horse riding, diving, etc., so as not to induce abortion.The more recommended exercise in the early pregnancy is aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, and simple rhythm exercises.

8 Pregnant mothers do not control their emotions and interfere with fetal development

Many pregnant mothers will become sensitive after pregnancy, and emotional fluctuations will be relatively large.The long -term mood of pregnant mothers is negative, temperament, and crying. The level of hormones in the body often changes, directly interfere with the baby’s normal development, causing adverse consequences.Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good psychological state of pregnant mothers.

9 drinking, smoking, staying up late, how irresponsible pregnant mothers will do

Drinking, smoking, and staying up late will not be repeated here. This is a health taboo for anyone, let alone a pregnant mother.Pregnant mothers must remember 4 points: quit smoking and alcohol, get up early and get up early, balanced diet and peaceful mood.

【Doctor reminder】

The factors that cause fetal chromosomal abnormalities are many aspects, and many times are unpredictable and we are uncontrollable.The above is just reminding everyone that some things may affect the baby. It is by no means that the expectant mothers are too cautious, as if walking, sneezing the baby will fall.After pregnancy, we must always be interested and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe everyone will have a healthy and beautiful baby!

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