I am pregnant, what can I do?Which sports are more suitable?This knowledge helps you pregnant

There are often pregnant women who are new to pregnancy, or men who accompany their wives to check the delivery sister:

Doctor, I am pregnant, can’t I go to work or work?

Doctor, can my wife go shopping?Can you cook?Can you wash clothes?

Some even ask directly:

Sister, after pregnancy, what things can’t do?

Indeed, as soon as you are pregnant, basically every woman’s treatment will rise to the level of the mother -in -law, and after the difference, he will be able to serve with a "Little Yunzi"!

But what Sister Sister wants to say is: as long as everything is normal, there are no abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain, and threatened abortion. The prospective father and mother do not need to be too nervous, relax, and live normally.

So, what are the things that can’t be done after pregnancy?

Can’t smoke and drink.

Regardless of whether you are pregnant, whether men or women, we do not recommend smoking and drinking.

These two bad habits are harmful and have no benefit.

Nicotine and a variety of harmful substances in tobacco, as well as alcohol, are even more away from pregnant mothers, especially when the sensitive teratogenic period of the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not smoke, and do not drink as much as possible not to drink as much as possibleEssence

The prospective father who is also with him should also consider the baby in the stomach to keep the lover away from the second -hand smoke and the harm of the three -hand smoke.

Don’t mention heavy things

When we lift heavy objects, there will be an unconscious action with abdominal pressure. This action is not suitable for pregnant women.

This will not only cause an increase in abdominal pressure, but also may increase the degree of pouring in front of the uterus, thereby stimulating the seductive uterine contraction and accidents.Especially for pregnant women with bleeding in the early pregnancy, or premature signs of signs of premature birth during pregnancy, they need to pay more attention.

Moreover, with the increase of the pregnancy week, the stomach of the expectant mother will become larger and worse, and the balance will be worse.

If there is a heavy thing in the hand, or drying it with a cotton quilt, it is easy to lose the balance and fall, causing danger.

Now the weather is warm, and the previous thick quilt may need to be tanned.

If you are pregnant, you want to expose the quilt, especially the relatively heavy cotton quilt, it is best to let your husband work.

Don’t climb high, jump from a high place

After pregnancy, expectant mothers’ clothing shoes and other common items, it is best to put it in the place where it can be placed, which is convenient for getting it.

If you need to use a bench and other items to climb high, pregnant women who are pregnant should not do it in person.We often see many TV series and movies that pregnant women fall from high places, causing abortion, which is really not fictional.

Sister Sister has a patient. Originally, I was pregnant with a hard -working test tube baby. As a result, when there was only one person in the family, I climbed up the stool to get things on the top of the wardrobe.Although the adults are fortunate, they have caused premature fetal membrane, a lot of bleeding and premature birth, and the child is gone, causing eternal remorse.

Don’t bend over for a long time

It’s not that you can’t mop when you are pregnant. If you just pull it twice, it is okay.But many times we mop are a big project, especially the house upstairs and downstairs.

During pregnancy, bending down for a long time will make the pregnant mother’s waist soreness. After a long time, it may cause uncomfortable neck. When you look down for a long time, you may also appear dizzy or even fainted.

During the mop, the slippery ground is also more dangerous for pregnant mothers.Especially when the abdomen of the third trimester, it is necessary to prepare non -slip shoes and non -slip pads at home.

Don’t squat for a long time

With the increase of pregnancy weeks, the abdomen of expectant mothers will become larger and larger. At this time, squatting is easier to squeeze the abdomen and cause discomfort.If you squat for a long time, you may also cause poor breathing. When you stand up suddenly, you will have a problem of posture, which will cause dizziness and other problems. It is a bit similar to the long -term low head and mop by Sister Sister.

Moreover, because the abdomen increases, it is difficult to maintain balance when squatting, and it is easy to fall, which is also more dangerous.

Some people may ask: Sister Sister, what exercise can we do during pregnancy?Isn’t it good for exercise?

We really can’t eat and sleep during pregnancy. Except for eating a fat and huge child, it is not good.

Still the sentence: As long as there is no abnormal situation, we can still exercise during pregnancy.

Adhering to exercise and exercise can not only help control weight, but also have many benefits:

1: Can relieve early pregnancy reactions

Many expectant mothers will have acid reflection, bloating, and loss of appetite during early pregnancy. Moderate exercise can help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help food digestion, and reduce nausea.

2: You can adjust your mind during pregnancy

After pregnancy, due to the sharp changes in hormone levels, many expectant mothers will have emotional emotional excitement, sensitivity, etc. At this time, appropriate exercise exercise can make expectant mothers divert their attention and relax emotion.

And when the spring flowers bloom, enjoying the sun and floral fragrance in nature will make people feel better!

3: Help to give birth

Perseverance can not only control the weight, keep the baby not too large, but also exercise muscle strength, which is more conducive to the decline of the tire head and helps to give birth to a arm.

If you want to recommend Sister Sister, what are the most suitable exercises during pregnancy?

Sister Sister first answered: walk!

Traveling is a mild aerobic exercise. It can not only help enhance cardiovascular function, but also very convenient and fast to do.

You don’t need any professional knowledge, and you don’t need to spend too much money. You just need to buy a pair of shoes you like and comfortable enough.

Pregnant women yoga is also a good choice.

At present, many hospitals have classrooms in pregnant mothers. There will be a professor of pregnant women yoga. As long as it is a pregnant mother, they can go to the study.Some of the relatively large yoga institutions also have pregnancy yoga courses specifically for pregnant women.

Making yoga can relax and relieve the pressure of the body’s joints, allowing you to better adapt to the process of pregnancy.

And some targeted pregnant women’s yoga exercises can help pregnant mothers easier to a certain extent.

If you are a fitness expert before pregnancy, then after pregnancy, according to the specific situation of your body, you can also do some mild, to bear fitness.Such as swimming.

But it should be noted:

This may require a certain physical foundation and professional knowledge. It is best to consult a professional doctor and evaluate the specific situation before doing it. Do not exercise too hard!


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