I just didn’t feel it?These performances in the early stages of pregnancy may be ignored by you

Although the neighbors of Xiaobian have been pregnant for 6 months, the news that knows that she is pregnant is not a few days.Because her figure is fat and irregular menstrual cycle, some subtle changes in her figure have not been attentive.The reason why I knew that I was pregnant because I went to the hospital for a long -term stomach discomfort.When Xiaobian knew it, I felt crying and laughing, which was really a horse.

After many husbands and wives get married, they choose to bred their baby as soon as possible, and as the concept of eugenics and eugenics deepen, many people will do some pregnancy work before they want their babies.I believe that in daily life, many people will be the same as Xiaobian’s neighbors. They will only feel when they are pregnant for three or four months.Many people say that there is no feeling in the early stages of pregnancy. Is this really the case?I just didn’t feel it?These performances in the early stages of pregnancy may be ignored by you.

I just didn’t feel it?These performances in the early stages of pregnancy may be ignored by you

There is a leucorrhea in the private part of a woman and there is a slight bloodshot

After the fertilized eggs are successfully bed in women’s body, they will cause a certain stimulation to women’s uterus and allow private processes to secrete some cervical mucus.Therefore, for those female friends who have not taken safe contraception measures, the husband and wife will be about 7 to 10 days after the same room. If you find that there is a leucorrhea on your underwear and slight bloodshot, it may be that the fertilized eggs have already been bed, so you might as well use it.Do you ignore this performance?

Women’s breast tenderness

After the successful combination of sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs will be formed after the successful combination of women, and the formation of fertilized eggs will make the hormone level in female friends a significant change, resulting in an increase in progesterone in women’s body. This hormone will stimulate women’s breasts.Therefore, the feeling of breast pain in the secondary development of the breast is also prepared for postpartum breastfeeding. Therefore, when female friends find that their menstruation has a delay, and the feeling of breast tenderness may be pregnant.This feeling may be ignored by you.

Women’s menstrual delay

Menstruation is a barometer for women’s health. Generally, female friends will come to menstruation once a month. Many female friends in daily life know that they are pregnant because of the postponement of menstruation.Therefore, if the husband and wife are in the same room, there are no contraceptive measures, and the menstruation has been postponed, and it has been postponed for 7 days and above.A manifestation.

Women have drowsiness and tiredness

Tiring fatigue is also a clear manifestation in the early stages of pregnancy. This is because after pregnancy, the changes in hormones in the body cannot be fully adapted, so it is easy to make female friends feel more tired.Driseness is tired or back pain, and recently, your own appetite may have been successful. For yourself and the fetus health, try not to take the medicine casually. Did you ignore the performance in the early pregnancy?

In addition, in the early stages of pregnancy, the temperature of many female friends will also rise, which makes people feel like a cold. For the health of themselves and the fetus, do not take medicine casually.Good benefits.The above is the childcare knowledge that I will share with you today. Thank you for your reading and wish you a happy life.

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