I don’t pay attention to these 4 things during pregnancy, it is easy to cause fetal hypoxia.

After Xiao Lan was pregnant, her husband specially invited Xiao Lan’s mother -in -law for her health for her and the fetus.Who knows that Xiao Lan’s mother -in -law has just come a few days before he came, and there was a dispute with Xiao Lan because Xiao Lan often sat in the house for a few hours. The mother -in -law thought that this would not be conducive to the health of the fetus, but Xiao Lan was Xiao Lan.However, she thought that her mother -in -law had too much control of herself.However, Xiao Lan’s mother -in -law is indeed right. If pregnant women often sit for a long time, they may make the fetus hypoxia. In fact, it is not just sedentary. These actions of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will also make the fetus hypoxia. Let ’s give you everyone below.Talk about it.

Sitting for a long time

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother will inevitably be uncomfortable because of her big belly during pregnancy, so they will choose the way to sit to relax their bodies.However, it is not recommended to do this, because sedentary during pregnancy will compress the uterus and abdomen, and the serious situation will cause the fetus to have hypoxia.And in addition to this, sedentary during pregnancy will also cause the pregnant mother to have edema, so the pregnant mother must pay attention.However, considering the special physical reasons of pregnant mothers, it is recommended that you stand up and walk every 40 minutes to do some stretching exercises.In addition, there is a need to remind you of pregnant mothers that even if you do n’t sit for a long time, when you walk, it is best to wear a pair of cotton socks to relieve the varicose veins in the legs.

Go to sleep

Now that the weather is warm, most people will not sleep anymore, but in winter, many pregnant mothers will choose to cover their heads with a quilt to sleep.This is very not recommended, because once the quilt covers the mouth and nose, the carbon dioxide spit out of the pregnant mother’s mouth will accumulate more in the quilt, and the oxygen will become less and less.It is listless, and it may also cause the fetal brain cells to be hypoxic, so you must pay attention.

Squat for a long time

Some pregnant mothers like to play some plant pots during pregnancy to pass the time, but like the large and medium -sized plant potted plants, they need to squat to the ground to take care of it.However, if the pregnant mother squats on the ground for a long time, it will not only affect the blood circulation of the lower body, but also may cause the fetus to be hypoxic, because the fetus is facing down.With the fetus, you have to pay special attention to this.

Sleep on the right side of the third trimester

In the third trimester, it is best for pregnant mothers to choose to sleep on the left, because this sleeping position basically does not cause the baby to be hypoxic.If you choose to sleep on the right side, the aorta in the abdominal cavity of the pregnant mother may be reduced, which may reduce the blood supply of the placenta. If the plot is serious, the fetus will be hypoxic.

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