I ca n’t sleep well during pregnancy, it may be caused by these two behaviors

After pregnancy, as the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, more and more pregnant mothers have joined the insomnia army.As soon as I lay on the bed at night, I couldn’t sleep.I ca n’t sleep well during pregnancy, although there are physical reasons, but there are still many mothers who are completely “done”. Let ’s take a look.

1. Eat too much at night and eat supper at night

During pregnancy, many moms have a habit, that is, in the daytime, they have no appetite and do not want to eat. They are dizzy when they are hungry at night and get up to find things to eat.And many pregnant women think that eating these supper is necessary, because they can’t sleep hungry. If they don’t eat themselves, the fetus will be hungry inside.

I am hungry during pregnancy, and it is okay to eat a little bit.But if you let your appetite, you will eat and drink again at night, and the chance of sleeping that night will rise.Because the gastrointestinal digestion and peristalsis of the human body at night, the food you eat into the stomach is difficult to digest, it is easy to cause insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, and unstable sleep.

2. Stay up late to play with mobile phones, the later the more excited

We all feel this. If the nerves are still in a relatively excited state, the chance of insomnia and sleep will be greatly increased.I thought that the pregnant mother was a bit okay. I played a mobile phone and brushed a drama at night. As a result, I forgot the time as soon as I played. It was often late, and my spirit was very excited.Obviously very sleepy, but I ca n’t sleep. When I am on the bed, we will become anxious and want to make ourselves sleep as soon as possible. As a result, the more we do n’t sleep, the more I ca n’t sleep.Enter a strange circle of "insomnia -anxiety -more insomnia -more anxiety".

Sleep a good sleep during pregnancy, pay attention to 3 things

1. Press to sleep

After pregnancy, it is best to set a time for yourself every day and go to bed on time.It is best not to exceed 11 o’clock when you fall asleep.After starting to sleep at night, try to keep the surrounding environment tranquility as much as possible.Before you fall asleep, don’t listen to the music that is too cheerful and easy to make people excitement, let alone see those film and television dramas that are highly intense. You can take a bath, relax your body and mind, and make it easier to fall asleep quickly.

2. Find a comfortable sleeping posture

In the early pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mummy was not obvious, so as long as it was not lying on his stomach, everything else was fine.However, with the continuous increase of the pregnancy weeks, the stomach of the expectant mummy continues to increase, and we must pay attention to choosing the correct sleeping posture, otherwise it may affect the overall sleep quality.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that pregnant moms adopt the posture of the left side to alleviate the compression of the uterus during sleep and keep the blood common.If you sleep on the left side, you can feel tired, you can also change your sleeping position, don’t worry about hurting the fetus.

3. Pay attention to the appropriate activity during the day

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers stay at home every day in order to ensure the healthy development of the fetus, and even lie on the bed every day, for fear that they will hurt the baby during their activity. In fact, this living habit is very bad.On the one hand, too much rest during the day is easy to make pregnant mothers sleep without sleep at night.On the other hand, if you do not move for a long time, the physical strength of the pregnant mother will also be relatively weak, which is not conducive to the smooth delivery in the later period.It is recommended that the prospective mummy takes a walk in the daytime. You can go to the park to go, or go to the mall to buy some baby supplies for your baby.

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