I found that the child was not a husband, should I confess or hide it?

I have two children, the boss is three years old.I was not sure if it was my husband. I couldn’t see it very much, and I always hoped that it was my husband.Without a long time, he was pregnant with the second child, and the second child is now half -year -old.Two children, I was sure that the boss was not a husband.As for the biological father, it was accidental, and it was impossible to find that person, nor had it been contacted.

I don’t know if it should be frank. If frankly, I know that the consequences are either divorced, or my husband and the second biological child are barely together.

If you are not frank, there is nothing to do with each other now, but if you are discovered someday, you dare not imagine the consequences.If you can keep it all the time, of course, the family lives well. Nowadays, the in -laws are helping to bring their children.But I was struggling inside, I don’t know if I want to confess.My society has less experience and simple minds. They all say that the onlookers are clear. This time, I hope everyone can support it.There may also be all kinds of scolding, but please help me how to help rationally. How is it better?

From "Weiwei" reply

This is probably a difficult problem that encountered slightly.In fact, you know very well, and you all imagine all kinds of consequences.I don’t know how you confirm that the boss is not your husband, but since you have confirmed it.Weiwei still recommends that you can confess as soon as possible to find a time to talk to your husband, after all, the paper cannot be covered.Deception is a knife that is not produced, and it hurts people when the truth is white.The only thing you can do is to reduce harm to everyone within your ability.

If you want to hide, you are guilty in your own heart, and raising a child from small to large, you can imagine the effort.In the end, I found that this was someone else’s child, which was cruel to your husband.If you can’t predict when this "bomb" explodes, it is better to solve it first.

Talk to your husband. If he can forgive you and the family is still together, you will take good care of your family; if your husband does not want to forgive you, then divorce is the best solution.But at the same time, you also have to soothe your children and in -laws, and don’t let your family have too much pain because of your own fault.I hope you confessed early, don’t let yourself be in the boundless torment.

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