I received three operations last year, "I like others to call my brother or rich country"

Source: CCTV Military


The reporter’s interview with Du Fuguo

Understand his current situation

"I am not a hero

I just do what I should do "

Du Fuguo has not appeared in the public vision for a long time. Last year, he underwent three operations.

"After the expert consultation, it was determined to have a leather surgery for me. I took a total of 3 times on my head. All my hair had to be scraped and applied, and the gauze wrapped it like a big dumplings … but I think these are theseIt’s nothing. For our soldiers, this is a trivial matter. In the past, many operations have been survived.

Many people use the word "hero" to describe Du Fuguo, but Du Fuguo said: "I don’t like others to call me" heroes ". I like others to call me a brother or rich country.I just do what I should do. "

Du Fuguo is now in a state of recovery at home.Du Fuguo said, "I want everyone to rest assured, don’t worry about me. My life can take care of myself and can defeat it. I can re -like before, like the rich country in your mind before."

"He loves to laugh more than before," he is more cheerful. "

Du Fuguo’s mind, his wife Wang Jing can understand the most.Accompanied by her husband to eat, walk, listen to books, and participate in activities, Du Fuguo’s changes were seen by Wang Jing.Wang Jing said: "He loves laughter more, more cheerful, and not so scrupled."

Since these days, Du Fuguo has not only smiled more, but also had more and more things to try in rehabilitation training.

Rehabilitation and leisure, Du Fu’s state has many hobbies: learning songs, listening to novels, and walking, he strives to make himself very fulfilling.If you can’t see the lyrics, your comrades read the lyrics to him, and he will write down the lyrics.

During the discourse, Du Fuguo sang "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky":

Work hard to write down the manuscript

"Anchor" Du Fuguo’s daily life

In addition to the "Thunder Heroes Warrior", Du Fuguo also has an identity -the Southern Army’s new media "Voice of Nangu" broadcast program anchor.

Du Fuguo: "When I started broadcasting at first, because my eyes were invisible, my comrades needed to help me remember the manuscript. The comrades -in -arms talked about the content, and I remembered it. I need to memorize the content. Some content is long and it takes a lot of time to recite.After you carry it, you must slowly run in, after running in, and then start recording. Sometimes after the whole article is recorded, there are many pauses in the middle, which failed many times, but after the broadcast, I felt very happy and very very very very happy.Connect. "

Reporter: "After hearing, do you think there is a difference from the sound in your real life?"

Du Fuguo: "Still a little … hey, I think this is my voice? I feel a bit like I listening."

Talking, Du Fuguo smiled embarrassedly.

After Du Fuguo’s radio show was launched, he received a message from many netizens.

In the face of everyone’s support, Du Fuguo said, "I am very grateful to them, they have greatly helped me. Whenever I want to give up or can’t hold on, they will encourage me to keep me persist."

Du Fuguo said that this year he wanted to return to the old unit, return to the place where he had struggled, returned to Bazi Village, went to the home of the villagers, and chatted with his comrades. Thank you for your care and help over the past two years."Please rest assured that I will always always carry forward the spirit of the party members, always the spirit of the soldiers, and continue to carry forward the spirit of" let me come ", and always chase dreams with a fighting attitude!"

In the end, Du Fuguo sang a "Being Heroes". He said, hoping that everyone can become the hero in their minds:

"We are all ordinary

From north to south and east

Whether in the motherland of the motherland

The mission of shoulder is the same … "

Good, rich country!

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