I took a 7 -day fat loss meal and successfully lost 5 pounds. The suggestion of the fitness coach is really reliable.

I took a 7 -day fat loss meal and successfully lost 5 pounds. The suggestion of the fitness coach is really reliable.

For women, I never feel that she is thin. It is a good time to lose weight all year round. In the words of girlfriends, weight loss is a career for women to fight for a lifetime.In the past two years, Xiaoning’s career has been completely deserted. From pregnancy, production to daughter 2 years old, the weight of the weight has soared to more than 120. While enjoying the happiness brought to me by the food, it has been tortured by the weight of the straight line.It is a period of degeneration and enjoyment.

Recently, her daughter finally weaned, so Xiao Ning resolutely returned to the gym, intending to exercise the cooperation with fat reduction meals, and returned to the original weight of 90 pounds before the Spring Festival.It is said that the sports meeting is addicted. In fact, the simplified fat meal is the same. I am used to the health of three meals a day daily, and I have dropped it without knowing it.

The stir -fry Dutch beans are paired with fungus and fungus, and the seasoning is only used in garlic and raw soy sauce; chicken breasts are marinated with cooking wine and white pepper in advance.There is no smell of sea salt, there is no smell of smell, there is a kind of dry aroma, nice!The European bag is a fat -reducing European bag. I plan to do it myself next time!

To be honest, how to make Xiaoning feels delicious, because it comes with umami, and it is not fat. The rich protein can also help me increase my muscle weight after exercise;If you put it in daily life, Xiaoning mixes rice with two bowls, but Xiaoning is lowering fat, so he only ate two pieces.There is also a sugar rice. After cooking the sugar rice cooker, I believe that less sugar is less than the usual rice, but it still cannot be eaten.

Today’s seemingly simple, but the ingredients are very rich. The filling is stirred with all -wheat flour with all -wheat flour by zucchini, carrots, and shrimp skin. It is wrapped in a layer of sweet corn surface outside, and the soul garlic vinegar juice is super delicious.Don’t look at Xiaoning prepared 3, in fact, one is full!

When cooking every day, there is always a laziness, so nothing cannot be solved by a hot pot.Today, Xiaoning used a piece of tomato and green onion ginger to adjust a clear soup bottom. He prepared fast vegetables, leather vegetables, winter melon, enoki mushrooms, and 400 grams of super thin beef slices. This box of beef is the amount of 3 people.

After the cabbage and doll vegetables were cooked with salt, sprinkled the skin of shrimp, and then mixed a little oil and vinegar sauce. Black corn instead of the staple food, supplemented with carbohydrates and trace elements, eggs supplemented with protein. Of course, the egg yolk was not eaten.I wasted, the dogs of the neighbor’s house are now a good friend with me.

In other words, in my fat -reducing meal, shrimp skin may appear too many times. It turned out that it was my favorite.This shrimp skin paid too much fat reduction and contributed to it. I decided to buy another bag from now on!

This chicken cake Xiaoning wants to introduce it like everyone. It is really super invincible and delicious: the chicken breast was washed and cut into the meat grinding machine.Stir into delicate meat mud, then add shiitake mushrooms and sweet corn kernels, pour a little olive oil and stir well, and add a flat pan to fry until golden on both sides.The appearance is crispy, the inside is not only the fragrance of shiitake mushrooms, but also the sweetness of corn, and there is no fishy smell of chicken breasts. It is recommended that you control the amount of food to avoid eating too much.

These three -color brown rice are made from black rice, red brown rice and brown rice. It is very suitable for eating during fat reduction. It is rich in dietary fiber, which can help everyone promote intestinal digestion, and the calories are particularly low and the taste is not bad.

After a week, Xiaoning’s weight dropped 5 pounds. It seems that returning to 90 pounds of weight, relying on my delicious fat loss meal!You can see that my fat loss meal has never eaten water and boiled vegetables, and fruit and yogurt. These eaten not only cracked hungry, but it was prone to malnutrition after a long time.On the one hand, fat reduction is to strengthen exercise, and on the other hand, low sugar and low carbohydrates, so that the healthy and thin people’s complexion will become better. Which meal you want, you can privately trust Xiaoning, Xiaoning will be a party, Xiaoning will be a meeting.Share it with you!

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