I finally divorced, but I accidentally found that I was pregnant. Do you want it?

My coordinates of a first -tier city are a post -80s girl. The ex -husband is three years older than me. He has a bad temper. His parents are doing small business. Although not particularly rich, but also worry -free.In love at first sight, the two entered the marriage hall in less than half a year in love.

When the two were just married, the husband mainly did a small business, did not make much money, and lost more than 100,000. He was a typical science and engineering man. There was no romantic cell.Even if it was a small rose, when he asked me, I didn’t mind when I asked me. In fact, my heart was particularly angry and too much, and even some small gifts were not willing to buy me.

Half a year ago, the small business of the husband was closed. He finally worked at a IT company and did management. The monthly income was about 20,000.What’s more abominable is that my ex -husband only gave me two thousand yuan a month. The two thousand yuan, including the child’s milk powder, is actually not enough. I will overdraw my deposit every month.

Regarding the living expenses of 2,000 yuan, I also told my ex -husband many times that he gave him a few thousand more, but every time he said less than half, the two began to quarrel. The most annoying thing he was involved was involvingWhen he got the problem of money, he was particularly stingy, and he was particularly clear. For example, when he went out to spend money to come back, he began to be unhappy and started to find a topic.

In addition to quarreling our contradictions, occasionally he will hit me. For example, I usually take children very tired. I don’t want to cook at night. He is hungry when he comes back from work.Like slaves, not even the child will take me more to bring me, he will go out alone on the weekend.

There are too many contradictions between the two. Although they live under the same roof, they have little chat between the two. I have enough life. At the beginning, for children, I couldn’t bear to divorce, but I couldn’t bear it.For the divorce procedure, the child returned to him to raise it, but God opened a joke with me. I vomited yesterday. When I went to the hospital, I found that I was pregnant. Now I am particularly anxious. After all, it is a small life. Do you want it?

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