I have a stomachache in one month of pregnancy?Don’t worry about expectant mothers, it is the primary task to figure out the reason

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We all know that when the fetus was the most dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, the fertilized eggs had just successfully "settled" in the uterus, and there was no "standing firm".The place where the fertilized egg "settled" was wrong, and it was directly outside the uterus, and it may also cause pregnant women to danger.However, some pregnant women have stomachache when they are only about a month of pregnancy. What is going on?

In fact, a stomach hurts about one month of pregnancy. This is often a situation that pregnant women often occur, but different pregnant women may appear at different times. There are many reasons for pregnant women’s stomach pain. Some are normal. Some will endanger the fetus and pregnant women.In their own life, pregnant women must also understand the causes in advance so that when abnormal conditions can be found, they can be treated in time to ensure that the fetus can develop healthy.The cause of stomach pain for one month of pregnancy is mainly the following three aspects:

Starting in the uterus in the uterus, it will form an embryo through a series of differentiation and division, and then the embryo is growing and developing continuously until it gradually forms a separate individual.In this process, as the embryo develops and grows, the uterus is constantly growing, which is equivalent to occupying other people’s territory.It will constantly stimulate the lower edge of the ribs of pregnant women, which will cause pregnant women to feel painful.The abdominal pain caused by the increase in uterus in the early pregnancy is a normal pregnancy response. This reaction does not require medical treatment, and it will gradually disappear with the growth of the fetus. Pregnant women do not need to worry too much.

If a threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy, stomach pain will occur.Most pregnant women will cause the embryo due to their physical reasons, such as chromosomal abnormalities, physical diseases, endocrine abnormalities, and uterine defects.With vaginal bleeding, pregnant women need to rush to the hospital for treatment in time. If you are lucky, the fetus can continue to develop.

Instead of fertilized eggs, fertilized eggs did not go to bed in the uterus. Instead, they went to the outside of the uterus in bed, and they generally wrapped in the location of the fallopian tube. As the embryo gradually increased, the fallopian tube could not increase like the uterus.It will break it, which will cause the pregnant woman’s abdominal pain, and even bleed more than bleeding. In this case, you must go to the hospital for examination in time to confirm whether it is an ectopic pregnancy. Once confirmed, you must take measures and terminate your pregnancy.Safety.

If a pregnant woman eats foods or cold irritating foods, it will cause gastric cramps, and the fetus may be affected, which will cause stomach pain.In addition, pregnant women themselves have other diseases themselves, such as some gynecological diseases, which will cause stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy. If it is a disease, pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination in time to confirm the situation, and then treat them with the right symptoms to avoid affecting the normal fetus normal.development.

In addition to pathological pain requires doctors for professional treatment, physiological pain is a normal reflection during pregnancy. However, due to the health of the fetus and the physical consideration of pregnant women, if there is a way to relieve the pain of pregnant women’s stomach, then then thenAfter all.Lao Miao has some small suggestions here, hoping to give pregnant women some help.

1. Pay attention to rest.Because of the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women still have to take rest. Don’t be too tired. Some moves that need to bend over, rag up or have large amplitude, and pregnant women should not do it again.If you feel the pain of the waist and the heavier condition of the abdomen, the pregnant woman must stop everything on the hand, rest immediately, and pay attention to observing your physical changes. If there are abdominal pain, bleeding, etc.When you go to the hospital, confirm whether the fetus is healthy.

2. When there are abnormal secretions, go to the hospital in time.If the pregnant woman has a stomach pain and is also accompanied by the secretion of the secretion of dark brown, brown, etc., she needs to go to the hospital immediately and follow the doctor’s advice according to the situation.

3. Abdominal pain, bleeding, and fainting, you must seek medical treatment in time.If pregnant women have abdominal pain, accompanied by vaginal bleeding, or even faint, they must immediately go to the hospital for medical treatment. It is likely to be a precursor of ectopic pregnancy or aura abortion. If measures are not taken in time, then pregnant women will also haveThere may be danger of life.

4. Forbidden sexual life in the early pregnancy.Because the first 3 months of pregnancy are the most unstable fetus, it cannot be subject to any stimulus from the outside world. At this time, not only will there be stomachache for one month, but the high incidence of abortion in the first 3 months. Pregnant women must avoid overwork.And violent activities, especially for sexual life, otherwise, it is likely to lead to abortion of pregnant women. The prospective dad should also be more physical and forgive mothers.Essence

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