I can’t sleep after pregnancy, you have to pay attention

There is a good sleep during pregnancy. It is very important for pregnant moms and fetuses, but due to various factors such as hormones and body shapes during pregnancy, it is not easy to have good sleep.But by the end of pregnancy, the stomach is relatively large, and he is uncomfortable to sleep. At this time, the pregnant moms must be careful.

What is going on with poor sleep?

1. The change of hormones

After pregnancy, the hormone of pregnant women will change.Affected by changes in hormones, the mood of pregnant women is more fluctuating than before.The nerves also started to become sensitive.And after pregnancy, pregnant women often need to worry about the safety of the fetus and become more anxious.In the long run, pregnant women will have depression and other situations, and will eventually lead to insomnia.

2. Reaction during pregnancy

When the mothers are pregnant, with the pushing of time, the baby with the belly gradually grows up, and the uterus will slowly oppress the mother’s bladder.Therefore, for pregnant women, after the bladder is affected, the number of times to go to the toilet will increase a lot.It will seriously affect the sleep quality of pregnant women.And after pregnancy, pregnant women will be more prone to cramps. Most cramps will appear in the sleep time of pregnant women, and it will also disturb the sleep of pregnant women.

If you want to sleep well, you must achieve the following five points

1. No cigarette or alcohol

During pregnancy, tobacco and alcoholic alcohol will not only cause damage to the baby, but also make it difficult for you to fall asleep.You can take pregnancy as a good opportunity to abstain from bad habits and reduce drinking.In addition, tobacco and alcohol can also cause some harm to their own health.

2. Pack the bedroom well

Take a little time to arrange the bedroom as comfortable and charming as much as possible so that you can fall asleep easier.Because you may feel hotter than usual during pregnancy, you must keep the room cool.Reduce light and noise as much as possible, because they are easy to wake you up in light sleep.You can order some aromatherapy candles that are good for sleep.

3. The bed is only used to sleep

If you have the habit of reading books on bed or watching TV, change them and leave your bed to the more pleasant bed activities.

4. anxiety is closed outside the door

Persist in listing a "important thing" list, list the list during dinner, and wait until the next day to deal with the things on the list, and make sure that you can handle all the miscellaneous things during dinner, so that you can get to bed before going to bed to sleepRelax.

5. Leave the phone as soon as possible

Not only expectant mothers, ordinary people sometimes press their mobile phones in bed and press the time to hurry to be left behind by you, so they will never get up the next day.Therefore, the best way is to put the mobile phone in the farther place from bed, so as to ensure that you fall asleep without thought.

Sleeping position determines sleep

Of course, lying on the left is the best. In the early stages of pregnancy, the sleeping position of the pregnant mummy is not so important, because the stomach at this time is not obvious, it is very comfortable to sleep, and there is no great impact on the baby in the belly.Essence

1. The left side is the healthiest to pregnant moms and will not cause much pressure on the heart.

2. You can speed up the blood flow of the uterus and placenta, ensure better supply of the fetus’s nutrients and oxygen, and avoid the occurrence of fetal hypoxia.

3. Helps diuretic.Because in the middle and late pregnancy, the feet and legs of pregnant mumans are prone to swelling. At this time, the left side can be reduced to reduce the "swelling" condition.However, when you lie on the left side, the legs and feet should be properly raised.

4. Can correct the degree of right rotation of the uterus. Generally, the absence of fetal position in the middle and late pregnancy can be improved through "left side".

5. It can reduce the veins of the lower limbs and prevent the formation of hemorrhoids.

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