I often feel back pain after pregnancy, you may bend the spinal side

Minor spinal curve is not easy to find. Some pregnant mothers find that they have the problem of spinal side curve after pregnancy, so they start to worry about whether they will affect their health during pregnancy and whether they will affect the baby during production.Let Xiaobian answer questions for pregnant mothers!


Will the spinal curve?

Spinal side curve refers to the patient’s spine has an abnormal side curve, which is sometimes accompanied by the symptoms of spine rotation.When you check the X -ray, you can see the spine in the X -ray film of S -shaped, C -shaped, etc., instead of a straight line of normal people.I heard that some people often have back pain because of the spinal side disease.

What exactly is the spinal curve?Can you see it from the outside?In fact, the angle of the spinal side curve depends on its severity. If it is slightly side curve, it will not have much impact on the pregnancy course of pregnant mothers.


With acquired spinal bending

Common spine -side curves can be divided into congenital and acquired nature.Congenital spinal side curvatures are usually discovered in the health checks of elementary school at the age of 7 to 8, or there are side bending situations when they are young.As for the acquired spinal curve, most of them occur in adults aged 50 to 60, most of which are due to injuries or long -term engaging in severe labor, causing spine damage and side bending.


Toll forward + torture left and right = spinal side curvature

As the name suggests, the spine side curve refers to the abnormally tilt of the spine to the left and right.In addition, it will be accompanied by turning around the whole root.In terms of treatment, in addition to correcting the side curve, it must also take into account the angle of torsion. It can be said that the "3D stereo" therapy of the spinal cord.

Severe spinal side curve can affect the ribs and pelvis, and also make the muscles in the back and shoulders easily have stiff and sore symptoms.Generally speaking, the side curved angle is mild within 15. Doctors usually recommend that patients continue to track and observe, and cooperate with physical therapy with rehabilitation.Doctors will cooperate with the patient’s symptoms and consider whether to surge.


Don’t worry about looking for a pregnant mother at the side bending

It is not easy to see the appearance of a slight spinal side curve, and there will be no obvious inconvenience in daily life. You must pass X -rays to confirm the diagnosis.Women who suspect that they may have spine -side bending can do a health check before pregnancy before planning to be pregnant, and shoot X -rays to confirm whether they have the problem of spinal curve.

Although most pregnant mothers can bear 1 to 2 X -ray films during pregnancy, they should be avoided as much as possible.If you are pregnant, you suspect that you have spinal side bending, unless the symptoms are very obvious (such as the two sides of the pelvis are different, the body is curved forward, and there is a protruding back on one side, etc.). Try not to do the diagnosis of spinal side curvature during the pregnancy.

If you know that you have spinal side bending before pregnancy, you can consult an orthopedician or rehabilitation at the birth check.

Side curve

The angle is more obvious

If you find that you have spinal side bending before or during pregnancy, you do n’t have to worry too much. First of all, the spinal side curve will not be inherited; and the side bending angle is large, usually treatment will be accepted during adolescence; if the angle of the side curve is not largeIt has limited impact on pregnancy and production, pregnant mothers do not have to put too much pressure on themselves.

Because the spine side curve will be compressed to the thoracic cavity, it will affect the heart and lungs. In addition, it is necessary to supply the fetus to the fetus and blood, and the pregnant mother is prone to breathlessness.Pregnancy is a short -term weight gain and center of gravity. It is not a long -term severe labor. Therefore, it will not worsen the spine side, but there is still a burden on the spine, so the condition of back pain may increase.At this time, it is recommended that the pregnant mother should lie flat and rest. If the belly is so large that it will oppress the body, it can lie slightly to keep the breathing smooth, so that the spine can be supported, thereby reducing the burden.


Impact on the process and postpartum

Pregnant mothers with a small side angle, the same as the general pregnant mother during pregnancy and production, there will be no big risk; but if the pregnant mother with a side curve of more than 30, pay attention!During pregnancy, the doctor must explain the spinal side curve to the doctor of the delivery, so that the physician can make a comprehensive arrangement during pregnancy and during production.


Discuss with anesthesiologist

Generally, shelter anesthesia is used. Although pregnant mothers do not feel pain, they are still clear, and they are also safer anesthesia for pregnant mothers.When anesthesia anesthesia, the pregnant mother’s back should be bowed, the body is bent into shrimp -shaped, and then the anesthetic is into the spinal cavity.Inject anesthesia in a normal way.Usually, before childbirth, obstetricians and gynecologists will discuss with orthopedics and anesthesia to inject anesthesia in a systemic anesthesia or other alternatives.

In addition to the general congenital spine side curve, there are some side curves caused by diseases, such as pediatric paralysis, bone spurs, disc herniation, etc.Difficulty, at this time, an obstetrician and gynecologist will evaluate the situation. It is recommended to give birth to a baby in a cesarean section.

However, even if there is a spinal side problem, the general maternal is basically not affecting the birth of natural production. As long as the pregnant mother’s nutrition and weight control is proper, and the correct exercise habits can be successfully produced naturally.

How to improve the problem of spinal side bending, how to improve,

Then you need to cure the pregnant mother!

Pay attention to diet exercise, so early treatment can be cured early ~


Light weight loss burden

Poor weight control can cause obesity. In addition to increasing the risk of production, for pregnant mothers with spinal curvies, as the fetus increases, the burden on the spine will be aggravated.Therefore, it is necessary to control the weight during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers should treat their bodies well.

Work hard

Sports keep strong muscles

Moms can do some exercises that can increase softness and muscle strength, which will help pregnant mothers with spinal side bending, such as yoga and stretching exercises that can strengthen the health of less muscles; while swimming because of water buoyancy, swimming is in the stomach because of water buoyancy.The burden on the fetus will also be smaller, and at the same time can soothe the muscles of the whole body, so these exercises are very good choices.



In addition to resting during confinement, remember to do postpartum exercise, especially mothers with spinal side bending. The muscles of shoulders, backs and waist do not move for a long time.Back pain will come to the door naturally.

How to do postpartum exercise?There are detailed illustrations in the mother’s manual, which are not complicated or difficult. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the mother can do it.If you have any questions about the movement, or if you have any discomfort after exercise, you can ask the obstetrician at the time of return to the clinic.In short, don’t lie in bed for a month because you are afraid of hurting your bones, so the muscles will be more sore.


Early treatment

Patients with spinal side bending have been found since childhood. Doctors usually recommend that when the growth board is not closed (that is, during the period of height growth), it actively treats spinal side curve.Therefore, during the pregnancy, most pregnant mothers’ spinal curvature situation is not serious, but it is still recommended that women with a pregnancy plan. If there are frequent back pain, frequent back pain, wearing trousers to find long and short feet, etc., Ask the doctor to diagnose whether there is a spinal side bending, so as to effectively master his physical condition during pregnancy.


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