I fartted frequently when I was pregnant, and my mother -in -law used a trick to resolve my embarrassment

For women, pregnancy is the most important and most meaningful thing in life.Because pregnancy not only represents the continuation of life, but also the perfection of the family.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers feel the growth of small lives little by little. The joy and satisfaction cannot be replaced by anything.

However, perfect pregnancy is often mixed with ubiquitous embarrassment.My friend Xiaohui, told me the embarrassment of her pregnancy, I laughed and shed tears.The following is her story–

When I was pregnant, I was particularly happy, and sometimes I woke up with dreams.In order to have a baby, my husband and I have been preparing for three years of pregnancy and thought about countless methods. This was unexpected and could not be happy.

After pregnancy, I became a "treasure" at home.My husband did not let me touch anything. For this reason, I also invited Yuexun from the housekeeping service platform to make me calmly nourish the fetus.My belly is also very angry. During pregnancy, except for the early pregnancy reaction, everything else is normal and smooth.Only a little bad is to fart.

I do n’t know why. From the beginning of pregnancy, I always love to fart, and sometimes I can put dozens of a day. This situation has continued until the third trimester.During this time, I also consult a doctor.

Doctors said: In the early pregnancy, farting is probably the impact of conceived hormone.Wells of progesterone will be released to the smooth muscle of the digestive tract, causing gastrointestinal peristalsis, weakening the digestive ability, and food in the gastrointestinal cannot be digested in time, and it will produce qi.In the second trimester, it is generally due to improper diet.Most of the third trimester is related to the development of the baby.

After speaking for a long time, I finally understood that the doctor meant that it was a normal response during pregnancy, and it was okay.

Although it’s okay, it feels bad.Think about it, do you feel from time to time, from time to time, do you feel?Fortunately, I was "focusing on protecting animals" during pregnancy. I usually can’t see others except Yueyue and husband.Without outsiders, the problem of farting will not look too embarrassing.

But what you should come will always come.During the 11th holiday, my husband’s brother got married. As a big brother, my husband and I must be present.In this way, I was holding the big belly of the third trimester, followed my husband, and returned to my hometown together.On the first day after the wedding, when the family gathered at a meal, I farted again at the dinner table.

People who have not experienced may be difficult to experience my embarrassment at the time.At the dinner table, the whole family was there, and there was a new daughter -in -law who had just married. I put a few loud and stinky farts.That embarrassment is simply indifferent.At that time, I was not inconvenient to get pregnant. I really wanted to kill.

Fortunately, her mother -in -law was clever. She sat next to me and saw that I was flushed. She quickly covered her belly and said, "Oh, stomach hurts, it must be bad."Run the bathroom.She was "sacrificed" herself and solved the siege for me.

This is the story of Xiaohui’s fart during pregnancy. Although it is a bit "stinky", it has to be said that women’s pregnancy and childbirth are really great and bitter.I hope that this embarrassment can understand.I also hope that every expectant mother who is pregnant can be healthy and happy.

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