I married the only child for 4 years. After pregnancy, my in -laws asked me to sign an agreement. My attitude was resolutely angry.

Ning Qinghua, 27 years old, worked as a glass staff in a glass factory for 4 years, with a monthly salary of 5,000.

Ning Qinghua is a child of a single -parent family. Dad was derailed with her mother when she was 15 years old.She has always lived with her mother. The family situation is not very good, and her mother’s body is not good. Later, because of poor academic performance, she studied her junior college after graduating from high school.

Graduated 23 years old, like many ordinary people, she chose a private company to work.This time is four years. In the past four years, she has no ability to work in the past four years. She has not been reused by the leadership. Naturally, there is no chance to be promoted.

In that first -tier city, the salary of 5,000 is not enough.Moreover, she lived with her boyfriend at that time. She usually used a lot of money to go out to eat, drink, and play. She couldn’t save much money. Both their boyfriend bought a car. Both people owed a loan.The boyfriend’s degree is a technical secondary school. When he works in the repair shop, his salary is comparable to her.

Go home in the New Year.Mom took her with a long time, "Your cousin introduced you to an object, you see a face with him. It is a civil servant, and his parents have retired. The family conditions are very good, that is, the age is older, 33 years old."

Ning Qinghua refused on the spot: "Mom! You know I have a boyfriend, and I now have a job in Guangzhou, I won’t see him."

Ning Qinghua did not understand why her mother and cousin knew that she had a boyfriend, and she wanted to introduce her to her, or she was still in her 30s.In her thinking, she is only 27 years old, and should be the object of the same age with her.

Although her mother and cousin turned in turn and persuaded her to meet, she was still unmoved.

On the New Year, a strange man with a Mercedes -Benz walked into the house.This man was the object introduced by his cousin. He did not expect that he didn’t ask for himself, and it really surprised Ning Qinghua.

Ning Qinghua was a little embarrassed, but her mother was particularly happy and greeted him enthusiastically. Obviously, her mother knew that he would come.

Since it comes, it is the guest.Although Ning Qinghua was unhappy, this New Year must have a good face.

Ning Qinghua took a closer look at this man. He was generally common, with a pair of glasses, with a pair of glasses, a little fat, not very tall, about 1.68 meters, smiling.

During the meal, Ning Qinghua knew how superior this man’s family was. He was a only child. There were two houses in the urban area. There was a new house in a bustling area.Parents were originally civil servants, and now the retirement salary of the two is more than 10,000.

The man was named Liu Hui, and he also promised Ning Qinghua that after marriage, the new house would write her name, as long as she was willing to be with her.

Unexpectedly, the man chased himself for the first time.Two people added contact information. Liu Hui often contacted her. Both ends called her for three days, and sometimes they took the initiative to send some red envelopes. One was more than 500 yuan.

Ningqinghua’s steel’s heart gradually appeared.But she still has a boyfriend. Two people have been together for six years. From college to work, how many days are accompanied by each other. If she makes any move, she is sorry for her boyfriend.

However, when she returned a loan of 4,000 per month, she watched her left balance and looked at her boyfriend sitting on the bed and was playing with the game. She began to doubt whether she was wrong.

At the age of 27, many friends around me have been married and have children. She is not happy that her native family is afraid of poor life, but on the other side of her conscience and restless, and she is reluctant to break up with her boyfriend.one day.

February 14th Valentine’s Day.Ning Qinghua and her boyfriend went out for dinner. The couples on the road one pair one after another, but the girls in their hands were either holding gifts or holding flowers, but they were empty.

She understood that her boyfriend had no money, so she did not force her boyfriend to give gifts in the past holiday, but now she has fluctuated in her heart, and she began to envy other girls.The boyfriend promised to buy a bracelet for her, and Liu Hui sent a red envelope of 1314.

In contrast, she decided to talk to her boyfriend.She told her boyfriend 151st. Her boyfriend may have noticed it, and did not want to delay her anymore. The two broke up peacefully.

Ning Qinghua resigned from Guangzhou.When moving away, the boyfriend also told her that if he wanted to come back to find him, he was still there.Ning Qinghua was a bit sad, but she knew that the two had no results.

After returning to her hometown, she agreed to be with Liu Hui, and soon the Liu Hui family came to mention it.Liu Yonghui’s parents are very polite. They like this future daughter -in -law. They also expressed that they did not abandon Ning Qinghua’s poor family. Ning Qinghua’s marriage would not let her do things.

Two people talked about Cai Li, 80,000.The wedding arrived as scheduled, and Ning Qinghua moved to Liu Hui’s house and lived with her in -laws.As for why they did not move to a new house, the reason given by her in -laws is that the furniture is not complete.

In fact, Ning Qinghua did not fully understand the Liu Hui family, but her mother liked this son -in -law very much, and his family’s conditions were really good, and even helped off her loan she owed before.Many difficulties may be a good choice.

But shortly after marriage, Ning Qinghua quickly discovered Liu Hui’s shortcomings.This day’s in -laws went out, and she helped to dry her clothes.There is a large bucket of clothes in a family of clothes.

There were a few pairs of Liu Hui’s socks and panties in the middle of the clothes, and she was very angry immediately.After Liu Hui got off work, she accused Liu Hui in anger: "How can you wash the socks and underwear in the washing machine? Don’t you know that it is dirty? Can you wash it hand?"

Liu Hui didn’t take it for granted: "I was washed this way, there was no problem, otherwise you can wash it for me."

Ning Qinghua said: "I won’t help you wash it, wash the panties and socks yourself. You have to change this bad problem and wash it in the future. Otherwise, I will move out."

Liu Huixi vowed to promise her.Liu Hui did change, but the person who helped him wash his socks and panties was her mother -in -law.She didn’t understand how a 33 -year -old would call her mother to wash her underwear and socks. My mother -in -law would wash it, as long as she washed.

Three months after marriage, Ning Qinghua and Liu Hui moved into a new house.This is a three -bedroom and one -living area. The decoration is a European style. It is not far from the city center. There are large supermarkets nearby. The overall is not bad.

I have been married for a few months, but the Liu Hui family has not written her name to the real estate certificate. She tentatively asked her husband at night: "Didn’t you say that I wrote my name to the real estate certificate before? Have you forgotten?"

Liu Hui said, "My mother said that you have to wait for you to have a child, not in a hurry." Ning Qinghua didn’t speak because she felt that there was such a child in a hurry, but it was sooner or later.

On this day, my mother called and said that she was uncomfortable.Ning Qinghua intends to go home to take care of her mother. She washed the sheets and pillows and went out.

Four days later, she returned.There was a wolf borrowing at home, and the garbage was piled up.The balcony was filled with Liu Hui’s dirty clothes. The pillow hoods dried 4 days ago and were still hung on the hanger. The few flowers she planted were dry because they did not water.

She opened the door and looked at the door. The bed was messy. The relationship Liu Hui would rather cover a cotton tire to sleep in the past few days.It can be packed as long as it takes ten minutes.

She threw the yellow pillow to the ground, and she was really disgusting, and there was a smell of oil.Ning Qinghua was very angry, but she was resolutely not to dress up. Her husband was in a bad problem, and he could suffer it after he did not change it.

Ning Qinghua moved to the guest room that night.When Liu Hui installed the bed and pillow, she would go back to sleep.

At 4:30 the next day, Ning Qinghua bought food.I opened the door and saw my mother -in -law’s shoes.But she didn’t see her mother -in -law in the living room.

Ning Qinghua heard the sound of the puppet in the room. When the door was opened, the mother -in -law was pretending to be a quilt and pillow.

Ning Qinghua blushed, and said complaining about her mother -in -law: "Mom, I just didn’t help me in help. I asked him to install it by himself, and you helped him to do these simple things."

My mother -in -law frowned and retorted: "He has never done these things since he was a child. I did it. You did not do anything at home.

Ning Qinghua murmured without talking: "It’s more than 30 now, not a child. I don’t know how to come for so many years."

One afternoon a week later, Liu Hui called and said that two friends had two friends to eat at 5:30, so that she would make more meals.

She hurriedly bought some dishes, but Liu Hui brought back more than two, obviously 5.But the dishes she bought were only the amount of three or four people, and it was not enough.

Liu Yonghui directed her to buy a little more back.She was angry and said, "Why don’t you go? You say two, and the result is 5, so be sick."

Liu Yonghui pushed her out: "Don’t be alas. Ask you to go." Ning Qinghua was so angry that he had to do it.

Because there are a lot of people, when cooking, Ning Qinghua’s meal for seven people is a little bit messy, and she can’t be busy, and Liu Hui doesn’t say help.

Later, a friend told him to help, so he got up to help and wash the dishes.And after washing the dishes, it was not water, and Ning Qinghua had to pass the second hand.At this time, she began to doubt whether her choice was wrong at this time.

After dinner, the dining table and living room were messy, and it took more than an hour to clean up.The guests left at 9:30, and she was going to clean up, but Liu Hui didn’t mean to help, but instead looked at the mobile phone with Erlang’s legs.

Ning Qinghua couldn’t help it anymore, and threw down the chopsticks and said, "Don’t you know how to help?" Liu Hui looked up at her and said, "Let’s take it yourself. They eat barbecue outside.Tell me out, I’m going out now. "I went out after speaking.

Ning Qinghua was sad, and tears couldn’t control the flow.Less than half a year of marriage, Liu Hui’s living habits have made her feel unbearable. For so many years in the future, how can she live, she began to regret that she would marry without fully understanding.

But there was no way to solve this, because she had said many times and talked to Liu Hui, but he agreed to change the bad problem every time.

That afternoon, Ning Qinghua was taking a nap, and suddenly smelled a stench. She didn’t find the source for a long time.Later, a few pairs of socks that Liu Hui were found in the gaps of the sofa, and she was thrown out of the ground with something.

In the evening, Liu Hui returned home, Ning Qinghua quarreled with him, telling about his bad problems in the past few months, and threatened to divorce.

Unexpectedly, Liu Hui heard that she was going to divorce, and immediately hit the wall and fell to the ground and said that if she dared to divorce, she couldn’t see her.

Liu Hui’s head broke his blood, Ning Qinghua was scared to death, and quickly sent Liu Hui to the hospital.In the hospital, the father -in -law kept accusing her, saying that she was too wayward, but no one asked why they quarreled.

Ning Qinghua, who was extremely wronged, felt that she couldn’t go on a day. She became more and more regretful. She already wanted to divorce.But this month’s month did not come, and the pregnancy test stick was tested. The first reaction was to kill and divorce.

She didn’t hold back what happened during this time with her ex -boyfriend.Unexpectedly, Liu Hui knew it. Liu Hui said that she was not serious, contacted her ex -boyfriend, and hid her mobile phone.

She really couldn’t bear it for a moment, she told Liu Hui: "I’m pregnant, I can’t stand it, I want to get rid of divorce with you."

After speaking, he went to the hospital with your ID.Ning Qinghua’s attitude is resolute, she must be killed.

Just after the inspection, Liu Hui came.He scolded the hospital’s doctor and nurse inspected Ning Qinghua, and Ning Qinghua could only go home with him first.

In the evening, the in -laws came.My mother -in -law persuaded her: "Your family’s situation is not good, we are not disliked. I have a car and a house, and you get married.

The father -in -law scoffed at Ning Qinghua’s behavior: "You give birth to the child, and the blessing is behind. At that time, we will bring your body to have a second child." Liu Hui didn’t speak, but let the father -in -law open.

Ning Qinghua felt ridiculous when he heard it: "Hehe. I’m not a fertility machine. Do you think I don’t want to have? Do you know what your son is like? 33 -year -old people can’t take care of themselves, is it a giant baby? If you are you guys?I’m not there, I will wait for him for a lifetime, I don’t do it. I have to divorce, and the child I want to fight! "

The father -in -law and mother -in -law saw her attitude so resolute and gradually became impatient.The mother -in -law took out a piece of paper from the bag and said, "The divorce of the fetus can be signed, and the sequelae will not be found after the fetus.

Liu Huiyin didn’t speak, apparently these people had discussed it.Ning Qinghua signed an agreement with her teeth, but she had to leave the house when she died.

Mom and cousin called to accuse her of not understanding and cherishing the current family conditions.She felt that her family didn’t understand her, but she didn’t want to waste it in such a family in the next half of her life. Although everyone felt her fault, she was decided.

After killing the child, she moved out.Perhaps because of guilt, Liu Hui rented a house outside, and often came to take care of her.She also said that as long as she was willing to come back, she forgive her to kill her child.

Ning Qinghua thinks that this is a joke. Liu Hui does not know how to coax people, does not know how to take care of her feelings, and does not do anything. She always depends on her parents. Of course, she can no longer return to this cage.Essence

After out of the confinement, she finally divorced Liu Hui.She deleted the contact information of the Liu Hui family and planned to enter a new life.

However, after the fetal was taken, the sequelae were lost.

The short marriage made her understand that she had to fully understand whether it was friends or falling in love, otherwise she was in depth, otherwise she would be her consequences.

People who are unhappy with native families should rely on their own strength to change the status quo, rather than trying to rely on others to change their living environment.If others are willing to save you, of course, but if you do n’t want to do it, do n’t always think about it. The empty glove white wolf will always pay the corresponding price.

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