I heard that there are still tooth extraction and pregnancy, will it be too exaggerated?

I have heard of exercise for pregnancy, nutritional pregnancy, and there is actually extraction to prepare for pregnancy. Is this too exaggerated?Today, I will take a look at this matter with you about tooth extraction.


Previously, there was a news that "mothers in wisdom tooth inflammation were almost abortion when they were 7 months pregnant."It is a Ms. Zhang from Hubei. When she was 7 months pregnant, she went to the hospital for examination due to sudden toothache and was diagnosed with inflammation of wisdom tooth.Because Ms. Zhang’s pregnancy month is too large, doctors can only use local rinse and medicine treatment to relieve inflammation.In the next three months, Ms. Zhang had to clean her teeth every other week, but faced the risk of abortion at any time.Fortunately, it was finally controlled to control the inflammation by conservative treatment, and successfully gave birth to a baby boy.Although Ms. Zhang had suffered a lot, fortunately, the final result was not bad.If you are lucky, you dare not think too much.

▲ This real case tells us that sometimes tooth extraction is real!

Why do dentists persuade some female friends to draw wisdom tooth before pregnancy?

Some wisdom teeth are placed in normal times, dentists may say, "If you do n’t need to care about it if you do n’t pain, you can do n’t care about it for the time being, but when you are pregnant, you will immediately turn to the tone.It will be troublesome. "

Strangely, is it?The reason is actually "pregnancy".

As soon as women are pregnant, hormones in the body have changed sharply, and teeth are easy to have problems.First of all, the incidence of gingivitis (bleeding and bleeding of teeth) will increase; the incidence of gingival tumors (a tumor -like object grows on the tooth) will also increase, and the data reported by various studies is about 0.43% -Between 5%.Pregnant women’s wisdom tooth crown inflammation is often serious after infection with mandibular facial clearance. In addition, changes in physiological and psychological factors of pregnant women make the treatment very tricky.

Xiaobian often encounters pregnant women with various oral diseases such as dental caries, periodontitis, wisdom tooth crown inflammation due to dental caries, periodontitis, wisdom tooth crown inflammation.Concentrated strongly.Therefore, the dentist will recommend to control the hidden dangers that can be foreseeable before pregnancy, including washing a teeth, and the wisdom teeth with problems as soon as possible.

Where is the trouble of treatment during pregnancy?

If a pregnant woman has a problem of teeth, it will encounter very contradictory situations in the treatment: the stimulus produced during dental disease is likely to induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, and premature birth is prone to occur in the late pregnancy. Many pregnant women and family members are worried that they are worried about worryingThe impact of drugs on the fetus and refusing to use antibacterial drugs.

However, if it is not treated, toothache, infection, etc. directly affect the quality of life of pregnant women, such as eating disorders and sleep problems. Severe dental disease may also affect pregnant women’s intake enough nutrition, thereby affecting the growth and development of the fetus.In addition, the oral problem of pregnant women may also cause the fetus, resulting in the incidence of premature birth and low birth weight than the mother with health.Because the risk of abortion and premature birth will be very high, the first three months of pregnancy and the next three months (the first, 2nd, 3rd, July, August, September) cannot perform operations such as tooth extraction.

Therefore, if problems such as crowning inflammation occur during pregnancy, doctors will tend to be conservative and do only emergency treatment such as flushing, and then expectant mothers must endure this paragraph by herself;When you hit it when you are pregnant, it will be quite tricky. He is afraid that you ca n’t bear it, but you are not taking medicine. It is not difficult to deal with tooth extraction. It is difficult for a doctor to deal with it, so it will be a big trouble.

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