I found that the uterine fibroids are 4cm during pregnancy. What should I do if I am 30 -year -old who have been married and unborn?

Mr. Sun and I are both old and late marriage. I was 29 when I got married in 19 years and he was 34.

I just bought a house before getting married and borrowed a lot of foreign debt, so after marriage, we were under great economic pressure. In addition, we separated from the two places, so they did not plan to have children for the time being.

However, the pressure of the parents of both parties could not be held. In May 20th, Shenzhen Longhua Hospital could be used for free pregnancy, and I immediately replaced it.

As a result, the pregnancy test was found to be 42mmx30 uterine fibroids.The doctor told me that this will not only lead to difficulty in pregnancy, but also cause abortion, and the risk of abortion is high.Other doctors didn’t say much. If you want to ask more, the doctor said he would go to see a specialist.

2020-5-17 B-ultrasound report

We hung the gynecological number again.The doctor told me this time that the 4cm uterine fibroids are already very large, and the risk of abortion is high.You can also choose to perform surgery, eliminate fibroids and then get pregnant, but it will take 2 years after surgery.

I was at a loss, and asked the doctor what the professional opinions were?The doctor did not matter. He said that he could get pregnant or surgery first, let us consider ourselves.

I asked her, what should I do if I choose to get pregnant first?The doctor was impatient, she said, what should do if she should do.

I know I can’t ask any results.After returning, I went to the Internet to check a lot of information.

Then, Mr. Sun and I had a difference.He believes that I should do surgery first.Because if you are pregnant and have a miscarriage, it has a great impact on my body.But I think I should get pregnant first.I am 30 years old. If I wait for two years, I will be 33, and then go through pregnancy. I am pregnant in October. I am at least 34 when I am in production.In addition, after the surgery is eliminated, there will be damage to the uterus, which will form a scar uterus, and the risk of having a child is also high.Elderly maternal plus scar uterus, compared with uterine fibroids, it is difficult to say which risk is greater.

I checked a lot of information on the Internet.

Western medicine can’t solve my problem.So I turned to Chinese medicine.

In July, he resigned from Shenzhen to Dongguan where Mr. Sun was located.From Shenzhen to Dongguan, it was not to get pregnant. Mainly, we both quarreled because of separation between the two places. Three days of a small noise, a big noise in five days, hurting the body and hurting feelings.Sometimes I think about it, and I always feel that I always feel angry at that time may be the reason why fibroids become so big.

After I was stable in Dongguan, I went to see a Chinese medicine recommended by a friend and started taking Chinese medicine.Two times a day, 6 days a course of treatment.I get up early in the morning and boil Chinese medicine, and then rush to work after drinking.From November to March 2021, listened to the arrangement of Chinese medicine and drank 5 treatments of traditional Chinese medicine.

At the end of March this year, I wanted to review the condition of the fibroids. By the way, the Chinese medicine was effective. On the side of Dongguan, the abdominal B -ultrasound was made, showing that the fibroids were only 3cm.

B -ultrasound in March 2021

We are very happy, maybe traditional Chinese medicine is really useful.

So we were going to start asking children.

As a result, Mr. Sun lost his work on April 26, although he quickly found a new job.But the new job is busy, and Mr. Sun is very desperate to turn right as soon as possible.So the pregnancy plan can only be extended.

In October, I went to the hospital to check again.This time is Yin Chao, showing 38mm of fibroids.

October 23b Super Report in October 2021

Although the difference between the last time, it is much better than the worst 42mm?

For nearly a year, I have been eating folic acid and You Jiale.Eating Youya Le is because I have Hashimoto thyroiditis. In fact, the entire thyroid function is still normal, but TSH must be reduced to 2.5 to get pregnant, and Hashimoto thyroiditis will also increase the risk of abortion.The result of this time is not ideal, TSH is around 3.8.But the doctor said that this can also be pregnant, and 2.5 is a request for pregnant women.

Although two of Hashimoto Nailing and Uterine Fibroids, although both can cause abortion, I have always felt that uterine fibroids are the biggest hidden dangers.

So when I found that uterine fibroids were a little smaller, I still wanted to try pregnancy first.

However, Mr. Sun has been very busy every day since May, not only to work overtime every day to 12 o’clock, but even on Saturday and Sunday, he has to work overtime.Sometimes it is urgent to encounter customer information, and there are also overtime until 3 or 4 in the morning.It is often for 2 weeks, and it can only take half a day on Sunday afternoon on Sunday in just the second week. The most exaggerated is that it took 3 weeks.From May to today, in the past six months, a total of no more than 10 days.He usually does not come back because of overtime. Generally, it is Saturday and Sunday.At the busiest, he returned to dinner on Saturday and Sunday and went back to work overtime.

For his overtime, the two of us had noisy.I also cried many times.I can do it on my working day. Anyway, I am busy during the day, but I can’t stand it from Saturday and Sunday. I always feel that I shouldn’t come to Dongguan, so life is so meaningless.My mood has always been bad, maybe this is why fibroids become bigger.

Now I strive to control my emotions and insist on going downstairs every day, hoping to have a good result.

But I started to worry about whether his JZ quality would be bad.Because he is really too much to work overtime.I tested the ovulation during the ovulation period, and it was difficult for him to arrange it. He finally came back. As a result, he was more than 11 o’clock at home.I was not in good condition. If he was not good, wouldn’t it be easy to have a miscarriage if the quality of the embryo was not good?

But don’t do it, it will be 32 immediately.If you really ca n’t be pregnant or have a miscarriage, maybe I still have to choose to perform surgery first, and then two years after surgery, I really have become a high risk.

I didn’t have the consciousness of my child before, I always felt that it was easy to have children.

But once you start to ask a child, you feel difficult.Especially friends, colleagues, and classmates around them have children, as if people around them are also easy to get pregnant.I don’t know why I became so complicated.

As I wanted to be pregnant, I was afraid that I couldn’t hold it.

A gambling, I hope I am good at luck.

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