I do n’t know 9 months of pregnancy.He was rushed to the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University …

Old words often say that in October pregnant, once childbirth

The following is a matter of a maternal matter

The child was born smoothly

But the place to be born is a bit special

At more than 10 am on February 7th

A newborn mother who just produced

The 120 ambulance was rushed to the hospital rescue room

Xu Shuang, an emergency department of Harbin Medical University First Hospital, Xu Shuang

When the child’s mother was pushed in 120, the blood pressure was very low, reaching a high pressure 80 low voltage 51, and the heart rate 144.His face was white, his lips were white, and his body had severe pain.

The mother was lying on a flat car, and the newborn baby was also taken to the hospital by his family members.After examination by medical staff, the mother’s placenta has not been delivered, and the umbilical cord of the fetus has not been disconnected.

Harbin Medical University No. 1 Hospital of Qunli District Medical Medicine Zhong Weijie

The placenta is stranded, and it is partially peeled. After partial peeling, the peeling surface is a state of continuous bleeding, postpartum bleeding, and reaching the degree of blood loss shock.Actively replenish the liquid to correct the state of shock, collect the placenta, and add contraction and hemostasis treatment.

After asking the doctor, the mother learned that the mother was 26 years old and three days before her childbirth, she felt abdominal pain.

Harbin Medical University No. 1 Hospital of Qunli District Medical Medicine Zhong Weijie

The abdominal pain was worsened that day. She was in the toilet, and she thought she was interested. Then she gave birth to the child in the toilet.

The medical staff was busy to rescue the mother, and then hurriedly looked at the newborn baby.This is a baby boy, 5 pounds and 8 two, and the moon is full, but after further physical examination, the doctor found a problem.

Guo Wenhui, chief physician of the Newborn Department of Harbin Medical University First Hospital, Guo Wenhui

His right ear auricle develops deformity, and his right ear canal is also malformed.The suggestion of the otolaryng teacher is that the child may need to grow to one to two years old, and then conduct an inspection, and then surgical intervention. Because the child has not done anything for a birth check, so we have to pay more attention to him in the treatment.More.

After rescue, the life signs of the mother and child gradually returned to stability.Doctors suggest that people usually pay special attention to their physical changes.Clinical observation, some women do not have much discomfort after conception, thereby ignoring the possibility of pregnancy.Therefore, women’s pregnancy examinations and post -pregnancy checks before conception are particularly important.

Source: Heilongjiang Radio and TV Station

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