I, dizzy and nauseous on the wedding with the British husband. I thought it was sick. I didn’t expect it to be pregnant

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"Dad, mom, I found a British boyfriend. The two of us are very close. I want to marry him …"

If my parents do not wait for me to finish talking, they expressed strong opposition.However, the "crooked nuts" is very powerful, and it proves that love can cross the border with practical actions.After a long time of observation and getting along, his parents finally accepted him and held a grand wedding for us in Nantong.

When my daughter was 10 months old, I came to Britain with my husband. Although I had many uncomfortable adaptations, but fortunately, my husband had a successful career and careful consideration, and my in -laws were also harmonious with me.

Later, I found that the British were generally poor in math. In 2018, she sent her daughter back to China to study. Since then, two busy lives began.

(Me when I was not married)

My name is Qin Ke @elsa, after 80s, Nantong, Jiangsu.When I was very young, my parents broke up peacefully because of their personality.Later, they had their own families and lived happily, and did not have much impact on my personality and life.

Our family can be regarded as Brother Shuxiang, grandma is a math teacher, mother has been studying at Tsinghua University, and is also the director of Jiangsu District of Fortune 500 companies in China.Therefore, my family education has been very strict since I was a child, and the elders have given me high hopes for me.

However, when I was a kid, I was not a good girl. On the contrary, I was like a boy. It was a naughty. I always thought about it. There were many friends since I was a child.

In the age of study, I was a "single -legged phoenix".Liberal arts scores are often one of the best in the school, and compositions are always awarded in the competition.However, the science grades are not ideal, and even have no time to pass the test.

(My corporate image photo)

Since I was a child, I have been very personality and opinion. My mother has not been mandatory. She often warns me: "If you think you want to do one thing, think about good and disadvantages in advance, and be responsible for your decision to the end."

During the college entrance examination, I was admitted to Shanghai University of Foreign Languages.At that time, my mother was also in my business. My living expenses were not sufficient. I wrote and earned manuscript fees. At most, I earned more than 3,000 yuan a month.At that time, there were still a lot of part -time income.I also participated in college students’ stalls to earn living expenses.

Therefore, my business mind is not only related to the family environment, and the exercise during college is also an important factor.At that time, I felt that I was suitable for the boss, and I was not suitable to be an office worker step by step.

After graduating from college, I went to Malaysia for human resources management.Later, due to work needs, the boss arranged for me to work in Hong Kong.

In the years of work, it is often "flying" at home and abroad, and there is no time to consider lifelong events.Moreover, I had a strong sense of career. I always felt that I should work hard while I was young.

(My daughter and I in the UK)

One day in 2011, after I returned to Nantong, my friends came out for dinner.Unexpectedly, in this dinner, I met a special man.

He is a British. He didn’t speak much during the meal, but he kept staring at me, and then used the less fluent Chinese to ask me if I had been to Qingdao before.I feel inexplicable, I don’t know what he meant.But I did have been to Qingdao a few years ago. I really do n’t know how he knows.

In order to communicate conveniently, I said to him directly in English, "I have been, but it has been a long time ago."

When he saw me communicating with him in English, he was even more interested, and asked, "Then you can’t remember in 2006, at the night market in Qingdao, there is an old foreigner asking you the way?" I thought to myself: 5 years ago, things 5 years agoI remember this kind of trivial matter?

I shook my head and denied, but he did not stop the topic of this, and made me think hard.I remembered it later, and there was a thin foreign man who asked me.

(My husband’s eyes are full of petting)

He said happily: "That person is me! I have changed a lot now, and it is no wonder you can’t recognize it. But you haven’t changed much, so I recognized it at a glance.Thank you so much. "

Unexpectedly, I didn’t take the people and things in my heart at all. The other party remembered so clearly after 5 years. It seems that he is a person who knows gratitude.However, I just had a good impression on him, and I didn’t think about male and female friends at all.

He took the initiative to add my contact information, and then I knew his English name was Ben (I often joked that he was stupid).Later, after many exchanges, I think he is quite good.

At that time, he was sent here to work here, and his position was very important.The usual work is similar to me, and I often fly around.

Because there are common topics, we are happy to talk to each other.And he is more casual and humorous, and feels relaxed and happy in getting along.Although he was a little strong, his looks are quite handsome.

(My little princess likes to be funny)

So, then Ben pursued me, and I promised him to try it.

I finally came together with him, and it was a natural water that was natural, and there was no ups and downs.Because I am a straightforward person, he is also cheerful and humorous, and we will not get along so much.

But when we were about to talk about marriage, my family did not agree.They hope that I can find a local object of Nantong.

I have been a person with a more personality since I was a child. I always like to get my mind by myself, so I did n’t listen to my family’s suggestions and continue to deal with Ben.

Later, my family quietly observed and found that I got along with him very harmoniously, and said that I asked me to take his family to let the parents see it.

For the first time, Ben came to my house and was at a loss, and his body was shaking in the body.That embarrassment made me feel particularly funny, and at the same time felt that he really wanted to marry me, so I was worried that I could not pass my family’s "review".

(We held a wedding in Nantong)

He was not very standard in Chinese, and made some jokes during the process of communicating with my parents.My parents were funny, and the atmosphere gradually became more active.He saw that my parents had a good attitude towards him, so he "pursued the victory" and officially asked my parents to agree to let me be with him.

My parents saw that he was really true to me and agreed with our marriage.Ben was very excited and quickly reported the goodbye to his British family.

Before that, he had told our family about our love, and there has always been a supporting attitude.So after my parents agreed, we did not have any obstacles, and we started to operate the wedding directly.

The Chinese have the custom of giving gifts, but the British do not have this statement.However, in order to follow the customs, Ben and his family have specially studied China’s marriage customs, and they must go to the scene.In the end, the parents of both parties held together and held a grand wedding for us in Nantong.

After the wedding was held, I felt particularly tired and dizzy.At the banquet, I saw the delicious dishes full of tables, and I was inexplicably nauseous, and ran to the toilet room to retider.

(My husband and I have a wedding photo)

My husband saw that my face was very bad, and he was frightened. He thought I was sick and wanted to take me to see a doctor.Still my mother’s inspection Qiuqiu, and after asking, I laughed: "Don’t be nervous, Ke Ke is pregnant. Today is really happy!"

Later, whenever I thought of this, I felt particularly interesting. I didn’t expect my daughter to attend my wedding with her dad in my stomach.This is really the sesame to fall into the needle -coincidence!

After pregnancy, my husband asked me not to work and relieved his fetus at home.He took care of my care, and even studied the ratio and production of nutritional meals.When there are many people outside, I always hold my arms in front of me, for fear that others will accidentally squeeze me.

When my daughter was born 10 months old, our family of three returned to Britain.On the plane, the child was always crying, her husband had a good temper, holding the child to coax all the way.His patience and carefulness made me ashamed of being a mother.

(My husband is taking care of the daughter of the baby)

After arriving in the UK, my husband still returned to work at the original company, and I brought children at home.Because I graduated from Shanghai Foreign Language University, I came to the UK to communicate with my parents -in -law and local people without any obstacles, but I was a little uncomfortable in diet.

The British stir -fry very little, and the seasonings are rarely put. I feel light and tasteless.Later, I made egg fried rice and braised pork by myself. My mother -in -law was amazed after trying it, saying it was so delicious, and curiously asked me how to make egg fried rice.

I said that the rice is fried with oil.Unexpectedly, my sentence "cooking" misleaded her, and the practical practice she did the next day made me cry and laugh.

At that time, I heard the smoke alert at home, and hurried to the kitchen to see.The flue gas was pungent, and her mother -in -law was "frying rice" in a hurry.I took a closer look. It turned out that she put a little olive oil, and then stir -fry raw rice in the pot.

This interesting thing is only part of our family life. On the whole, it is full of warmth and fun in her in -laws.

(Mother -in -law, while pulling the violin, bring the child while pulling the child)

In addition to the differences in eating habits, the British are also very different from the Chinese.

One day, my husband and I went out to play back, and found that the child’s forehead was attached to the forehead, and his face flushed.At a glance, I knew that the child was a fever, and quickly took a small quilt to the child, and asked my husband to take us to the hospital.

But the mother -in -law said that the child’s antibiotic medicine was not good and did not let the quilt.I said that children in China have a fever and covered with sweat, but my mother -in -law chose a physical cooling method.She directly asked her children to wear short sleeves and hugged in the garden to blow cold wind.

At that time, I was very puzzled and angry. The child was frozen and runny, and took her outside. Isn’t it more serious?But my husband comforted me and said it was okay, because the British "treated" a fever.It’s amazing, and the child’s high fever later really dropped.

(My daughter and I in the British Lavender Garden)

Seeing a doctor in public hospitals in the UK also has a wonderful phenomenon.If the patient wants to hang the emergency department, the nurse must first judge whether the condition is tight.As long as the nurse feels tight, let you go back.

Once I went to the hospital to see a doctor, I saw a person who had a car accident and broke, but the nurse felt that his injuries were not serious, so he went to the back.

Later, the man’s head became more and more swollen, and his eyes were swollen into two seams, but he lined up and waited for two hours.At that time, I felt quite incredible. Is it only serious that the life is serious if the life is dying?

Later, I asked her husband to know that because the United Kingdom was a high welfare country, medical and education were free. Many patients came to public hospitals to cure diseases in order to save money.There are many patients, so it is so difficult to hang the emergency consultation.

Private hospitals are registered and diagnosed quickly, but the cost of medical treatment is scary.For example, once I went to a private dental hospital to make up for my teeth, I made up a little bit, and the cost was more than 10,000 yuan.

(Father -in -law and my mixed babies)

The experience of buying things in supermarkets is also funny.There are two forms of customers paying there. Use the card to operate on the automatic cash register by card, and use cash to go to the cashier to artificial cash registers.When I went to checkout, I found that the calculation level of the cashier girl was simple and poor.

At that time, I bought 40 boxes of chocolate, but she didn’t know it for a long time.I told her that even if the multiplication came out, they did not listen to me (maybe there would be no multiplication).Later, the manager came, and after a few days, he didn’t understand it.In the end, I had to buy a small amount once, and buy a few more ways to solve it.

Later, I learned that most people in the UK are not good at math, and high school students over there are at most the level of Chinese elementary students.As soon as my parents saw that the British mathematics was so bad, let the children go back to China to school, otherwise they would have to hold their fingers in the future.

At that time, the child could understand some Chinese, but could not speak.My parents felt that there was no way to communicate with the baby’s grandson, and it was a pity that it kept urging us to let our children return to China.

I just planned to return to domestic business in China. My career is gradually taking shape. I usually take care of my children. Therefore, in 2018, I asked my parents to take the child back to Nantong.

(On the table, my husband and daughter are happy to touch the cup)

We have business in the UK to take care of it. We can only return to China to accompany their children in stages, and take her back to Britain for cold and summer vacations.At the end of 2019, I returned to China to catch up with the epidemic soon, and the flight back to the UK also stopped. I simply lived in China to accompany my parents and children.

In 2020, business in various industries in China was affected by the epidemic, but at this time I invested in domestic investment, the focus of work was put in China, and also achieved better results.

Also combined with trampoline and gymnastics championships to refuel against epidemics, and bought anti -epidemic materials with British overseas Chinese to donate to Wuhan Tongji Hospital. Therefore, he later went to Jiangsu Satellite TV and was interviewed by some well -known media.

In fact, in 2018, I have registered a brand in China, but it was not until 2020 that I officially established a company in Nantong, Jiangsu, Jiangsu.

(Take a photo in front of Buckingham Palace in the UK)

The company’s new product research and development in 2021 successfully.Because my mother’s family is doing trade, and our skin care products and health products are excellent. In just one year, not only quickly occupy the domestic market, but also exported to many countries such as Europe and Southeast Asia.

In the past two years, most of my time I took care of business and accompanied my daughter in my free time.The daughter had just returned and had a variety of foods who couldn’t get used to it, and then slowly adapted.

When she first came back to the kindergarten, Chinese did not learn well, but the teacher was very patient and cared for her, so she gradually became interested in Chinese.She has a cheerful personality and gets along well with the children.

It is not easy for the child’s current Chinese level, but it is not easy to really let her realize the profoundness of Chinese. It is not easy. She needs to experience it slowly in the future growth path.

As a mixed -race, Chinese and English are equally important for her, so I am going to bring her to Britain after studying in elementary school.

(Husband and daughter are playing by the sea)

For multinational marriage, everyone is benevolent and wise.But in my opinion, love is regardless of national borders.As long as the two people are in love, the parents of both sides also support, they can create a happy marriage of Qinse and Ming.

There are also disadvantages of cross -border marriage, such as living habits, cultural differences, family relationships, etc. The key is how to deal with it and whether it can be integrated and adaptable.I have never preached that foreign countries are paradise, because I feel that a person’s happiness is not derived from the region and nationality, but from the ability to create happiness.

A woman can operate a good marriage and deal with family relationships; outside, with their own career, spiritual and economy can be independent, and happiness will be able to grow up.

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