I am pregnant madly until five months, and share my pregnancy and abstaining vomiting method

As a patient with anti -phospholipid syndrome, you have to get injections and medicine during pregnancy. What is even more scary is that the pregnancy reaction is fierce, especially the land alter tablets to keep the tire and heparin. After eating HCGThe pregnancy response is more severe ~ From the fifth week of pregnancy, it did not recover appetite until about 21 weeks. My son is now five months old, very healthy and cute, but in those five months, it can really be regarded as an unbearable memory.

First of all, we must correct our own mentality. It is impossible not to vomit. The baby’s baby will definitely want to vomit during pregnancy. When we are not pregnant, our HCG is only 0-5, and in just ten weeks, in just ten weeks, in just ten weeks,Our HCG will double to 50,000+, or even 100,000+.Various changes in hormones can lead to strong pregnancy reactions, including nausea, dizziness, flatulence of gastrointestinal and intestines.The severe pregnancy response often shows that our baby grows very well.

You must do more psychological construction for ourselves. We are mom. As long as the baby grows up healthy, we can definitely survive it.Everyone will experience pregnancy, which is not a big deal.

Let me talk about what methods I have tried.

1: It is very effective to eat raw peanuts and drink ginger water, because my stomach has always been weak, and I often have stomach pain and indigestion.Both ginger water and raw peanuts can be inversely descended from the stomach.

2: The wrist with ginger slices is effective. When nausea, you can use plastic wrap to wrap ginger on the wrist. This is simply the gospel of sleeping during pregnancy.

3: Eat raw cucumber, tomatoes and corn are effective. This is the staple food in my stuffy oil period

4: Obbed all kinds of flavors, you deserve to have a mask.Our sense of smell will become very sensitive during pregnancy, but there will be a variety of flavors at home. Everyone’s uncomfortable taste is different. At that time, I couldn’t even smell the taste of paper towels [Tears Ben]

Separate to eat with your family. When your family cooks or eats, you can go downstairs.Try not to smell the smell of oil fume. You will be much more comfortable.

Do not put on green onion ginger and garlic and other messy condiments. Just throw the oil and lose oil.At that time, I liked chili eggplant, pepper pumpkin, very light but a little spicy.

5: Don’t take your mouth deliberately.What can I eat during pregnancy and that can not be eaten, and the outside things are not clean and not clean.Say no for these people who say these!Breaking away from doses is nonsense.As long as you have your appetite, you can try it, rest assured, sister!It is often said on the Internet that this is the baby that I gave birth to hot hot pot during pregnancy.On the contrary, if you have a bad appetite, you can vomit and avoid your mouth, then it will really cause you to be malnourished, and it will really bad for you.

6: You can try a carbonated drink.Coca -Cola Twiture method has said a lot on the Internet, I have tried it, it is effective [gangbang]

7: Try to move as much as possible after eating, lift your upper body and lie down for half an hour.You can really stop vomiting at the upper body. Do not walk around the house when you just finish eating, because you will secrete more stomach acid during pregnancy, and it will stimulate the stomach.It will not be easy to vomit when it is slightly digested for a while.

8: Do some happy things disperse.

Mahjong poker is about []]] A good mood will really shift your attention!When I was pregnant, I had to take medicine. How many times I swallowed and immediately vomited, and then a [covering face] was really inhumane.Later, it became a first play, happy to play, watch comedy, watch the sketch playing poker, use honey water to take medicine when you are happy.

PS: I don’t know if I drink honey water during pregnancy. I have asked the doctor that it is relatively high in sugar.But it is really useful to me like me.

In short, sisters are nonsense aside from dosage.As long as you can feel comfortable and happy, let’s try it. [Smile] I wish every sister to pass the pregnancy response.

As long as you have passed, it is a new world [Wisdom]

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