I dressed as the heroine’s sister, but she had to send me to the male main bed for the sake of dying.

After wearing a sister who is abused,

In order to change her miserable ending, I diligently helped her counterattack to become a sweet pet hostess.

But she had to die. After pregnancy, she sent me to the male main bed in order to solidify the pet.

Since she wants to be the heroine of the literary abuse,

Then I will fulfill her!


The messy bedding, broken clothing, and the pain left on the body all show what happened a hour ago.

I watched the male lead who was lying next to me and slept like dead pigs, and patted his face on his face with his strength.

It is worthy of the medicine under the female lead. It is really heavy enough. The male lead’s face was almost beaten as a pig’s head.

I listened to a somewhat anxious and messy footsteps outside, and I had to pick up the golden tadpole that fell beside the bed.

Covering the male lead’s mouth with his hand, he quickly stabbed towards his chest.

This puppet was a little hatred, so the blood dyed his silk white lilies all at once.


Dead pig … no, the male lead finally woke up.

"Grandpa Wang, grievance you stay at the bottom of the bed for a while."

Before explaining the current situation, I listened to the footsteps that were getting closer and closer. When he had not responded, he quickly pressed him with a bodies with only a few pieces of pieces.

He picked up the broken skirt and tied his body, and then used the fabric on the clothes to block his mouth.

In the end, in his shocking expression, he and the messy clothes were stuffed to the bottom of the bed.



Lin Yanshuang and everyone came in to see this scene.

Clean rooms, neat bedding, colorful clothes hanging on the screen, and soaking in the bath barrel after the screen.

It is a bit different from the scenes they imagine.

Probably did not see the existence of another figure, Lin Yanshuang swayed secretly, silently in his heart for a moment, just ready to raise the corner of his mouth.

Later, he looked at something, and looked at the screen miserably.

"Sister? You … why are you in the room of Wang Ye? You and Wang Ye … you …"

Listening to the hostess, Ru Ru Ru, with a little trembling voice, and the tone that seemed to be unbelievable, there was a sourness in my heart.

Look, this is my heroine who has been guarding for five years, because I don’t promise to marry the male lead to help her.

She packed her sister to the male main bed with the next means, and took people to arrest, for fear that my reputation would not be damaged.

It’s ridiculous!

After the screen, I watched her crumbling and looking around, as if looking for something, and burning in my heart.

Isn’t she going to play?Then I will accompany her.

"Isn’t this room arranged by your sister? Why … how could it become the old and brother -in -law’s room, the sister did not make a mistake.

I pretended to be a fragile weak woman, regardless of the wet hair that was still dripping, and with the gloves of spare dress and cloak, the eye circles walked out of the screen with a red foot.

After the ceremony of the ladies, she looked softly and looked at Lin Yan Shuang softly.

"Sister and the ladies of the throne suddenly broke in. What is the intention of this? Wan Wan doesn’t understand."

As long as I pretend to be innocent, I want to splash on me.

"You … oh, sister, if you like Wang Ye, if you want to enter the house … tell your sister, you can’t agree with you to enter the house, why do you work hard?"

Lin Yan Shuang finished speaking, and she looked at me silently, and silently sideways.

The eyes were tearful, the lip color was pale, and her body was shaking slightly. She held the maid’s arm tightly in her right hand, as if she would fall down as soon as she let go.

It is indeed the heroine I brought out. This acting skills are quite standard.

However, everyone here is a thousand -year -old fox, and she is really not enough to see this.


I knelt down

I know that I can’t get some blood today.

"Sister, how can you say that, a clear and pure girl’s house, I will set my relatives with my beloved, how can you insult my innocence like this, because I left the wrong room? But this room is clear …… "

"Is it because I am wronged with you? You are in the room of Wangye unswervingly. This can’t be said. How can this make me believe in you."

Oh, why am I not clean, are you most clear?

"Sister? Have you forgotten that you accidentally splashed my tea soup at the banquet? You arrange the room for me to let me bathe and change my clothes … How can I misunderstand me so much now? Or do you miss me in your heart?? "

I pretended to be a big hit, and I collapsed to the ground. I didn’t forget to look at her disappointing with tears.

"But you said before that you like Wang … Forget it, it is my sister misunderstood you, arrange the wrong place for you, and sister apologize to you."

Lin Yanshuang probably didn’t know how to argue. After all, she didn’t see the scene she wanted to see, and she was not easy to plant.

So I planned to sit in this stigma in a way of speaking and stop.

Although I understand that in this era of eating people, this kind of thing happened in this case, my reputation would not be good, and I could no longer marry others.

But who’s fault should be responsible, I will never let this stain all leave me on me, even if the fish dead net breaks me, she will pull her into the water.

"The princess still understands the matter today. Because of what the courtiers appeared here, and the princess brought someone to surround the view of the courtiers, I asked the princess to inform."

"You … why are you so aggressive, why do you appear here, how can I know … this is the room of the prince, even I can’t get closer in the weekdays, as a result, you … forget …. Just be my fault … just … "

I stood up, wrapped the cloak on my body, and watched Lin Yanshuang stop, twisted, pretended to look like, and everyone looked through the expression of eating melon.

My heart is disgusting. This is the first time that I feel like a godlord who feels like a fairy, and it is the first time that people who have noticed it here have no sympathy.

"The princess is really interesting. Can you get closer when you can’t get closer? Is this what the Wang Ye thinks of the girl?"

"I don’t mean that … you …"

"There is also today’s banquet. The princess is organized by the princess.When I came to this room, the ladies and ladies of the throne were also witnesses. I don’t understand why the princess leads everyone into the room with a gesture of rape.Here, you have to ask for a innocence for yourself. "

After speaking, I didn’t care about the reaction of the crowd, and quickly hit the door frame at the door.

I know that with Lin Yan’s double -leather, I can’t help it. After all, the biggest family can’t climb the bed, not to mention that this happens in the royal family.

With such a big scandal, Lin Yanshuang will be suppressed even if there is a mistake, and I am just a prime minister, and I can distinguish it at a glance at a glance.

Even if everyone has seen who is the masterpiece, they will not stand on me, and now there are only two options who are facing me.

One: The stigma of climbing the bed, married into the palace, was insulted in the later period.

Two: It’s best to make things bigger, so even if I want to marry into the palace, in the eyes of everyone, I am persecuted in the eyes of everyone.

The second is the best way I can think of.


I closed my eyes and hit the door frame in the exclaiming sound of everyone. Don’t ask me why it is the door frame, mainly because I didn’t see where the pillar was.


Um?Doesn’t it hurt?What is a bit soft?


"Why don’t you eat in the front hall, but they are blocked outside the king’s room? Is this … singing?"


When did this product crawl out?


"Wang Ye … your face !!!?"

After hearing the pain of Qi Wenyu from my head, I reacted, and I probably hit the male lead’s arms.

When so good opportunities, when do you wait for it at this time?

boom!IntersectionIntersectionI fainted and fainted directly.

ah!Damn, I didn’t follow me, it really hurts.

"Come, please doctors."

A pair of powerful arms hugged me from the ground, smelling the familiar bloody smell, and knew it was the male lead.

When I felt that he put me on the bed, I opened my eyes carefully in his arms, and secretly stuck to his wound with his teeth in the angle that everyone could not see.

When I heard his inhalation sound, I felt free in my heart, who made you just not caught me.

"The banquet in the front hall is estimated to be about to dissipate. Today is the king’s hospitality, and you are asked to forgive me."

"Where, Wang Ye is willing to invite us to the house to participate in a banquet is already our blessing."

Oh, shit blessing.

"The ladies and ladies are polite. In addition, today’s things still look at the guards, after all, the girl’s reputation."

"Where did Wang Ye say? Today we just accompanied the princess to come to the backyard to enjoy the flowers. I haven’t seen anything."

"It is still the old lady Junming. Today, the entertainment of the King’s Mansion is not available. The Japanese King’s Club will re -hold a banquet. I also ask you to enjoy the face again. Today, I wo n’t do much hospitality.

Listening to the footsteps of leaving, my tight body finally relaxed.

"The princess should be tired of being pregnant, so there will be such a big leak, rain bamboo, help your princess return to the room to rest well, don’t go out if there is no major event recently."

"Wang Ye … I …"

"Give it back."

I lay on the bed and listened to Qi Wenzhen’s arrangements for the heroine, and the body that had just relaxed tightened again.

Is he so hard to the heroine?Thinking of everything I had done to him, I couldn’t help hugging the little quilt covered on me.

"Don’t pretend, get up."

I didn’t pretend, I just dizzy, and I won’t wake up.

"Don’t wake up, I think the golden puppet just looks pretty. You said that if I put it on the desk of the emperor, and then tell him that this is actually a weapon, you guess …"

"I woke up."

Dog things, you want to stab me.

"It’s not very courageous. I dare to stuff me at the bottom of the bed and stab me. How can I shake the same as sieve now?"

"Is Wang Ye asked to sin me?"

The moment I found that the hostess gave me the medicine, I didn’t cry. When I almost died on the bed, I didn’t cry. When I was wronged by the heroine, I didn’t cry.

At this moment, I was guilty by the male lead. I didn’t hold back and cried.

Why?I obviously did nothing, and I had to experience betrayal, lost body, and was regarded as a joke in a short period of time.

I even asked the royal family. I just wanted to live clearly in this era. What is wrong with me?

At this moment, I seemed to understand why those who were framed in the TV series were blackened.

It was probably crying for too long, or my body tossed for so long, and finally I couldn’t persist. This time I really fainted.


"Wan Wan, my child, you suffer."

I looked at the beautiful woman who was crying in front of me, and touched her thin body and extremely rough fingers, and the soil was covered with hemp, knowing that this was dreaming.

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